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3AM Interview

Just did a nice interview with David Lewis over at 3AM:


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This is one of the novels where e-rights reverted to me and not to Penguin.  To my enormous delight, I get to use them myself.

As with HELL SCREEN (same situation), I had to provide my own cover design.  I usually scour Japanese art for something useful and time-appropriate, in this case a print by Yoshitoshi.  The novel is probably the most romantic of all of…


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F&W Media Acquires Tyrus Books

Full disclosure: I work for F&W Media, although not in this part of the company.


F+W Media Announces Creation of F+W Crime

New Crime/Mystery/Dark Literary Fiction Vertical;

Signs Agreement with Benjamin LeRoy and Acquires Tyrus Books

F+W Media, Inc. announced today the Company will enter the fiction…

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AWOL Apologies

Like many authors, I've so many different platforms that I keep forgetting to visit some of them - my page here being the obvious one. It's not that I don't love ya, just that I'm busy updating all the other spots I hang out.


My latest news is that I've recently put out my fifth Joe Hunter novel - BLOOD AND ASHES - with number 6 - DEAD MEN'S HARVEST - coming out mid-August. On the opposite side of the pond - that is the USA - Books 3 and 4 (SLASH AND BURN and CUT AND RUN…


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Exploring The Rules of Crime Fiction

Inspired by this interesting post over at B.R. Stateham's blog, I came up with my own responses to the "rules" of crime fiction that Joyce wrote about. Here goes:


1. Whoever your killer is, make sure you let your readers meet him or her early on. You don’t want them to pop up out of nowhere late in the story.


My brand…


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Everybody has their own little check list when it comes to writing.

The rules of writing.  Seems like everyone is coming up with a list of rules on how to write the prefect story.  I have a list.  But I don't call them rules.  Rules sounds so coldly efficient, don't you think?  Mine are 'suggestions.'  Take a look at them and tell me what you think.


Added by B.R.Stateham on April 27, 2011 at 1:32pm — 1 Comment

Farewell to Manual Typewriters

In addition to books from my childhood, the reluctant typewriter in the basement of my family home drew me to writing. The gummy keys stuck, forcing me to use several fingers and a hearty jab to generate each key stroke. I worked long hours to create something that looked like the “real” writing I saw in books.


Apparently typewriters continued to be viewed as useful machines in India until…


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Donna White Glaser author of The Enemy We Know Guest Post


I just recently launched my book, “The Enemy We Know,” on Kindle, and it felt amazing. It’s the first in the Letty Whittaker 12 Step Mysteries and it’s taken me ten years, two agents, and countless revisions to get here. And, yes, it was worth it. A friend of mine recently told me that she didn’t think she could have been that patient. Yet, despite how long and hard I’ve worked to see my books in print, I am not patient.


I am stubborn, however, which is just…


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Bestseller - part 2

How do you write a bestseller?  The series continues today on my blog, Another Writer’s Life - http://ascamacho.blogspot.com/

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I'll be presenting certificates and prizes to the south's best young crime writers on Saturday

On Saturday 30 April at Portsmouth Central Library (UK) I will be presenting certificates to the fifteen talented young crime writers from across the south, shortlisted in the CWA National Young Crime Writers’ Competition 2011 at an Awards Ceremony, where I will also announce which of them is to go forward for the National finals in June.

The young…

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Ye Old Sneakith a Peakith

Hear ye, hear ye, all neighborhoods with a town crier instantly see a decline in their property values. And they also catch a glimpse of the cover for a mashup I'm writing with Giovanni Gelati.


Oh yes, I'm diggin' the monocle, too. Can't stop talking about it. Your whole world changes when you get a monocle.



Look for the completed digital short in…


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Finally, I've managed to get a few books on Kindle.  These are titles where the rights have either returned to me, as in the case of HELL SCREEN, or where I have refused to sell e-rights.  The latter move cost me a two book contract, so I hope this will pay out.


The books were put on Kindle through my agent's office.  They worked from the printed page. …


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Marcia Clark Guilt by Association

Hello and welcome to Monday, and my usual State of theBlog weekly address! I am going throw in what is going on on the blogtalk show, The G-ZONE, also as there is going to be some serious fun and excitement this week also. To start with, please feel free to visit my new and exciting Author’s Page at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Giovanni-Gelati/e/B004XO846Q/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_2

Also feel free to…


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Gone Bad at Criminal-E

I'm absolutely delighted to have been interviewed by Al Guthrie  for Criminal-E. Read it here if you are so inclined. Thanks Al!

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Say Hello SAYONARA ... my true life Crime Faction

Konnichiwa! ... I'm announcing: SAYONARA is now in the critical final stages.

  I'm sending SAYONARA to Publishers in #3 weeks time.

I wrote my crime faction novel, basing it on a personal story ... Our Japanese exchange student, Yumi disappeared off the streets of Brisbane, Australia.




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British Crime Author Jim Kelly at SCENE OF THE CRIME

The Crime Novels of Jim Kelly: “The cold, bleak landscape of the fens seems to seep through the paper”


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Free Book

Any bloggers interested in a free book. I would like people to spread the word about the book through the blogs. I would like some reviews on amazon if possible.

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New 'Writing Services' website

My partner and I have a new website which we are very pleased with. We're just wondering whether we ought to add e-book services to the range. We collaborated on the cover to my recent e-book GONE BAD and I did the formatting, which I found very straightforward. I know not all writers have the inclination to do these things themselves, so perhaps… Continue

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Interview/review/book giveaway with mystery author Hurtt & Easter mystery story

New issue of Kings River Life Magazine is up and this week we have an interview with mystery author H.A Hurtt whose book involves cave researchers, along with a review & giveaway of the book http://kingsriverlife.com/04/23/howard-hurtt/

We also have a special Easter mystery short story by Patricia Morin… Continue

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