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The Bedlam Detective: Probably the most literary historical crime fiction we read this year

Stephen Gallagher is the English writer of several novels and television scripts, including for the BBC television series Doctor Who for which he wrote two serials, Warriors' Gate (1981) and Terminus (1983).  He is also very active in crime fiction area and…


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Bloodland By Irish Author Alan Glynn

Alan Glynn is an Irish writer born in 1960 in Dublin and is the author of four novels, from which the first one The Dark Fields (2001) was made into a film in 2011 by Neil Burger as Limitless . Alan’s another notable work is Winterland which was published in 2009 and is a thriller with a compelling story. (Check out…


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New issue of KRL filled with Left Coast fun & Jonnie Jacobs interview/giveaway

The new issue of Kings River Life is up and first off we have the last in our Road To Left Coast Crime 2012 series with an interview with Jonnie Jacobs, a review of her latest mystery novel "Paradise Falls" & a chance to win a copy of the book

We also have some Left Coast Crime memories & tips from authors who will be at LCC this…


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An Angel Box

Hi friends!  I am so excited that my novel An Angel Box is now available!     Please visit my links below and let me know what you think:…


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Weekend Freebies

If you've wanted to sample the Akitada series, here's your chance:


Today, Saturday,  THE FIRES OF THE GODS is free on Kindle.


Tomorrow, Sunday, RASHOMON GATE is free.


Happy reading.



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Today in Narcissism News: Ben Sobieck Interviews Ben Sobieck

When he's not adding another writing trophy to his mantle, crime author Nigel Bird runs the Sea Minor blog. Other that his news and insights, he has a recurring feature called Dancing with Myself where other crime…


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B-spine - free for a weekend

Cyberpunk thriller B-spine is free on promotion this weekend (24, 25 March) on Amazon Kindle. Get it, read it, write a review for it. Spread the word:

"Guaranteed to keep you clutching your Kindle till the end" - SFX magazine

It’s 2098 in the North…


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What Readers are Saying About the Crime Thriller DARK MIND

Writing crime fiction is a passion and I enjoy every aspect of creating a story – even research and rewrites.  It’s wonderful when readers take the time to comment or leave a review of…


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Uncovering Tough Clues in Investigations – Examining the Digits

There are forensic scientists discovering and applying new scientific techniques to help solve new cases and uncovering clues in cold…


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JAPAN TIMES review of the latest Akitada novel.


Mystery, history and excitement in old Japan




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Like Spy Novels? A look at Scorpion Betrayal by Andrew Kaplan

Andrew Kaplan is best known for his spy thriller novels featuring a former operative code-named Scorpion. He worked as a freelance journalist and war correspondent for the International Herald Tribune and has also served in the army. His new novel…


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Review: When an Ex-Cop Writes a Crime Novel, We All Have Fun

There is a certain tone writing takes when you can tell the…


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Self Defense

I conduct several self defense seminars for high school students and women, as well as the various techniques shown in my regular classes. One of the things I teach those who participate in self defense courses is to have options available to immediately utilize.


For example, let me keep it simple and discuss a basic wrist grab. After determining the level of threat indicated, the person would pull his/her wrist against the opponent’s thumb, that finger being the weakest part…


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A Dream Come True

I’ve wanted to be a published author since I was a little girl. Like most girls my age, I read every Judy Bolton and Nancy Drew mystery; they were among my most prized possessions. When I was ten years old, I submitted a poem I’d written to my Sunday school magazine. I can still remember how thrilled I was when I saw my name printed under the title. My first byline! Now, many years later (no need to tell how many), I feel…


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Have You Seen The Swedish Version of Wallander?

Although many of the folks who saw "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" featuring Daniel Craig liked the movie; they liked the original Swedish version as much if not more. We guess the same holds with Wallander.

I was fascinated when I watched Henning Mankell struggling detective on TV on PBS channel. Kenneth Branagh did a great job of portraying the character as it…


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One of the finest forensic thrillers we read this year: The Bone Yard

Today Jefferson Bass is probably one of the most well-known names in the sub-genre of Forensic Suspense. The writing team of Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson started out by writing…

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Meet Me at the VA Festival this weekend!

Saturday I’ll be one of the featured authors at the Virginia Festival of the Book. This annual event is a 5-day festival of mostly free literary events that are open to the public as we honor book culture and promote reading and literacy. 

On my panel, called “High Body Count” you’ll see five mystery writers chatting about writing series books and killing b ad guys, and answering questions from the audience. I hope you will be IN that audience. The panel is at 2pm, at the Omni Hotel,…


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Just wanted to share the cover of THE GIRL IN THE MGA, the second book in the VINTAGE CONNOR series, coming next month from RJ Buckley.

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Another Cool Review

Sarah Smith read the Kindle version of The Troubleshooter and posted a number of positive comments on  She not only liked my writing but seemed surprised that the book wasn’t filled with errors.  To be fair she was not too happy about the way I portray Hannibal’s woman Cindy, but I hope she will see the character’s growth in later novels.  Because she offered such a balanced response to my novel I have posted Sarah Smith’s review on my web…


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Review - After the Darkness, Honey Brown


Author:  Honey Brown

ISBN:   9780670075973

Location:   Australia

Publisher:   Penguin

Year of Publication:   2012

Trudy and Bruce Harrison have a happy marriage, a successful business, and three teenage children. One fateful day they take the winding coastal route home, and visit the Ocean View Gallery, perched on the cliff edge. It's not listed in any tourist pamphlet. The artist runs the gallery alone. There are no other…


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