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Reno, NV
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I am a former ballet dancer from UK. My husband, Paul Svendsen, and I collaborate on books. Right now we are into mysteries, but have written other things, a sweet romance and a family saga. The book, Vice Versa, came out under my name, but we both wrote it. Paul has a book, The Bursar's Girls, and English cozy mystery, coming out in 4/2007. We have two long-haired dachshunds and love to go for drives in the Sierra Nevada mountains, but not with the dogs!
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John Grisham (just about anything he writes) Ian McEwen (Atonement)
Steven Torres
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Law and Order (reruns) Dog Whisperer, Unforgiven, Sense and Sensibility

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  • mary christian

    The only one I've read is Missing in Precinct Puerto Rico. I'm halfway through that, but I like it! It's a series, isn't it? How many have you written? Your writing has a certain, unforced quality, yet you have a distinctive voice. Much better than keeping mountain lions out of your backyard!
  • Steven Torres

    Oh my, Missing in PPR. That's a tough one - not too kind to the kiddies as you have probably figured out by now. That one's the fourth in the series. Interestingly, (to me) that was te second book I wrote in the series. The first book published was the third I wrote, etc. Let me know if you'd like to see another of my books when you've finished and I'll send one along.

    Another book, outside of the series, will be published this July.
  • Patti McCoy Jacob

    I love John Grisham. Partly because of his work, partly because of his face. Oh baby...

    Along the lines of dance, I started dancing when I was seven, taught dance in the areas of musical theater and jazz for several years during my early 20's, and now my children dance, with ballet as their cornerstone (of course). My nephew's wife danced on Broadway for years in Cats, Swing, and as Tiger Lily alongside my brother's wife Cathy Rigby who played Peter Pan. As for Cathy, before she entered the gymnastics world, she spent 12 years doing hardcore ballet. She and my brother just bought my children's dance studio this past Sept and are bringing in top notch ballet instructors from LA. Something this studio desperately needs. Anyway, Mary, nice to meet you, and welcome!