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Digital short Saturday Laurie Bowler Across The City Chapter Two


Is it actually Saturday? Yes, today I have it right and all has been restored to its proper order. Now if I could only figure out what to with all the body parts lying around, figuratively of course, from this digital short. Seriously, back up the truck because what goes on in these virtual pages won’t fit into a normal pickup truck. If you enjoy buckets of blood with a side order of severed limbs and vampire organs, then you have come to the right digital short story. Pull up a…


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It's Here!!!!!!

An Object in Motion is now available for download at Get your copy of this FREE PDF and tell a friend!
Thanks RSB

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Digital short Saturday ( on Friday no Less) Tom Sumner All I Wanted Was A Haircut!


Being the smart guy I am, I needed to look up the word sublime in the dictionary. The results of that inquiry are as follows: Under verb used without an object: to convert (a solid substance) by heat into a vapor. I do this very well; ask those that are around me. I decided to read on, I figure why not I am on a roll: and as an adjective: complete, absolute, utter and haughty. The last one sounds like it is an interpretation from England. So in conclusion, to use the word sublime…


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A pair of articles in today's L.A. edition of

Wow. I was prolific today, but couldn't resist responding to a press release sent to me by award-winning author and poet Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

Are you an artist or photographer? Carolyn and her co-author Magdalena Ball are holding a cover art contest for their upcoming chapbook entitled Deeper Into the Pond: A Celebration of Femininity.  It is the fifth in a…


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There's a new paying gig in town

Boys and girls, there's a new emag looking for stories we like to write.  The magazine is called Voluted Tales, and they're looking for submissions.


And the good news is---they are a PAYING mag!  Not much, to be sure.  But still . . . paying!


Go find them at


They bought one of my Turner/Frank short stories.  Which means they're brand new and just waiting for 'real' writers to…


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Around the Globe with DEBBIE MACK

This week, as the early signs of spring are starting to stay around for awhile, I hop in my transporter and pick up author Debbie Mack and in no time, we're sitting at a table at a streetside cafe in Rome. (You can see a little of where we're having the interview in the picture to your left.) I'm not sure what she's drinking, but I'm trying a very expensive dry red wine. (Hey, she's paying, I'm just the inteviewer.)

1. Who is Debbi Mack and what makes you the most fascinating person… Continue

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Digital short Saturday ( on Friday no less) The Smoking Gun Sisiterhood Chapter Two, Cops and Robbers

TGIF to all! Change of plans and pace a bit as I have a back log of posts and digital short stories to talk about and thus the Saturday on Friday thing and then we will still have a Saturday on Saturday thing so instead of graphic novels today we will have the digital shorts in their place if you are following me at all. Nonetheless, here is the deal to make this short and more readily understandable, basically in a nutshell and to cut to the chase: today is Graphic Novel Friday, but in its…


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Improvised Digital short Story "Hunter" Tom White Author's Cut

    As the anchor author for "Hunter" I found it to be a real rush. I read each segment as it came in and had to keep track of characters and events so as not to lose anything or anyone and then tie all of the loose ends together. I took elements of each segment and tried to expound upon them. I was being lead in a direction and had no choice but to go there.

   I learned early in my directing career that if you are going to make a choice as an actor or director it has to be a clear…


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Justice Can be Unmerciful in my Hot New Legal Mystery, JUSTICE SERVED


From the bestselling author of STATE'S EVIDENCE comes the hit legal thriller and police procedural eBook, JUSTICE SERVED. Cops go after bat wielding deadly female vigilante with a beautiful judge the chief suspect.

In Kindle and Nook.

“Justice Served is a model of crime fiction .... Flowers may be a new…


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Paradise Can Be Deadly in My Hot New Medical Mystery, MURDER IN MAUI


Maui, the ideal vacation destination...that is, until a killer casts shadow over paradise in my hot new police procedural and medical mystery eBook, MURDER IN MAUI: A Leila Kahana Mystery.

Now in Kindle, Nook, and Google eBooks.

"A police procedure of the highest order, mixing equal parts Sue Grafton and Jeffrey Deaver with…


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The Release of An Object in Motion

First I want to thank evryone who took the time to read and review An Object in Motion, all the reviews were great! I really appreciate it! Now, this Saturday, March 19, An Object in Motion will be released! The full PDF version of this short story will be available exclusively at so please get you FREE copy and tell a Reader in you life about it...

Thank you in…


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'Nice cup of tea mum,' he says then collapses and dies. 'Put me in a home would you,' she replies to the corpse.


Check out CRIMELINES at roycstories on twitter



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Please check out 365 word stories and befriend me

Also coming soon to roycstories on twitter - crimelines even shorter stories

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My burst Jerusalem bubble

My taxi pulled up at the traffic lights on the way into Jerusalem late Sunday night. A half dozen Breslav hassids were bouncing up and down in front of the traffic, waving signs and grinning with the exultation of wedding party dancers. They were singing, “Death to the Arabs.”

Welcome home, I thought. Something dark descended on me. I’d been away for a week attending a…


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Here is another 365 word crime story. Anyone joining in?


Zaheer collapsed onto the narrow bed, his life in ruins. He didn’t expect to sleep. He hadn’t slept properly for weeks; tossing, turning, worrying and waking exhausted to plod through another failure of a day. At first the flames leapt around him as they had in the kitchen; but then he was free of them and floating towards a large luxury hotel; to work he thought. But no; there was a reception and…


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I realized the other day that I was taking many of the skills I used as a secretary for an undercover narc team and incorporating them into my writing career.

I'm not taking about discipline or keeping a filing system where I can find things, never my strong suit in the office. I was the type of worker who looked at the big picture and saw opportunity to go beyond my job description. I was willing to do the extra work and stay past quitting time without…


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Self-Publishing: Promoting Yourself - Part 3

A big part of self-publishing is getting out there and becoming involved, and there are so many ways to do that, but I wanted to list several sites that allow you to interact and get to know your readers. I've already covered some of the sites you should sign up with, but I wanted to focus on writer forums.

If you have an eBook on Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook, and chances are you do - you really should pop into their boards and take part. I will say that I see the same… Continue

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St. Patrick's Day mystery short story

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day Kings River Life has just posted an original mystery short story by Jack Bates with a St. Patrick's Day setting
And don't forget to enter for a chance to win a copy of one of my mystery novels, "Out Of Tune"
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Lorie Ham

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B.R. Stateham Death of a Young Lieutenant


Once in a while you come across a novel that is different and unique. A novel that just doesn’t quite fit into the same square and round peg holes, doesn’t follow the formulas that the big guys set out for everybody and is so well done structurally you need to take pause and enjoy it for the gem it is. I was lucky enough to find one of them in Death of a Young Lieutenant by B.R. Stateham. I am going to get to jaw with him on April 6th on my blogtalk show The G-ZONE and…


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Why The Killing is the best thing on television – 10 reasons


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