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Moving On free on Kindle for five days

Moving On is not a crime novel - please forgive me.  Well, unless you consider homelessness, prostitution, abuse, exotic dancing a crime - okay, sometimes - but the book is actually about a young woman who has experienced all of the above and come through to a pretty good place in her life.  Yes, I wrote it.  

Read more about it here. Thanks!

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Some recent interviews about IT'S A CURSE

You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You: 12 Jan 2012

“Short Sharp Interview” by Paul D Brazill




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A Study in Character

Many things I've learned over the years are self taught. When I worked as a graphic designer at a local newspaper, I was unfamiliar about the software being used to create advertising. Slowly, through the months, I discovered new things to be done with the program others hadn't.


So it was with writing. I didn't know anything about outlining, or formatting, or even too much editing, but throughout the years, I developed a system that worked for me. When I started writing my…


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What Do E-Book Covers Say About Their Authors?

I'm honored to host to a guest post today from McDroll, the pseudonym for Scottish crime fiction author Fiona Johnson. Take it away, McD!




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The Whisperer - Donato Carrisi

The Whisperer is Donato Carrisi'sfirst novel. It has been translated from the original Italian to English by Shaun Whiteside.

The Whisperer grabs you by the throat from the opening chapters. Six severed…


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Whit Howland's "The Pandors Case" coming at you this weekend!

Joey Pantera, a mid level gangster has been ordered to go to the bus depot and retrieve a brief case from its current occupant, by any means necessary. Unfortunately, he has to bring along Teller, a low level hood, trying to make name for himself in the syndicate. Things go from bad to worse when Joey is double crossed by Teller, and finds out that other sinister…


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Review: Bloodline by Stan Rogal

Review: Bloodline by Stan by Stan Rogal

Insomniac Press Oct. 2011


Young girls hitchhiking along a lonely stretch of highway are turning up dead. Salesman Peter Donaldson travels this same highway and becomes concerned when he hears about the murders. Then one day he stops for someone at the side of the road—a tough, fifteen-year-old girl from an abusive family named Lynda—and gives her a ride. A set of circumstances leads Lynda to become the babysitter…


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Delving into Darkness - It's a Good Thing

At a recent author event, an audience member asked me how I keep upbeat when most of my writing revolves around troubled souls who get into trouble.  The most obvious answers come to mind. I have a husband who pulls me away from the computer. I have kids to attend to. I have a great group of friends to have fun with. The most honest answer, however, comes from deep within. Simply put: I don't think delving into darkness is a bad thing.


Have you ever met someone who you know…


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Coming Soon- New Trestle Press available this weekend!

Here is a snapshot at some of the new titles coming out this week by Trestle Press authors:

Karen Anna Vogel- Amish Knitting Circle volume 8

Randy K. Wallace- What Friends Are Made Of

Mark Cooper- How I Met Your Mother- Volume 5- Shattered Glass

William Tooker- Slouching Towards Bethlehem- Volume 4- The Stranger In Dreams

Angel Zapata-The Man…


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So many mysteries on Folly Beach, SC

Greetings from Folly Beach, SC, where it's hard to commit crimes because, indeed, everyone knows your name around here. That being said, many writers have used Folly as the setting for their books. Mine are Death on Coffin Island and Born on the Edge, both mysteries. Others include On Folly Beach, The Pier, Savannah Grace, Folly Beach.....the list goes on! I believe all these books are wonderful ways to experience this little slice of heaven on the edge of the Atlantic......maybe it will be…


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Congratulations to Nigel Bird on His Spinetingler Nomination

Congratulations to fellow Trestle Press crime author Nigel Bird on his Spinetingler Mag nomination for best novella of 2011. He's a great talent, and he deserves the recognition.

The Spinetinglers are like the Oscars for indie crime authors. This is a big freakin' deal. It's an honor not only for him, but for all Trestle Press authors. This little indie outfit is really making some waves in the crime fiction world.



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My new collection of crime short stories, YOU CAN JUMP & OTHER STORIES, will be out in paperback in February 2012 (available direct from

www.matcoward.com) and is now available as a multi-format e-book from…


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A nice French crime fiction: An Uncertain Place by Fred Vargas

Fred Vargas is the pseudonym of the French historian, archaeologist and writer Frédérique Audoin-Rouzeau. Her crime fiction policiers (police thrillers) have won three International Dagger Awards from the Crime Writers Association, for three successive novels: in 2006, 2008 and 2009. She is the first author to achieve such an honor. Fred mostly writes…


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Looking for some talented artists to do your book cover?

Come over to my blog and meet Jesus and Javier Carmona.  Brothers who hail from Madrid, Spain.  They're not professionals . . . yet.  And that's good for you . . . you can hire their services for a VERY reasonable amount.


Check'em out here;…


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Gun Games - Faye Kellerman

I started reading Faye Kellerman's Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series way back in 1986 when it first started. I haven't kept up with the last three or four books, so I thought I would pick up…


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Why Writing for TV and/or Movies Isn't in My Future

Other than the fact an offer is not on the table, I don't see myself writing for TV or movies. It was a question indie crime demigod Paul D. Brazill asked during his Short, Sharp Interview series.

PDB: Do you have any interest in writing for films, theatre or television?

Me: Not really. Authors sometimes view movies and TV as the…


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Footprint Analysis - A step forward for sleuths and crime writers?

Everyone knows that fingerprints are unique but what about footprints? I came…

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Review - Something Missing, Matthew Dicks

Book Title:   Something Missing

Author:  Matthew Dicks

ISBN:   9780767930888

Publisher:  Broadway

Year of Publication:   2009

A career criminal with OCD tendencies and a savant-like genius for bringing order to his crime scenes, Martin considers himself one of the best in the biz. After all, he’s been able to steal from the same people for years on end—virtually undetected. Of course, this could also be attributed to his unique business model—he takes only items that…


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Moral Dilemma: When is It OK to Commit a Crime?


Is it ever OK to commit a crime? If so, who or what determines the line and when it's crossed?



The gray area around this question has been debated since humans figured out the concept of morality. Or, rather, when they identified why they felt sad while sitting atop a mountain of pillaged loot. That's most of human history right there.




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If you've been wondering where my collection of Precinct Puerto Rico short stories is, wonder no more. It is here. Right now it has the plainest cover Amazon can muster, but I'm hoping for pictures f…

If you've been wondering where my collection of Precinct Puerto Rico short stories is, wonder no more. It is here.

Right now it has the plainest cover Amazon can muster, but I'm hoping for pictures from Puerto Rico momentarily in case you're one of those ebook cover hounds who won't buy a book without just the right ebook cover.

Is there more coming? Of course. A collection of oddball stories for one thing. THE…


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