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Hendersonville, TN had had its share of murder and had settled down for the winter but Spring came early this year to the small lake town and with it came Spring fever for Natalie Dubhe. The love of her life, Wes Henry had made Hawaii his permanent home and she was bored and restless - at least until the perfect diversion came along in the form of her old friend, the hunky Michael Bourdain. But across the ocean, Wes Henry had other plans - plans to ask Natalie to marry him. There's only one problem, besides Michael Bourdain, that is. One reporter thinks that dinosaur bones have been found on an old farm on Saunders Ferry Road and bodies seem to be turning up everywhere.

Once again Detective Sergeant Hansen Bell has his hands full trying to unravel what appears to be a decades old murder. Clues are all around him but the evidence doesn't add up. When a witness comes back from the past, her chilling childhood story begins to fill in some of the blanks but a blind man and his neighbor's dog may be the only real witnesses Bell has.

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