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I keep seeing these commercials for the final season of the Sopranos and can't figure out why I am completely unmoved. You see, I didn't start watching until the third season. I got hooked when the hubby brought home the first season on tape. I will not shame myself by telling you how many times I've run through those five tapes or the ones for the following season. But when the th ird season rolled around, I began watching the episodes as they came out.

So now we're down to… Continue

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Manor Park and mining the ideas factory

Did some real secretarial stuff today and prepared papers for Monday’s Steering Group meeting – which feels like getting more back to normal after the hiatus of the Easter holidays, conference etc. And God knows how much I like normal. If only I saw it more often.

The rest of the morning was spent visiting the new Manor Park campus – where Carol works some of the time as part of her mentoring remit. We walked there and back which took about 20-25 minutes or so each way, but…


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Filling in the Details

Yeah, yeah... I said the weekend was busy but didn't actually SAY anything, huh? Well, Saturday I got to play the presidential role at another Maryland Writers Association annual conference. Most people said they were impressed by the Maritime Institute of Technology and I'm pretty sure we'll be there next year. I got positive comments about the sessions, the agents present, and our stalwart editors Melanie Rigney and Beth Rubin. I have to admit, though, that the most positive feedback was for… Continue

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Phone Chats

Whew--finally A Treasury of Regrets is officially on sale. This Sunday I'll be doing a book signing in Hudson, NY, where I lived until four months ago.

Since I have no cash and no driver's license, I can't drive around for hundreds of miles to promote my book. But I CAN talk (endlessly) on the phone! So if you are in a book club (USA or Canada), or your friends are, and you like historical mysteries, please consider inviting me over, via your speakerphone, for a live…


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Investigation ?

Yes, I'm investigating this site because it's may first hour here !!!

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LADYKILLER Book Tour and Sleuthfest

Meredith and I just got back from a book tour that took us all over Florida, ending up at Sleuthfest in Miami. We met lots of readers, book club members, booksellers, fellow authors, reviewers, and more. Let's not forget the bartenders!

The mystery/thriller community is a terrific one -- full of interesting, friendly and fun people. Our publishers, the folks at Oceanview, are just amazing. They are so supportive.

And the early reviews are mostly great!

Hope to see many…


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We're Number...er, Twelve

posted by Doranna

I was startled the other day when a friend defined me as competitive. I've always considered myself to be anything but. Indeed, the very antithesis of a competitive soul! I'll even opt out of activity rather than mess with a competitive feel...no board games, no gift exchange games, and no pretty much anything else where the only goal of the experience is to win something. I've been that way since I was a wee one.

On the other hand...I…


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What's in a Nametag?

As yesterday was so summer-like, I walked 2.3 miles to the train station

and headed west for Black Orchid Bookshop's annual Edgar party. With a

crowd covering half the block, I couldn't say hello to everyone I

wanted. Nametags were in short supply and as I haven't written a novel

yet, I didn't press for one. I did talk poetry with soon-to-debut

mystery author Liz Zelvin, and talked baseball with Lee Child and… Continue

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Carrots and Sticks and Time Travel

In order to lure prospective new readers to my A World Ago blog (http://www.doriengrey.blogspot.com) I'd like to post here one entry...a letter written my parents on May 16, 1955, while I was a very young Naval Aviation Cadet learning to fly. If you like it, and I of course hope you do, perhaps you can check out the other more than 200 letters in the blog.

16 May 1955



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My'best reads' for 2005

Bloodlines, Jan Burke

By a Spider's Thread, Laura Lippman

Calling Out For You!, Karin Fossum

Case Histories, Kate Atkinson

Dance for the Dead, Thomas Perry

Dissolution, C.J. Sansom

Don't Look Back, Karin Fossum

Entombed, Linda Fairstein

Lifeless, Mark Billingham

Missing, Karin Alvtegen

No Trace, Barry Maitland

One Last Breath, Stephen Booth

OUT, Natsuo Kirino

Scaredy Cat, Mark Billingham

Secret Smile, Nicci French

Shadow Woman, Thomas… Continue

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Vonnegut, Propaganda, and Fox

As writers we know the power of words. We choose them carefully – rooting around sometimes for hours or days just to find the right verb or adjective. We respect the differences and shadings, however minute, that specific words connote. We understand that the right words create a mood or perception in which the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts.

We also recognize when others do it effectively. When novelists do it well, it’s called good fiction. But when the guardians of the… Continue

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Sneak Peeks

Fast on the heels of my current book is the next, Paying the Piper. It's finished and the publishing elves are now working on it to get it ready for November. But you don't have to wait until November to start reading it. Dorchester has inserted excerpts in a number of their upcoming titles. You can find them in:

The Concrete Maze by Steven Torres (August)

The Bone Man by Vicki…


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Law enforcement code of ethics

What do you think? Is a code of ethics outdated? Superogatory, necessary, or just semantics. In working on my dissertation, I am coming full circle on this question. I would be interested to see what you all think on this topic........

What accounts for ethical breaches on the part of law enforcement, and is there anything or anyone capable of intervening prior to an officer’s…


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Funny Trees

I took this photo myself. What do you suppose the landscapers were trying to say with it? Thoughts? Donna?


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reunion day

Reunion Day, my second novel, has now passed 50,000 words. Peter Cochrane and the good crew of the USN Benfold have just jumped into the Callis system where they are about to discover something very bad; a biogenic virus created by the Sri. Can they find a cure before Valiant jumps into the system? How many of…

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"Meeting" Dean Kootz

Last year I got a kick out of meeting Stephen King, well this year I 'met' Dean Koontz at The London Book Fair, which was a real thrill - read below



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New to this

New place for me. Checking it out. Seeing who's and what's here. If anyone actually reads this, at least wave.

You know, I've decided that there is a whole business in just keeping up blogs, personal webpages, crimespace page, myspace page, etc. How does everyone balance or better, how much time does a professional writer give to such endeavors? And is it really worth all the time, effort and expense?

Realistically, I KNOW that agents and publishers look for authors who are… Continue

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Small flashes and larger words

Goodness, what a literary day today. The boss is back too, so we have to look super-professional and cutting-edge. Not that we don’t always look like that, of course – it’s just that we have to expunge that tell-tale trace of panic from our eyes …

Anyway, did a fair amount of website stuff, which I always enjoy, mainly on the Mentoring site, and we have plans for the Health Centre site too. Hurrah. About time it got updated. I’m sure we still have stuff about the Bubonic plague up…


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My book and how to get it

I've spent the last hour posting on various forums and on my own blog, and it occurred to me that if someone actually finds my posts interesting enough to click on this page, and maybe even buy my book, they may wonder how to get it. Easiest way is to order on Amazon, where I have four ***** reviews, or on Barnes & Noble. You can also go to my publisher at www.virtualbookworm.com, then type in my name or Mood Swing in their online…


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James Reasoner: DUST DEVILS

This is James Reasoner's first crime novel under his own name since his classic TEXAS WIND. The book is going to the printers this week.

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