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Whats in a name?

I have great friends, loyal supportive and very smart. Why else would they be friends with me? We’ve been through men, (thankfully not the same ones), divorces, childbirth, first loves and last kisses.

In all the years I’ve known them, twenty plus for some, I rarely mentioned my writing. If I did, it was only as an offhand remark and I usually mumbled about working on “something’.

Remarkably they formed the opinion from such minimal information that I could actually write… Continue

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Swine Flu and The Mystery of Panic

It is necessary, of course, for the Board of Health to notify people when a contagious disease has manifested itself in one's country, state or city; Swine flu has emerged with the suddenness that illness often uses to ambush the seemingly strong public immune system. People are healthy and then, in an instant, some of them are not.

So I understand… Continue

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Preview The First Few Pages From Well Meaning Killer!

Chapter One

Aberdeen, Maryland July 13, 2008, 11:20PM

FBI agent Megan McKenna knew something about being treated like garbage, and she knew what it felt like to be placed inside a hole in the ground. Her father had seen to that; he used a well out back of the house to discipline her, leaving her to shiver in the dark—sometimes for hours. But she was an adult now with a job to do, and she needed to keep her head in the game.

Rain pounded her drenched coat and gear. The soggy… Continue

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Crime Critics Review

Rarely does a review of one of my novels make me blush, but this one did! check it out - http://www.crimecritics.com/2009/04/russian-roulette-austin-s-camacho-book-review/

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Crime Critics Review

Rarely does a review of one of my novels make me blush, but this one did! check it out - http://www.crimecritics.com/2009/04/russian-roulette-austin-s-camacho-book-review/

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New Covey Trailer Awards - Please Cast a Vote for A Study in Red

The trailer for 'A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper' is one of this month's nominations for The New Covey Trailer Awards. I'd be really grateful if anyone would be kind enough to place a vote for the trailer by going to http://thenewcoveytrailerawards.blogspot.com where my trailer is entry number 18

Thanks to everyone.


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Life is Messy. Fiction Is Neat

A big reason I love reading novels is that things wrap up at the end. The bad guy is caught or killed or at the very least driven away from our hero and his/her loved ones. Everything is explained, and there is closure for those involved. They may have lost loved ones or several pints of blood or their sense of security, but we know they will recover and go on. Unless you're into noir, order is restored.

On the reality side, life is a mess. Crises don't come neatly one after the… Continue

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Weekly Blog - Monday 27th April

Another week where there’s not that much to report on the writing front. I’m still waiting to hear my publisher’s views on The Beholder, so there’s not a great deal that I can be getting on with at present, short of thinking about book four (which is certainly on my mind, although I’m not ready to say too much about that yet). So with my author hat temporarily hanging from its peg, I’ve donned my DIY enthusiast hard hat and ventured outside to enjoy some balmy April sunshine. Last week I… Continue

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MATING SEASON now available in stores.

Or so I'm told. A fine thing--when the first one came out it was evidently very hard to find. Official release date is 4/28; that's when Amazon will ship pre-orders, I think.

Added by Jon Loomis on April 27, 2009 at 6:56am — 8 Comments

Susan Boyle - What If She Did Not Have the Voice of An Angel?

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What If She Did Not Have the Voice of An Angel?

By Catherine

According to Dr. Gordon Patzer, who has spent more than three decades studying and writing about physical attractiveness, human beings are hard-wired to respond more favorably to attractive people. Even studies of babies show they will ...

A Time for Change -… Continue

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The Writing Life: Evan Fallenberg

The most stirring, dramatic novel I’ve read in many years is Light Fell by Evan Fallenberg. It’s the story of Joseph Licht, an Israeli family man who falls in love with his rabbi. At first it looks like it might be the tale of their forbidden romance, but the book takes a startling turn and Licht is forced to face the religious… Continue

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A Work In Progress -- AKA: It's all about the writing, Man...

As any writer knows, at any given moment and on any given day there are no less than a million reasons NOT to apply oneself to one’s art. For example: the sun is shining. How can I possibly waste a sunny day, living as I do in a climate where sunny days are at a premium?

Not only that, but the kids need my help with their homework. The dog wants a walk. The laundry is calling me. The housework is, well, what it always is.

We all… Continue

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True Crime As a Source of Stories and Characters

The following link is a fascinating look at criminal justice from over a century ago! http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/

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about ncis

i have recently started watching ncis.i absolutely love it.my two favorite characters on there is gibbs and abby.they are so funny sometimes.

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Understanding CSI: Creating a Believeable Crime Scene

TV shows like CSI are entertaining, but they give an unrealistic impression of how evidence is really collected and how crime scenes are managed. Catching crooks isn't easy--it takes a lot of work and effort on the part of the police and the lab. 

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Swedish Pulp and the FOB party

What do Ronnie James Dio and I have in common? We’re both interviewed in the latest issue of Swedish rock magazine Top Secret. (Scroll down down down to check out my pages.) I think I’m in love with the word “pulpdeckarförfattarinnan.” (Take that, spellcheck!)

The to-do list is rapidly devouring my life. For today: first, make final clothing decisions for Edgar Week and finish packing. Then, after a long day of pre-Edgar girl… Continue

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Winged with Death Tour

The tour has moved on to Never Neutral today. Quite a thoughtful review and questions happening.

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Up the Amazon Without a Paddle

New blog post at: http://mitziszereto.com/blog

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Good Morning All in Crime Space,

I am posting the CORRECTED Reviews for my recently released novel, THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE.

Thanks to CrimeSpace Member Mr. Tom Cooke for pointing out a typo to me.

MR. CHARLES ASHBACHER, nationally syndicated and Amazon Top 50 Book Reviewer on April 17, 2009

posted his Review of www.amazon.com, giving the book FOUR STARS:

"A depiction of a detective, whose professional life expands while his personal life… Continue

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I Am in Blood/ Stepp'd So Far...

"I am in blood

Stepp'd in so far that, should I wade no more,

Returning were as tedious as go o'er:

Strange things I have in head, that will to hand;" MACBETH Act III, Scene iv

No, I haven't killed anyone. It's writing this darned mystery -- actually it's finishing the thing.

I have all the dead victims I need. There's been lots of figuring things out, lots of action, lots of cleverly- woven-in historical detail. Now it's time to end it, which as you might recall,… Continue

Added by Peg Herring on April 24, 2009 at 10:17pm — 1 Comment

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