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81, Male

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Aberdeen, Scotland
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I write for a living - mostly tedious stuff for brochures, videos,dvds and the like. I write radio plays and, in the crime genre, I've had 2 novels and several short stories published. My first novel -Material Evidence - was republished in the USA this year (2007) in the Bloody Brits series and the second - Rough Justice - is due to appear in March 2008. Oh, and I've co-authored a book on writing for students. It's called Just Write and it confirms the fact that I understand absolutely nothing about publishing because it costs just under £10 in paperback but (with an identical text) it's £60 in hardback. (So please buy the hardback version.)
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too many to list
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very few TV shows, too many movies to list

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  • jKathleen

    I should rephrase that comment . There are those I do not like as much as others, But hate is not something I allow myself.
    I may not care for their habits, choices, but I would venture to say I truly try to find something good in everyone to at least to focus on . But then I have led a sheltered life. lol. Thank You for becoming my Crime space friend. Your songs make me smile and remind me how absurd the world is.
  • Bill Kirton

    Yes, Kathleen - that wonderful word - absurd. When I used to give tutorials on it in theatre or novels, students were often reluctant to accept the possibility of a world where there's no purpose (if one has no god to thank/blame for anything). I turned intellectual somersaults to show them that rather than being a cause for despair, it frees us to be glad that we have the chance to enjoy life. Laughter is so precious.
  • Michael Malone

    Hey Bill - we're friends in so many ways. Warms the cockles of me heart, so it does.