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This is a book trailer done well.


I've made no attempt in the past to hide my opinion that book trailers suck ass, but this one is awesome.

Added by John Dishon on January 2, 2010 at 7:00am — 3 Comments

TWO Free short stories -

2 Free Short Stories

by Lawrence Johnson Sr.

Download the paranormal story Lost In Translation and the scifi story Planet of Doom at


It was a dark time for The Planetary Alliance. Two of Princess Arianna’s highly regarded warriors Dajus and Mallobo had gone rouge. Their attacks on the Planetary Alliance and their master computers have thrown the entire… Continue

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Last year mustered in a new president, a sad economy, and plenty of unemployed people.

As a writer, I'm self-employed and living creatively close to the poverty line. The idealistic days of soulful writers in Parisian garrets, swigging cheap wine and pounding out the Great American Novel are gone with Hemingway and Fitzgerald.

Modern writers once worried people would stop reading altogether. The success of Harry Potter defied that theory. The public willingly paid money… Continue

Added by Sunny Frazier on January 2, 2010 at 5:00am — 2 Comments

New year, new blog

One of my favorite Italian writers, Giuseppe di Lampedusa, wrote: "If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change." So I'm inaugurating my new blog today, to see in the New Year, with the same insightful content, of course, but a good-looking, up-to-date platform with many new features. I call the new blog… Continue

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Try out chapter one of Book Three of my Turner/Frank police-procedurals.

Go over to my blogspot and try out chapter one of Book Three of the police-procedurals I'm writing. It's called Guilt of Innocence. Become a fan. Make an acidic--or even, perhaps, a compliment. Hell, it's possible.

My New Year's resolution is to bring out two Turner/Frank novels this year. And maybe. . . just maybe . . . actually make more money than I spend in promoting them. That'd be a refreshing change.

Find it at:…


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It's shaping up to be a busy 2010

2010 is already shaping up to be a busy year with lots of writing activity, talks and book signings to look forward to. Here is the line up for the first six months of the year as it stands at the moment. There is a new Calendar of Events page on my official web site and all my events, book signings and publications will be posted there throughout the year, as well as here.

On 27 January I start the year… Continue

Added by Pauline Rowson on January 1, 2010 at 10:49pm — No Comments

A Plea for Votes in the Preditors & Editors Awards

I hope all my friends won't me asking for your support for my nominations in this year's annual Preditors & Editors Awards. As always, I really appreciate all the support given to me and my work by all of my friends and contacts and hope you will all feel able to do so once again. Voting opens on 1st January and closes at midnight on the 14th.

My latest release 'Tilly's Tale' written as Harry Porter is nominated for Best Children's Book and also for Best… Continue

Added by Brian L Porter on January 1, 2010 at 5:13pm — No Comments

Best Reads of 2009

(Also posted at One Bite at a Time.)

I started keeping track of every book I read a few years ago. I never would have remembered all the great books I read this year if I hadn’t written them down; there were too many.

The following list contains the best books I read for the first time in 2009, regardless of when they were published. (Which is why The Big Sleep isn’t listed.) Last year I named five. This… Continue

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December's Good Reads

(Also posted at One Bite at a Time.)

My reading year ended with a bang.

Mischief, Ed McBain – A good, old-school, everyone gets into the act 87th Precinct story, featuring the Deaf Man. Meyer and Hawes get the mystery of abandoned Alzheimer’s patients, Parker and Kling have to work the killings of graffiti artists, and Carella and Brown have to figure out what the hell the Deaf Man is up to. All the stories… Continue

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How and Why to Become a Bestselling Author, or Not

The past month or so, on my blogspot I've been offering thoughts about what it takes to become a bestselling author, giving some informal case studies, drawing a few conclusions, and overall pondering some different attitudes about why we write and what we aim to accomplish. Sometime soon, I'll collect all this into one piece and give it away to my newsletter… Continue

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Ending the Year on an Up Note

A review of my novel Swap that was first published in the London Free Press (that's London, Ontario) has been picked up by the Sun newspapers in Canada and ran in the Toronto Sun a couple of days ago.

The book will be published in the USA by St. Marins Press in February with the title, Let It Ride. My editor, the terrific John Schoenfelder, has left St. Martins to start up the new crime imprint at Little Brown, so I don't really know what will happen in the new year.… Continue

Added by John McFetridge on January 1, 2010 at 1:36am — 5 Comments

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