Brilliant insanity the Latest Edition with more to the story

Interview with Louis Reinhart- Serial Killer on death row at Raiford Prison. He has a story to tell and he wants to tell it.

Mr. Reinhart- Yes, I only have a few days left to live.
Yvonne Mason- What did you do?
Mr. Reinhart( laughing)- Well missy, I got retribution on some bitches that were not nice to me many years ago. Believe me they deserved everything I did to them.
Yvonne Mason- Why do you seem to think that they deserved what you did to them? No one deserves to die especially the way you killed them.
Mr. Reinhart- Really! How would you know? Who made you judge and jury?
Yvonne Mason- Mr. Reinhart, I meant no harm. I just meant that I didn’t think it was possible for someone to hurt another person so bad that retribution of that nature had to be carried out.
Mr. Reinhart- Understand, girlie the things they did to me no one should have to suffer.
Yvonne Mason- Would you care to expound on that statement.
Mr. Reinhart- No, I wouldn’t care to expound on that. You see my dear, the entire story will be in the paper in a few days. You see missy, the idea was for the world to see that what I did was justified and that those women were the criminals. I am the victim here. I want the world to know exactly what happened and why.
Yvonne Mason- I understand sir, still I would like to know what happened.
Mr. Reinhart- You know, you look sort of like those women, but I bet that you are not cut from the same cloth as they were. You have a kindness in your eyes, they only had coldness.
Yvonne Mason- Mr. Reinhart, you appear to have that same look. Please give me something here. The world is dying to know.
Mr. Reinhart- (laughing again) I bet they are. The same world that has convicted me of murder and death. But okay, here is a small tidbit for you. There were more than eight. And the bodies were never found because they are at the bottom of Davey Jones Locker. That is all I am going to say. Read the newspaper early edition in a few days.
Yvonne Mason- So I can’t get you to say anymore than this? You are just going to leave it with them at the bottom of the ocean and that there were more than eight?
Mr. Reinhart- Yes Maam that is all I am saying. Remember, they said that I am not only Brilliant, I am insane. They call it “Brilliant Insanity”.

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