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Half the Blood of Brooklyn - review

Quick Take
Pitt hasn’t so much burned all of his bridges as he has completely blown them up and ends the book, literally, with a declaration of war.

Half the Blood of Brooklyn is the third Joe Pitt casebook following 2005’s Already Dead and last years No Dominion. Since all of the Joe Pitt books have had the same release date, December 26th is becoming…

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That Curs-ed, Bless-ed Tool

At lunch the other day with an author friend, we discussed writing, as we always do, and at some point in the conversation, again as always, we agreed that the computer is both a curse and a blessing to the publishing business. In theory it should make everything better, but the downside of facilitation is glut: many writers, many manuscripts, higher slush piles for agents and editors, and longer waits for publication or even rejection letters.

I remember the time when the computer…


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Can I buy your vote?

Hey, can I buy your vote?

Um, not with money.

Sex? Nah, you don't want that from me either.

Okay, fine, I don't have anything to offer.

But can you vote for me anyway?

My new book "The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness" is up for Preditor's and Editors SF/Fantasy Book Reader's Poll.

Wouldja mind voting?

Go here ...




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Genre Flash!

I don't know if this has been mentioned here before as I've been away over Christmas and New Year - but what the hell it's so good it deserves to be mentioned again if it has!

In a number of blogs recently (including one from Angela Savage, which I've now added to News and Views on AustCrimeFiction incidentally) mention was recently made of Lindy Cameron's great initiative - GENRE FLASH.



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On Writing...

Tomorrow I'll write something. Haven't written anything since about August. I mean not a single word written in anger since that time. I tried rewriting a book I finished in July, but frankly I should have started a different book altogether. Plenty of ideas. No time for starting a new project - not with a rewrite needed. And nothing is less attractive to me than rewriting. Therefore, complete and utter paralysis. Not writer's block, mind you. Not if writer's block is equal not having ideas.…


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What's New for January 2008

Hi, everyone. I posted the January WHAT'S NEW on my website. For this month, I list what I know so far that I'll be doing in 2008, including the progress in my flying lessons. For February, I'll have a review of the new Rambo movie, about which the production company has told me nothing. Happy New Year. David

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Kris Neri Interview

Suspect: Kris Neri

Known Aliases: Hmm, can't think of a single one!

Occupation: Author, Writing Instructor, Independent Bookstore Owner

Last Known Location: Sedona, Arizona

Listen in as…

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Holey catz! It's been forever!

Why has it taken me so long to get back here??? Too many blogs, too little time??

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Read the opening chapters of new mysteries for free!

So many books… so little time. If only you had time to find the right ones. Of course that would require you to pick them up and read a couple of pages to know if they appeal to you, but who has time to do such a thing? Well, YOU do, if you do it the smart way. That would be by joining an OnLine Book Club at Dear Reader.com.…


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Free reads at Dear Reader!

So many books… so little time. If only you had time to find the right ones. Of course that would require you to pick them up and read a couple of pages to know if they appeal to you, but who has time to do such a thing? Well, YOU do,…


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Envying the Anal Retentive

Everyone who wants to be published should be told first and foremost: keep track of everything you do. Make a little book/file of people's names (everyone, since you never know who will be important), another little book/file of ideas (again, even wild and crazy ones can be useful later), and a third little book/file documenting every phone call, query, pitch, sample request and casual discussion you have with people in the business.

I do this now but wish I'd started six years ago. I…


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The New Year - Beginnings and Conclusions

The home team has spent the last week or so building a plan for 2008 intended to break my writing into the mainstream outside my home area. We ended up considering what seemed like hundreds of options, each with a long decision tree. Mailings? Sure, but to who? Where? When? How many? What will the postcard say? And that's just one tiny bit of the puzzle. But we have arrived at a conclusion.…


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Resolutions Through Song Lyrics

In 2008:

1. "I will __survive! I will _survive!" Even corny disco songs know that it takes determination to get through what life throws at us. No matter what, in 2008 I am resolved to survive and even thrive.

2. "I'm gonna sit right down and _write myself a letter." Actually I do this every morning. When you're over fifty, it's the only way to remember what your intentions are for the day.

3. "Wherever you may hide away; I swear to you, I will be…


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Resolutions vs. Goals

Posted by Lorraine (L.L.) Bartlett

In 2008, I resolve not to lose my Writers Plot posts. That's how I started my day, logging into typepad to find my post for today had disappeared. Poof! Gone! (I shall try to reconstruct--but as most people know, the results are seldom the same/as good.)

Everybody on the Internet seems to be talking about their goals and/or resolutions. I no longer make resolutions. What for? I never kept them. But when January 1st rolls around it does…


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Gearing up for the new year

Don't you just love fresh starts?

I'm teaming up with some fellow authors and we're putting our heads together, trying to figure out how to get the word out about our books. To that end, I'm going to start doing a "Saturday Spotlight" here on my blog. I've asked some fellow authors to give me information about themselves and their books, and I'll post it here. Most of them write romantic suspense (heavy on the romance) not really 'crime fiction', which is why they aren't coming onto…


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Suzi's daughter wins award

On August 26th 2007 my daughter became the Australian Airbrush Body Art Champion of Australia!
She has had her own business for 8 years now and is 30, beautiful, single, artistic and fussy. A picture of her and her model will be posted for all to see on the slideshow part of my home page here and in my photobucket album for 2007.
Happy 2008 to everyone. May the New Year bring you every good thing your hearts desire.

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THE STALKER 2B (The Dickens Challenge)


Lourdes frowned. “Is that good or bad? I can’t tell.”

“Bad. At least we know where Buchanan is and what he’s capable of, but I have no idea what ever happened to this guy.” Mason jerked his chin at the mall entrance. A muscle jumped in his jaw. “He ruined my career once. He’s not going to do it twice.”

“Well, then.” Lourdes sighed wearily. “Let’s go back to…

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A New Year and A New Re-write

First of all...Happy New Year to everyone! May you have peace, prosperity, happiness, and a best seller in the new year.

I'm knee-deep in yet another re-write/round of edits on CRIMSON SWAN. After six months of "I love it but it's not right for our list right now"-rejections, a senior editor with one of the top publishing houses in NY gave my agent detailed feedback on what she liked and what she thought needed improving. She also said she'd be…


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The latest

In the last couple of weeks I enjoyed two very different book signing experiences. First, I visited the Borders bookstore in Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. This one was easy, since the store is on the concourse before the security gates, unlike the other airport stores I’ve signed in. It’s also right at the bottom of the escalator people come down on their way to one set of gates. I saw a lot of people that day, but many of them were rushing to catch…


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Happy New Year and Best wishes from ND|Melody!


Your Holiday Gift - Download a Free Copy of my Full-Sized Novel Vision from Fictionwise! Happy Holidays from N. D. Hansen-Hill, the Author of:


The Trees Series…


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