A man`s life is turned inside – out. His best friend is snuffed out by a vicious calculating crime boss. Jeff retaliates with a burning obsession armed with only his wit and intelligence. The plan backfires and he becomes the hunted. A suspenseful and twisting plot with Jeff using disguises and undercover techniques, becoming a person he didn`t know existed, how the crime boss with a calculating and deceitful approach shakes the standard protocols of crime scene investigation (CSI) and frames Jeff. Against all odds he is helped by the district attorney, police detective, and a teenage street kid. An exciting first book of a series packed with murder and deception. An intriguing look inside of the mind of Jeff, the crime boss, the district attorney (who against great risk decides to help), and the characters involved in this must read first crime fiction novel of series.

The story of an ordinary working man who decides to get revenge against a world he realizes exists, but he dives headlong into the fire. An intense tale of maneuvering and deception filled with characters from the innocent to the psychotic. Murders and intense action are delivered in this plot and the main character evolves in the first book and creates a series of books that a reader will rush to buy.

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