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Evelyn David has a split personality and an incredible number of out-of-body experiences. Or maybe she's just able to teleport from the East Coast to the middle of the country in the blink of an instant message.

For the last twenty years Evelyn's used her biology degree to reclaim the coal mines of Oklahoma. Or for the last twenty years, Evelyn's used her political science degree to write nonfiction books on parenting and education topics...and quite frankly wouldn't know a coal mine if she fell down the shaft. But one thing is true about these dual personalities - they've both had the same dream: to write a mystery that's a roller coaster of a ride, filled with humor, danger, romance, and a nail-biting ending that will leave you breathless.

And by golly, Evelyn David has done just that. In March 2007, Murder Off the Books was published by Echelon Press and is now available online at Amazon and BN.com, and at a bookstore near you.

As for that teleporting stuff? It may show up in a sequel, but in the meantime, please meet the two halves of Evelyn David.

Marian Edelman Borden is the Northern half of the mystery-writing duo. She lives in New York, has written eight nonfiction books, has four kids, and an imagination that turned deadly when she met Rhonda Dossett, the Southern half of Evelyn David. Rhonda lives in Oklahoma, is the coal administrator for the state, and sees dead bodies - or at least can envision them in mysterious and often hilarious scenarios.

For more details of how this killer twosome wrote Murder Off the Books, please visit our web site, www.evelyndavid.com, and read Evelyn's "bio."

To date, they've yet to meet face-to-face - saving that for either their first teleporting experience or in the hope that the first meeting will be immediately followed by selling the movie rights to Murder Off the Books.

In the meantime, check out Evelyn's monthly newsletter to discover the real lowdown on collaborating (and out-of-body experiences), plus writing tips and techniques.


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  • Michael Allan Mallory

    Ah, finally someone I've actually met--sort of. Well, half the team. Rhonda was very charming in Omaha in May. It was a pleasure. Some day I hope to meet Marian. You've certainly done things to your site here. Puts me to shame. Something else to do. You inspire me.
  • Evelyn David

    Hi Michael,

    Good to hear from you. Hope things are going well with Death Roll!

    aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David
  • carole gill

    Love your doggie! I have two Parson Russell terriers (terrors)-crazy about them (and my husband)! YOU'RE PUBLISHED! I'll have to read your book. all the best. Delighted to be your friend.