l Wish You Were Never Born a SHOCKING true story of a child abused and murder

Written By A Serial Killer:

As an adult, Johnny tended to develop relationships with women like his mother. They used drugs and often were sexually promiscuous, living the same sort of unstable life he had been exposed to as a child. From 1980 to 1983, Johnny was incarcerated in prison for his robbery convictions. From the time of his release until he met Elisha, he had no arrests, successfully completed parole and held jobs. He married a woman named Josie; the marriage ended when she shot another woman in a bar after Josie and Johnny had a misunderstanding.
Soon after, he met Elisha, with whom he fell in love because she immediately reminded him of his mother. He was willing to do anything to make her happy. After they killed a man in Kentucky, Elisha threatened to call the police if Mr. Porter did not do her bidding. As a result, Mr. Porter felt trapped. Elisha wanted to acquire funds or have her in-laws killed to get her son back from her former in-laws, and the Orange County and San Bernardino County murders of two more women were the product of Elisha’s desire for money and Johnny’s attempt, by doing what she wanted, to please her and avoid abandonment. Dr. Kentia opined that the crimes would not have happened had Johnny not met Elisha. After Hudson’s murder, Katarina Elisha was hired to kill “a pregnant woman” in Arizona. Johnny Porter grew tired of the situation and Elisha’s out of control behavior and essentially gave up purposefully discarding evidence in a way likely to lead the police to Elisha and himself.

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