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SHOT GIRL by Karen E. Olson

New Haven police reporter Annie Seymour is at a strip club for a colleague's bachelorette party when gunshots are heard outside. Investigating, Annie finds the club manager, her ex-husband Ralph, dead. At first, the police suspect Annie and her paper pulls her off the police beat as a result. Compelled to look into her ex's affairs to clear her name, she uncovers a conspiracy involving illegal purchases of guns and drugs.

Shot Girl is told in first person from Annie's… Continue

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Hijacking and Book Trivia

Hey y'all!
Come visit me over at As the Pages Turn and see what advice I have for the new President.

and I am also hijacking Eve Summers blog today... and promoing my book...

This is day three for my book tour. Don't forget some lucky commenter will be winning prizes!

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Said the Spider to the Fly-- RELEASE DAY!

My romantic suspense, "Said the Spider to the Fly" is released today from The Wild Rose Press. It's already received a four star review! Hope folks will want to take a look at this already best seller!

Wild Rose Press

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Bob Morris & the USA Today Syndrome

My friend and fellow mystery writer Bob Morris – www.bobmorris.net - taught me something about myself recently whe he was at Murder on the Beach Bookstore – www.murderonthebeach.com - in Delray Beach to sign his new Zack Chasteen novel, “A Deadly Silver Sea.”

Bob read a printout version of my novel, “Chasin’ the Wind,” and gave me a nice blurb for the cover, long before we had actually met. He did it because he’s a nice guy and, like most mystery writers, remembers what it was like… Continue

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New on my site

This week there’s lots new on my web site, including a new featured review from Pamela Bourgeois.

I’ve spoken to Pamela, but we’ve never met. Her niece was at one of my book signings, looking for a Christmas present for her aunt. Rather than try to describe my titles to Pamela on her cell phone she handed the phone to me. After some conversations she chose Damaged Goods for her gift.

It was wonderful to get an e-mail from… Continue

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(Cross posted to Working Stiffs)

I had an opportunity to meet our local police chief last week. He’s relatively new to the area and I’ve stopped at the station a couple of times, but he was out on patrol.

Needing to call 9-1-1 to bring him to my mom’s house was NOT how I’d envisioned our first meeting.

Last Tuesday, my mom phoned me to ask if the water company had just been at my house. I… Continue

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The Unanswerable Question for Writers

Yesterday's question got several good answers, and one I'd never thought of: changing the font. I'll add that to my repetoire!

Today's question is one I have trouble answering, probably because before publication, a writer has all the time in the world to write. It seems I always get "How long did/does it take you to write the book?" With or without stops and starts? The first draft, the polished draft, or the final, ready-to-be published version? There are lots of variables, so… Continue

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Mystery Author Doug Hewitt Interviews Jack Thigpen

I enjoyed my virtual tour stops today, and it just keeps getting better. One of the promotional ideas I had was to have an

interview with my main character in The Dead Guy, Jack Thigpen. Let's face it; I didn't really give Jack a fair shake, giving him

a fatal, untreatable disease in Chapter 1.

And so what would Jack have to say to me?

Read my interview with Jack Thigpen, and see what he has to say to mystery author Doug Hewitt.

It's here… Continue

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Thank you, PW!

Publishers Weekly, Feb. 2, 2009

Probable Claws Clea Simon. Poisoned Pen, $24.95 (264p) ISBN 978-1-59058-564-1

Music journalist Theda Krakow once again proves a feisty and determined sleuth in Simon's lively fourth cat-themed mystery (after 2007's Cries and Whiskers). Theda alternates between the cat world, dominated by her pet, Musetta, and the Boston area music scene, about which she writes for local magazines and newspapers. When her retired policeman boyfriend, Bill, buys… Continue

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Graphic Novel Mysteries - From Patrick King

Graphic Novel Mysteries

It’s been great to see that graphic novels (i.e. comic books) have become much more respected over the past few years. Gone are the days when comic writers treated the reader like an eight year old with classic lines such as, “Thank gosh for utility belts!” or “My spider-senses are tingling, that must mean Dr. Octopus is near!”; instead, the writers have realized that their audience has grown up and so has the dialogue and the art work. I have recently… Continue

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Lost in outer-writer space by Kathryn LIlley

Speaking of Writer Hell, as Michael Haskins was in our Sunday funny, I had one of those Hell-days yesterday. Read post here.…


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A Question for Writers

As I present workshops for wanna-be writers, I try to give them as many ways as possible to see the faults in early drafts. I have all the English-teacher tricks, of course, and the writers' secrets I've picked up along the way. But everyone is different, and what works for some doesn't appeal to others at all. So the question today is:

What do you do to make editing/rewriting/polishing productive?

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A Second P & E Award

Now that the votes have been checked and verified I'm delighted to report that I've picked up my second Preditors & Editors Award, having won the Best Poet, 2008 Award, under my pseudonym, Juan Pablo Jalisco. Once again, I must say a big thank you to everyone who voted in suport of my nomination. I'm over the moon at this latest news. Please see Juan Pablo's website at www.freewebs.com/juanpablojalisco/…


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Irene Nash (Nash Black) reviews FRESH FROZEN by Darden North

Irene Black (Nash Black) has posted a review of my current novel Fresh Frozen. I hope you'll take a look.



Darden North

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Irene Nash (Nash Black) reviews FRESH FROZEN by Darden North

Irene Black (Nash Black) has posted a review of my current novel Fresh Frozen. I hope you'll take a look.



Darden North

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February 3rd Virtual Book Tour Stops for The Dead Guy and mystery author Doug Hewitt

Today's virtual tour stops were great, but tomorrow's are even better!

You can read a wonderfully insightful review of my mystery novel The Dead Guy at:

Roxi's Random Ramblings.

And there's an excerpt from The Dead Guy (with some of my personal comments) at:

The Plot.

And of course, as a mystery author, I would… Continue

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Weekend Surprises

As expected, Saturday was a party at Creatures ‘n Crooks Bookshoppe in Richmond, VA. Many of my favorite local authors were there, not for a signing or reading but just to be present for the readers. We did appear to attract a crowd of customers and I saw several armloads of books leave the store. We can only hope we inspired enough business to save the store.

When I got home I found a cool surprise - the latest issue of the International Thriller Writers newsletter, The Big Thrill.… Continue

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Weekly Blog - Monday 2nd February

I spent last week reading through the manuscript for the third novel in the Zac Hunter series, The Beholder, ahead of delivering a draft to my agent, Broo Doherty. The task was more onerous than I expected, resulting in a few late nights and early mornings, and I ended up cutting another 4,500 words from the prose. This brought the total down to around 93,000, which is more in line with that of both Justice For All (89,000) and Blood Law (91,000), and I’m confident that the cuts have helped… Continue

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New look e-newsletter

My new official website has now been running for a month and I am pleased to say we have had excellent feedback from it. (Thank you Darren of Metadas Media for being such a talented web developer.) What’s great about it is that we can instantly update it ourselves, at any time, quickly and easily. We can post new events as they are confirmed, new book releases,… Continue

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February Is Different; I'm Asking You

This is going to be a weird month for me for two reasons. Right now my PC is at the repair shop, always a tense time. I wonder if it will recover from its ailments, if I will lose stuff I forgot to back up, and if the week they promised will turn plural. Using the laptop is okay, but it doesn't feel the same as going up to my office, sitting in the ergonomically correct position (well, I try), and getting down to business.

The second half of the month we'll be traveling, doing a… Continue

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