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Lucky at Cards -- Lawrence Block

This is cross-posted from my regular blog.

The other day I commented on Lawrence Block's
$20 Lust, reprinted as Cinderella Sims. Block started…

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McManus, Patrick F. – THE BLIGHT WAY

THE BLIGHT WAY (Police Procedural-Idaho-Cont) – VG

McManus, Patrick F. – 1st in series

Simon & Schuster, 2006- US Hardcover – ISBN: 9780743280471

Bo Tully is a widower and the sheriff of Blight County, Idaho, as was his father. Bantim Scragg’s and his sons are not known as law-abiding citizens so when a…


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Wow, so there's yet *another* thing I can do instead of writing! This place!

I'm 200 pages into a novel, and aside from the opening scene...I'm not sure anything has really happened yet. Killin' me. I gotta disappear the main guy's parents...but all this exposition keeps getting in the way.

I need a writers' group here in Chicago. And I'm not using the word "need" lightly. I'm half-decent, have ideas and chops, and yet I'm...wayward. Muddled.

And it's not as if sitting…


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The best part of the BSSP

I run the risk of sounding like a dork, but I think my favorite part of the recent BSSP was the sense of community. It is so easy to think in terms of writers who are on one side or the other of a published "wall," but what this project showed is that regardless of status, we all still love writing and reading - the pleasure of creating for others' eyes, and the pleasure of enjoying it.

Thanks again to those who commented on my story. And thanks to everyone who participated. I hadn't…


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This is hard for me because I'm so used to writing about writing on my own blog.

Do I dare write negative things about books I've read? What if I do and that person joins this group? He/she won't want to be my friend. Then what?

So does that mean I can only write positive things about books I've read? Maybe I should leave that subject alone.

How about movies? I'm not good at writing reviews. I can say I liked something or didn't but I'm not sure I…

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My Books

I'll introduce myself shamelessly with a little blatant self-promotion. I'm thrilled that my 2006 book, The Heat of the Moon, has been nominated for an Agatha Award for Best First Novel. My second book, Disturbing the Dead, is just going on sale now. I'm still fairly new to the world of published authors and haven't had time to become jaded and blase. With any luck, I never will.

Thanks to the creator of this site -- it's a welcome alternative to the kid-clogged MySpace.

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Did I take a wrong turn at the cathedral?

Here I am, a writer of humorous commercial fiction and early member of a community of crime fiction writers. Now what?

Okay, okay, so my protag killed off the bad shakedown dude with a statue of the Blessed Mother. Doesn't mean I write crime fiction. It means I write...humorous commercial fiction where people sometimes get killed.

Should this be my writing blog? Y'all don't do enough whining and moaning and groaning and bellyaching over your own word processors, you gotta… Continue

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The Beatitudes in New Orleans

Please check out my blog, and think about helping in the restoration of public libraries in New Orleans. If you wish, let me know and I will add you as a Beatitude.

My book is complete and I have been looking for a good agent. The proceeds of any profit will go toward New Orleans public libraries. Wish me luck. The title is The Beatitudes and it is book one in The New Orleans…


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Norman, Michael – THE COMMISSION

THE COMMISSION (Licensed Investigator-Utah-Cont) – G+

Norman, Michael – 1st book

Poisoned Pen Press, 2007- US Hardcover – ISBN: 1-590583582

Sam Kincaid, Chief of the Special Investigations Branch of the Utah Department of Corrections (DofC), is called in to work with the police on the homicide of Levi Vogue,…


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Pawel, Rebecca – THE SUMMER SNOW

THE SUMMER SNOW (Historical-Spain-1940s) – VG

Pawel, Rebecca – 4th in series

Soho Crime, 2006- US Hardcover – ISBN:


Lieutenant Carlos Tejada comes to Granada with his wife and son after his wealthy grand aunt has died. She had been a querulous old lady always seeing…


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The First Time Is Always the Hardest

M. Tarquini sent me. I was supposed to say that. She said to. So now I have. There.

Glad to be here. I'm going to write just a little post to start out--as I told Mindy, I'm more inclined to stick my toes in cautiously than make a big splash. Less chance of making a fool of myself, right? I was published years ago, with Silver Dagger Mysteries. I wrote a nice traditional mystery that I thought would be the first of a series with SDM. it was a great…


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Where you'll find me...

Hello, everybody.

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Sharp, Zoe – FIRST DROP

FIRST DROP (Bodyguard-Florida-Cont) – VG

Sharp, Zoe – 4th in series

Piatkus, 2004 – UK Hardcover – ISBN:


Charlie Fox and her ex-lover, Sean, have been hired to protect a wealthy computer programmer and his 14-year-old son, Trey. While at an amusement park, someone tries to…


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Big Numbers 2007 World Tour #1

(Seattle) The 2007 Big Numbers World Tour began February 1 when I arrived at Sea-Tac International Airport, rented my car, and headed South on Interstate 5. Seattle and The Left Coast Crime conference being positioned to the north, some observers might have thought me lost. But no, I’d decided that Seattle could wait. My first stop on the World Tour would be Whodunit? Books in Tacoma. Well, actually, my first stop turned out to be a Tacoma taco shop. I was hungry. But after eating a few crispy… Continue

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As if two other blogs weren't enough...

Here's a third. I'd been thinking about creating a writing blog anyway. This seems like a good opportunity and the perfect place. It remains to be seen whether I can 1) make the time and 2) think of interesting things to say about my writing!

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Tapply, William G. – OUT COLD

OUT COLD (Unlicensed Investigator-New England-Cont) – G+

Tapply, William G. – 22nd in series

St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2007- US Hardcover – ISBN: 0312337469

Attorney Brady Coyne’s virtual spouse, Evie, is out of town so Brady and dog, Henry, are on their own. It’s a snowy day when Henry brings Brady’s attention to…


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Plastic Fantastic

I remember reading an interview with JK Rowling a few years ago where she was talking about the merchandising deal she had struck with Warner Bros. Basically, she had insisted of final approval of any Harry Potter products released alongside the movies. To her growing unease, as the release date of the first film loomed, a succession of increasingly tacky items had been sent for her blessing. Eventually, and some…


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Tey, Josephine – BRAT FARRAR

BRAT FARRAR (Suspense-England-1950s) – Ex

Tey, Josephine – Standalone

Colliers Books, 1988, Paperback – ISBN:


Brat Farrer is an English orphan who, after much travel, has decided to come back to England. He is soon mistaken for Simon Ashby of Latchetts by Alec Loding, a cousin of the…


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Thomas, Will -

THE LIMEHOUSE TEXT (Licensed Investigators-England-Victorian) – VG+

Thomas, Will - 3rd in series

Touchstone, 2006 – US Hardcover – ISBN:


Private enquiry agent Cyrus Barker and his assistant Thomas…


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Weir, Charlene – EDGE OF MIDNIGHT

EDGE OF MIDNIGHT (Police Procedural-Kansas-Cont) – Okay

Weir, Charlene – 7th in series

Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2007- US Hardcover- ISBN: 0312347979

Police chief Susan Wren is very busy in the small town of Hempstead, Kansas. She has a rookie cop who has nearly killed two of her partners by not…


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