Awarded debut Nordic Noir mystery! E-book chart #1 bestseller! Best of 2012 top fiction!
Several, hazy, staged-like murders are committed in a short time in Helsinki region in Finland. In their last days, victims have ended up in the middle of strange events. As if someone had wanted to rip them from their last pieces of sanity.
Senior Crime Constable Markku Isaksson, who has recently moved back from a small town to the rough suburb he grew up, is investigating a perfect murder game, in which the planner has own goals.


"With a full-time writer's professionality Ahonen has drawn a compact story, which focuses on the essential, and hooks the reader in style. Payoff is a big surprise."
Tuula Okkonen, Finnish Whodunnit Society Body Culture journal

"Captivating and fast-paced story ate a couple of hours at least from this mom's night's sleep, when I didn't have the patience to let the device out of my hands before the end of the book, even though the intention was to skim only the first chapter."
Tiina, Hush, Mom is reading now! literary blog

"I was entertained by Medusa very well. Very rarely with my reading pace I hog any book in only two sittings."
Anni, Thoughts from the Book Land literary blog

"The dialog in the book was crisp and credible. Events progressed in fast pace, so reading Medusa could not actually be stopped in the middle.
As a friend of detective novels and crime films, I actually would like to see Medusa as a movie. It would work. "
Teresita, Engineer's Bookshelf literary blog

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