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Dark Distortions

"Should you choose to read DARK DISTORTIONS – the inaugural release of indie publisher Scotopia Press – it’s a near-guarantee that the book will undergo a transformation in the process, from a mint-condition paperback of considerable heft to a dog-eared stack of no-longer-solid-white pages, stuck between peeling covers.

It’s my own fault, really. So into its nearly 600 pages of brand-new dark fiction I was that I took it everywhere I went: to breakfast, to bed, to work, to the…

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What They Want to Know About You

What does a reader want to know about an author? How about an agent? An editor? A librarian? As writers we're often asked to submit a bio, and the question arises, what should it include?

Not the same things in all cases. As a reader BSW (before serious writing) I really didn't give a thought to the author at all, in fact didn't pay attention to names unless I really liked the book and wanted more by that person. This resulted in some embarrassing moments when I began meeting authors… Continue

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Meet Great Authors at the Virginia Festival of the Book

This is the week of the 14th Annual Virginia Festival of the Book! Starting Wednesday, Charlottesville, Virginia comes alive with five days of mostly free literary events that are open to the public as the whole city honors book culture and promotes reading and literacy. This year's headliners are Mike Farrell and Walter Mosley, but be assured there is something for everyone. They'll have children's events, science fiction, romance, history, graphic novels - if people read it, it will be… Continue

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Good News and Bad News

The good news is that the Black Ace vintage paperback show is this Sunday. The bad news is that the Black Ace vintage paperback show is this Sunday. Bad news for my wallet anyway. I’m dead broke after all this traveling, but I know I’m not going to be able to resist picking up one or two. Or five. Or seven.

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I’m back and I come bearing gifts, or at least a new book. Contrary to some of the wilder rumours floating about, I have not been in rehab with Amy Winehouse for the past six months (my Tipex sniffing is under control). Nor did I go ‘into the wild’ bedding down with Polar bears in Alaska. You can also rule out a mystery illness, cosmetic surgery, prison time or a sex change.

I have spent the past five months on a grand tour of Europe and North… Continue

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The obligitory newbie post.

Hi....My name's Rich and I'm a readeraholic

(Hi Rich)

I have a rather eclectic taste in what I read. It ranges anywhere from the outright horror novels (Currently reading Zombie Planet by David Wellington), to the world of the Old Gods of H.P. Lovecraft.

Yet I enjoy other works as well. The Dexter books are among my all time favorite reads. Hunter S Thompson was a genius among men and I sorely miss him.

The Shell Game by Steve Alten is a MUST read and… Continue

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Top Ten Pet Hates of a Grumpy Woman

Here are some of the things that really get up my nose!

10. People who once knew me but now stick their noses in the air and walk by as if they never did!

9. Shop assistants who prefer to talk to one another whilst ignoring the customer.

8. Repeated lateness. Why is someone else's time more important than my own?

7. Mobile phones. Okay, I have one but I'm not on it all day long! And why is it when I… Continue

Added by Lynette Rees on March 28, 2008 at 5:27am — 4 Comments

Homage To Raymond (You Said It All, And Less)

Approximation of 'Double Indemnity', or at least the essence (I know the screenwriting credits were shared with Billy Wilder, but it's got Chandler's prints all over it) : Mrs. Dietrichson:"I didn't know I loved you til now." Neff; "Since when?" Mrs Dietrichson: "When I couldn't pull the trigger the second time."

'The Big Sleep'.....

Philip Marlowe: I could make it my business. Eddie Mars: I could make your business mine. Philip Marlowe: Oh, you wouldn't like it. The pay's too… Continue

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Come to the Chat tonight

... over on at the No Whine, Just Champagne group's site.
we will be chatting about Writer's Block, and why do I have it?

We want you!!

Added by Kim Smith on March 28, 2008 at 4:45am — No Comments

Don't they employ copy editors anymore?

OK, in this day and age of text messaging and l33t speak, I am probably a Luddite, but it annoys me when I read a book that looks like it was copy-edited by Spell-Check. You know the errors I mean. Do for due, to for two, now here that is supposed to be nowhere. Don't human read these manuscripts anymore? Is the book biz so marginal that they can't take some pride in their work? OK, I mostly find these types of errors in mystery fiction, and face it, these books are probably not going to be… Continue

Added by Eileen Hawkins on March 28, 2008 at 1:52am — 1 Comment

AgentQuest: The Query query

Now, after chatting a bit with helpful Molli N., a publisher turned publishing coach for poor saps like me, I am taking a stab at rewriting my query--AGAIN. I was advised--against all of the blog recommendations on the subject-- to leave out any attempt at personalization. There's an agent I have discovered who I really would like to read my ms, so I want the new letter to impress her enough to request that almighty read. Please tell me what you think. I love constructive criticism, but the key… Continue

Added by Ailene Yasmin on March 28, 2008 at 12:00am — 2 Comments

Contacts, Acquaintances, and Friends in the Biz

I've been writing about promotion, and like any type of sales, it gets interesting at times deciding who is a friend and who is a potential customer. I once worked in a candy shop where the owner was so focused on sales that if you stopped to tell her the building was on fire she'd have responded, "Would you like to buy some of the best, freshest candy in town to give to the nice firemen who'll be here any second?"

As you've deduced if you've been reading these posts, that isn't me.… Continue

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Sad News about 'Glastonbury'

In an e-mail I received two days ago the CEO of Rain Publishing, who were due to release 'Glastonbury' in four weeks, informed that due to personal health reasons, the publishing company wil be closing with effect from 15th April. She has what appears to be an aggressive and as yet un-named, (though easily guessed at), illnesswhich is life-threatening and she has to devote all of her time to trying to beat it. This means that 'Glastonbury' is now back to square one, as she will be releasing me… Continue

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A Shot in the Dark

By Cornelia Read

There's a topic I've wanted to blog about here for a long time, but it's pretty heavy stuff--not exactly the bright and breezy fare most people want to skim through online while sipping their morning beverage of… Continue

Added by Cornelia Read on March 27, 2008 at 4:36pm — 2 Comments

Buried Deep

"Hello" to all my Crimespace friends. Hope everyone is doing well.

Just a quick post to bring everyone up to date. I have been buried deep, working on a sci-fi medical thriller called, "A Good Plague," all about a bio-engineered vaccine. Naturally, it all goes horribly wrong, and my heroine has to sort out everything and save the world. It's based on real science that also went horribly wrong but in a completely different way. It didn't make kabillions of dollars for its developers… Continue

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My cover!

Publication isn't until October, but today was a red-letter day - I got my cover!

and here's the step back:

Thanks for indulging me - I'm so excited, I just had to share!

Added by Karen Dionne on March 27, 2008 at 8:00am — 6 Comments

Goodnight Harry Fabian

One of my personal favorite Film Noir icons Richard Widmark

died this morning at age 93.
His performance as two bit hustler Harry Fabian in NIGHT AND THE CITY (my favorite film of all time ) was brilliant and unforgettable. He is also fantastic in PICK UP ON SOUTH STREET and who can forget his riveting debut as laughing psychopath Tommy Udo in KISS OF DEATH? I… Continue

Added by Christa Faust on March 27, 2008 at 4:00am — 1 Comment

Neuropath by R Scott Bakker

There is a book coming out later on this year that is being marketed as a sci-fi thriller that I think might go a bit unnoticed in mystery/crime fiction circles because the authors last three books were fantasy. Its Neuropath by R Scott Bakker.

One advance reviewer wrote that its the most disturbing book that he ever read. "Neuropath is a psychological thriller that will challenge you in ways that will leave you thinking long and hard after you put the book down.....Neuropath will… Continue

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Book Promotion Again

Continuing on the subject of promotion, I should begin by saying that I'm no kind of sales whiz. I cannot shove my book into a person's hands and insist that she will love it. I can't even do the often-suggested meet-'em-with-a-question: "Do you read...(mysteries, romances, etc.)?" As a patron I would hate being pushed into a corner by an author, and the Golden Rule applies. I can't do it unto others. So what do I do to promote? Two things work well for me.

First, at signings in… Continue

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I Watched Him Die

Have you ever sat, looking into the eyes of a serial killer, watching for some sign of remorse for his crimes - wondering if he would take back what he’d done, if he could? Have you ever smelled the burning flesh of a condemned killer as 1,800 volts of electricity ripped through his body for thirty seconds straight? No? Well, I have.

Today, on The Graveyard Shift, I tell about the night I witnessed the execution of serial killer, Timothy Spencer, The Southside Strangler. Please stop… Continue

Added by Lee Lofland on March 26, 2008 at 10:18pm — 1 Comment

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