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"Reach for the stars. Even if you fail, you will have climbed to a great height." -- Newton Love Sr (my dad)
I have packed at least three lifetimes into the one I now am living. What haven't I done? The list is short, and getting shorter! Most people who hear my life story tell me "Bullshit! Nobody can have done all that!" It's all true, except the culturally required embellishments. read my bio. (Sorry, temporarily on the bounce...)

On my spot on MySpace, I present a much broader spectrum of topics, especially American Indian topics on My Blog.
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Reader, Writer
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Even going by genre and era, it could take a while for the several hundred of them. If could choose only one, it would be Reaching Out by Henri J. W. Nouwen.
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Do Android Sheep Dream?, Blade Runner, Princess Bride, Casablanca, Dead On Arrival (1950s Edmund O'Brien), Maltese Falcon, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Time Bandits, Brazil, ...

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  • J.R. Lindermuth

    Hi Newt. How's everything in Mary-land?
  • Mark Haile

    I was re-reading a comment you sent me a long time ago about "if a man writes a book in the forest..."
    and lately, it hit me, a great many authors are being "rediscovered" long after fading from view (the cynic says the publishers are gypping the author of paying a living writer, the optimist says it is entirely possible --especially given the reviews attendant-- that an entirely new generation by fluke or design will come across an author and give them the due they long deserved)
  • jKathleen

    Hey Cuz... I like all your funnies on Face Book Haven't been on this one for awhile but making my rounds, that time of year Fall is a good time to settle in snuggle down and start to write, I have several coming out this year. Hope all is well with the Loves, back there on the east coast.