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Permissions: Use of Song Lyrics in Your Writing

You are at a pivotal point in your novel where it would be truly amazing if only you could add just a line or two or three from a song.

The question is, can you?

I have read a lot about this and I definitely have come across a lot of conflicting answers. That in and of itself is frustrating with a capital F! In my quest for the answer, I came across some legitimate resources to share with all of you.

To get started,…


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Interview with mystery author Sunny Frazier/book giveaway/review Harry's Law

The new issue of Kings River Life just went up and we have an interview with mystery author Sunny Frazier, a review of her latest book and a giveaway to win a copy of both of her books! http://kingsriverlife.com/04/02/sunny-frazier/
We also have a review of "Harry's Law" http://kingsriverlife.com/04/02/harrys-law/
Happy reading
Lorie Ham

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My latest novel was just released from Big Kiss Productions. JOHN RAVEN BEAU is a realistic, character-driven police novel that begins in the French Quarter and ends in a swamp, all within the city limits of New Orleans.

Link: …


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Married to Mohammad:Marguerite van Geldermalsen’s Writing Life interview

In the southern desert of Jordan, the ancient Nabateans carved their city, Petra, out of the red-rose rock. Later the caves were home to tribes of Bedouin. And to a young backpacker from New Zealand who fell in love with a Bedouin man. Marguerite van Geldermalsen met Mohammad in the late-Seventies and for the initial seven years of their marriage they lived inside the rock and…


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While attending a recent writers conference I overheard a woman say “That author's ego is really out of control.” The catty remark was aimed at an author who did seem pretty full of himself. But it got me to wondering: Is there room for humbleness when it comes to writing?

The dictionary definition of “humble” is “Not proud or haughty, not arrogant or assertive; offered in the spirit of…


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Amazon & Smashwords Merge!

Amazon and Smashwords are now the same company. Details from the Smashwords Blog:




(Los Mirages, Calif. and Seattle WA) – April 1, 20111Smashwords, a leading ebook distributor, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Amazon for $149.99 a share or $69 billion, a 20%…


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Call Me Smitty: Deadly Intent

Part two of a four part series featuring the stories of a character of mine called Smitty is now available. Only .99cents each.  A total of 12 stories when all is said and done.  You can find it here:



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Domestic Terrorism and Writers

By Mark Young
Hate crimes and domestic terrorism investigations came to my mind  recently from two different sources— an arrest of a man accused of planting a bomb during a Martin Luther King Day celebration…

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More Marketing - Going Old School

These days thoughts of marketing are a near constant.  My motto has become “Do more today because what you did yesterday wasn’t enough.”  I’m always trying new thing, but recently I’ve been focusing on some old school methods.


It is largely accepted our society is such that technology literally changes from day-to-day. 


As of late the hot button approaches for marketing are twitter, facebook, websites and all things social media.  No matter what you’re doing…


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Writers tricks of the trade: R is for Rewrite

Today's Writer tricks of the trade in the Los Angeles edition of examiner.com is about rewrites.



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Around the Globe with MELISSA BRADLEY

This week, I pick up author Melissa Bradley at her home and she tells me she wants to go to her home away from home. So, I set the transporter controls for Paris. In no time we are sitting on the Left Bank at a pied a terre enjoying wine and fine chocolates. Now this is nice. The City of Lights, a fine wine, and a wonderful author. Onto the questions...

1. Who is Melissa Bradley and what makes you the most fascinating person in your city?

Wow, most fascinating in my… Continue

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In For the Kill, a fast-paced thriller now published in Turkey

I was pleased to receive the Turkish edition of my thriller In For The Kill at the weekend. In For The Kill is published in Turkey by Babıali Kültür Yayıncılığı one of the country’s…


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No author is thrilled to receive a bad review, and I’m no exception. Yes, I’ve occasionally gotten them, but a bad review doesn’t have to equal a meltdown. Read today’s Writers Tricks of the Trade in the Las Vegas edition of examiner.com.  LINK:…


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A Flood of Positive Publicity for Deadly Currents

A veritable flood of exciting news has appeared in the press and on-line about my new mystery book release, Deadly Currents. Take a look:

One of the most exciting news tidbits for me is a wonderful complimentary review of Deadly Currents in the June, 2011 issue of … Continue

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JUSTICE SERVED, My Bestselling Legal Thriller Now in Kindle and Nook


From the bestselling author of STATE'S EVIDENCE comes the hit legal thriller and police procedural eBook, JUSTICE SERVED, in Kindle and Nook.

Cops go after bat wielding deadly female vigilante with a beautiful judge the chief suspect.

“This author weaves a magical web, as well as, a tangled one [and] wraps…


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MURDER IN MAUI: A Leila Kahana Mystery, My Hot New Medical Mystery eBook


Experience Hawaii in a whole new way with my entertaining, bestselling murder mystery in paradise, MURDER IN MAUI: A Leila Kahana Mystery, now in Kindle, Nook, and Google eBooks.

"A police procedure of the highest order, mixing equal parts Sue Grafton and Jeffrey Deaver with a sprinkling of Patricia Cornwall at her best MURDER IN…


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Tick Tock - Establishing a Timeline

One thing that works for me is to set up a timeline for the novel I am writing. I do this so that I don't lose track of how many days are passing by and that everything falls in line as it should.

For example, let's say you need something to happen on a specific day, if you have a timeline set up it will help keep things on track and ensure it falls in line as it should.

In my timeline, I include the day, day of the week and chapters and then I write a short description…


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Maybe you're interested; maybe not

I've reactived and renamed an old blog.  It's now called In the Dark Mind of B.R. Stateham. You can find it here:



The last couple of entries talk about luck and writers need to have some.  Come over and take a peek.  Make a comment.

Added by B.R.Stateham on April 1, 2011 at 1:09am — 3 Comments

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