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Talk about diminishing venues to speak and sign, difficulty getting book sales and name recognition makes me wonder--how far out of the box are you willing to think?

I live in a small town, pop. 23,000 (Lemoore). Ten miles away is a larger town (Hanford). Forty miles away is the Big City (Fresno).

I lived in the Big City over 25 years and was never able to get a signing or even a book launch. The local newspaper ignores local authors in… Continue

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If you wrote what I knew

Urban legends have a way of being created out of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the dark, or just plain fear. The trouble is, they tend to take on a life of their own and travel from myth to accepted fact without ever having the necessary substantiation.

Such is the case with my favorite urban legend. One that freezes any writer in their tracks, prevents all creativity and in the end, stalls them almost indefinitely.

Only write what you know. (underlined AND in… Continue

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Alison Janssen, editor of Bleak House Books (who performed the neat hat trick of editing three Edgar® Award finalists in the same calendar year) interviews me at Pulp Pusher about past works, future projects and other topics (including the author/editor relationship).

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The McGuffin by Michael Palmer at the Kill Zone today

The Kill Zone is thrilled to have NYTimes Bestselling Author Michael Palmer, M.D., joining us today. Read The McGuffin.

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Don't Let This happen to You!


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How major newspaper reviews help/hurt book sales

I'm reading this novel which is more spy than mystery novel--and I chose to read it because of what the back cover filled with reviews from major newspapers and mags said. The praised it to high heavens, claiming the book was every accolade one can imagine.

It sucks. Hard to read. Hard to follow--frankly you need to have PhD. in psychology trying to figure out all the illusionary traps the writer is filling the pages with. But this was supposed to be a Great Book! A Modern Day Kafka!… Continue

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Giving in 2009

To play a small part in making a difference in children's lives, for the remainder 2009, I will be donating half the royalties from the sales of The Friday House to the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

If you're not already aware of what the RMHC does for families, please visit: http://www.rmhc.com/what-we-do/ronald-mcdonald-house/

The Friday House is available at Amazon.com.

Title:… Continue

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Plum genre-bending

See my blog: mamaguilt


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loving this blog

I am loving this blog

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Reviews in Sussex, Abu Dhabi and...Loonland

In the lastest issue of the West Sussex County Times, my new Palestinian crime novel "The Samaritan's Secret" gets this lovely review:

"If you haven't yet entered the colourful, chaotic, tragi-comic world of amateur Palestinian detective Omar Yussef, then take a satisfying plunge with the third in this genre-busting crime series. With a race-against-time plot involving missing millions, a dying religious sect, fanatical political leaders and a corrupt police force, the real story turns out… Continue

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Yesterday I found out that DYING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND, Wolfmont Press's 2008 Toys for Tots anthology of holiday crime stories, made the cut for the 2008 softcover bestsellers list with the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association!

Here's the list: http://www.mysterybooksellers.com/AnnualBestsellers.htm

All the authors in the anthology, and myself, are pumped about it!

Tony Burton

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UK Metro: "Pariah's a terrific blast"

From yesterday's UK Metro:

Pariah's a terrific blast

by Dave Zeltserman (Serpent’s Tail, £7.99)

by TINA JACKSON - Tuesday, February 17, 2009


To describe mobster Kyle Nevin as a nasty piece of work is something of an understatement.

At the beginning of Dave Zeltserman 's white-knuckle ride of a second novel, Nevin is just out of jail after serving eight years for armed robbery and keeping his mouth shut.

Now he wants revenge, and… Continue

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Good News & A Question

Just received news that DYING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND, the short story anthology I contributed to last fall, is one of 2008's top ten bestselling books among independent bookstores.

I will confess that I contributed without a great deal of consideration: the cause was good, Toys for Tots. The tease was fun: a mystery that involves one of the winter holidays, Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. And a short story never seems like work. It's more like a break from the harder work (for me)… Continue

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Bay to Ocean Writers Conference

I'll spend tomorrow at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills, MD having more fun than I deserve at the Bay to Ocean writer's conference - /. The conference features workshops, speeches, and panel discussions on a wide variety of topics pertaining to the craft of writing, the publishing business, and the intricacies of particular genres. This year's speakers include Thomas Sawyer, head writer for Murder, She Wrote, internet expert Leslie Walker, my own editor… Continue

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Global Post features me on my love for Nablus and the remants of the Samaritans

The new U.S. website Global Post, which aims to provide Americans with the foreign news that they're missing since their newspapers fired almost all their international correspondents, features a series of stories by me. They're intended as introductions to my new Palestinian crime novel, THE SAMARITAN'S SECRET -- colorful features about life for the Palestinians who appear in the book.… Continue

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Let's make a few assumptions...and guess the rest.

Let's make a few assumptions:

1. The publishing industry is radically shedding old habits and structuring itself in a different

set of new clothes.

2. Fiction as we know it, will not be produced by big-name publishing houses. Smaller 'specialty'

publishers are going to pick up the pieces and carry on.

3. Ebooks and other electronic media is going to eventually become equal to, or superior than,

the current print medium in relation to making a… Continue

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Wallace & Gromit's Grand Day Out: Shopping at Ikea

New blog post at: http://mitziszereto.wordpress.com

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New PSWA Newsletter Available

You can go the Public Safety Writers Association site http://www.publicsafetywriter.com and click on newsletter to read the latest edition. While there, take a look at the information about the conference.

It's a good one. Be sure to sign up before March 31.


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Asking Thursday, Revealing Wednesday

Yesterday I asked what a writer gets from watching people at a place like Epcot. Yesterday we went to Busch Gardens, so I have a two-day supply of answers.

What we see in crowds is snapshots of behavior, and as authors we collect and file those snaps for future reference. The elderly couple who reveal with startling clarity who is in control by their walking pattern. The young family in which Dad feels responsible for everyone having a good time, including Mom-in-law. He sounds like… Continue

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To what degree of culpability do lit agents have in today's publishing quagmire?

How much involvement do lit agents have in the publishing crisis we face today? Are there any ways to curb a agent's desire to carve out the most lucrative contract he can get for his client? Should he (or she) be limited in this hunt? Why do publishing houses acquiesce in these apparent exorbitant demands agents demand?


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