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Alexander Steele Murder Mysteries now free with Audible Trial

on May 30, 2017…

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The Fascinating World of Forensic Science: 5 Surprising Facts


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9 Key Steps for a Successful Crime Scene Investigation


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To perform a successful crime scene investigation, there are a myriad of individual procedures used by investigators. And, of course, different crimes call for specific methods. Despite, however, the various tactics and…


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6 Groundbreaking Moments in Criminal Justice

Throughout history, the criminal justice system—both domestic and abroad—has been consistently challenged to develop innovations to combat the growing threats that confront society. Here are six historical moments that forever changed how law and order is preserved.


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The First Murder Solved by Utilizing Fingerprints (1892)

The world’s first fingerprint classification…


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What's Left Behind

I got the idea for this story after watching a real-life crime documentary about a murdered teenage girl. She set out for school one day walking through a wooded area and was never to return home again. Her body was discovered several days later, she’d been strangled. Her killer was never found, until years later, when the police discovered they still had her…


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SHOW ME - Suspense Thriller

A dispute between two businesswomen turns twisted and malicious. At Kindle, Nook, and iBook.

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At Murder Beach Mystery Reviews. 

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Killer Unknown Chair

We're praying hand’s never giving up this Universal World speed of lightning mystery game.

 Past not so perfect what’s in every body’s treasure. Rumor has it to the very end of the game Scramble.

 What we all experience no helping hands to connect spiritual connection Chakra or my surrounding Feng Shay my bedroom needs a change and my chair is all distressed. All I see is 3…


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Spine Chilling Desert

Are you ready for a chill change? Is this your end of existence.Bull headed matador his name was Devlin trying to seduce me oh please! I am not the crime doesn't pay type. Anything but crime I have a long blood line and a smile that bangs, My name is Carmella by the name I seem warm and so inviting, Seeing his dominant eyebrow trait's he stared into bloody stream consciousness. Red cape Taurus eye's smothered me for -God-sake spat out his word's like a covered drape. I…


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Wigtown Scotland's National Book Town Mystery Events 2017

I do not know if this the right place for this message. If it is please accept my apologies.                            

Wigtown is Scotland's  National Book Town with a number of shops selling mysteries. In the area, there is a  large number of people who read mysteries in all forms from historical mysteries to romance mysteries.

A committee has been formed to bring mystery events to the town at weekends on a regular basis.We would like to hear as soon as possible from…


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Why buy the cow when . . .

As a mystery/suspense author and an avid mystery reader, I'm constantly amazed at the number of books out there to choose from. And, with so many "free" books available, I'm seeing a trend lately.

Readers are downloading the free books and the books that are on sale and they seem to be less inclined to pay full price. Even if full price for an eBook is less than $3.99. It reminds me of the old saying, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"

Which, I think, is sad.…


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Modern DNA Profiling: Two Infamous Cold Cases Solved


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Once the horrific act of murder has been committed, there is generally a relatively short window of time for law enforcement to solve the mystery. As time passes, the chance of a solving a murder case dwindles significantly.

And, the reason is simple—witnesses’ memories fade, valuable evidence begins to vanish or disintegrate, and police resources are reallocated. These seemingly forgotten…


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FBI Profiling: Inside the Minds of Violent Criminals


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Throughout history, law enforcement has developed many tools to combat, and protect us against, the dangerous criminals who unfortunately live among us. Over the past 50 or so years, one such highly effective tool that has gained significant traction and attention is “behavioral profiling.”

No other law enforcement agency has dedicated more time and resources to perfecting behavioral…


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Murdered in the Gourmet Kitchen (Riley Reed Cozy Mysteries, Book 2)

Murdered in the Gourmet Kitchen is the sequel to the popular Riley Reed cozy mystery, Murdered in the Man Cave, by bestselling crime writer R. Barri Flowers.

Interior design consultant Riley Reed’s blog is full of helpful advice on home décor, custom furnishings, lighting, and renovation in the town of Cozy Pines, Oregon. At…


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Serial Killers and Prostitutes (True Crime Series Book 1)

Serial Killers and Prostitutes (True Crime Series, Volume 1), by award-winning criminologist and Ripperologist, R. Barri Flowers, taps into the bestselling author’s expertise on serial murderers and sex trade workers in offering an in-depth look at four noteworthy cases in which the two worlds collide.


Jack the Ripper, the unidentified Victorian…


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Finally: FOUL SHOT, a Wray Larrick Mystery

Well, after a million years of considering it, I relented and had a murder mystery novel put up on Amazon in ebook format, but not before having to hire someone to do it because I don't know how. The paperback will have to come later. Typing is tough enough for me, and computers--past making a Word doc and doing email, and maybe a little surfing--are from outer space, while I'm from the Stone Age. So shoot me.

Don't even know how to put up the cover here. And not worried about…


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Who Is Alexander Steele?

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The Tunnel Runner

Cameron Trost and Black Beacon Books invite you to the online launch of "The Tunnel Runner", a tale of urban adventure, social discontent, and psychological suspense. There will be competitions, sneak peeks, and details on the places and music that inspired the tunnel world.

Online Shop:

FB Event Page:…


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