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I am a mystery writer. I usually co-author with my sister Loretta Jackson. We write both novels and short stories. I have a husband and one son who is an artist. I love mysteries of any kind and my hobbies include reading and watching movies. Like most mystery writers, I am overly fond of cats.
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I like psychological mysteries and many British authors. Ruth Rendell aka Barbara Vine, is one of my favorites and my favorite book by her is A Dark-Adapted Eye. I also like Patricia Highsmith, Robert Goddard, Thomas H. Cook and Tony Hillerman.
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I enjoy watching Monk, Without a Trace, and Cold Case. I like old Alfred Hitchcok movies and suspenses.

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  • Vickie Britton

    Hi, new friends. Welcome. I love this place so far!
  • Vickie Britton

    Well, maybe I didn't mean to post four times! I'm having computer trouble. Bad drivers are making it so slow that I keep pressing buttons. Hope to fix that problem soon.
  • Vickie Britton

    Hi, Michael. Nice to see you here, too. Glad to hear you like short stories. I enjoy both reading and writing them.