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Future writers of Maryland!

If you're interested in writing a book and/or getting published you'll want to join me Saturday afternoon at Karibu Books in Iverson Mall. I'll be part of their "Write NOW" program in their Inde Pen Series. I'll be one of five authors who originally took their dream and made it a reality by independently publishing our own books! It's a chance to ask questions, hear readings, talk to the authors and find out why and how we did it! Of course you'll be able to show your support by taking home a… Continue

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Standing on the verge ...

Okay, here’s my first entry … and it’s a long one! It’s basically like one of those ‘previously, on 24’ catch-up sequences. Once it’s out of the way, the next entries will be wa-a-ay shorter, I promise. So …

How many unpublished manuscripts does that average wannabe author have stuck in his or her hard-drive? Me, I’ve got at least six that I can think of – there are probably more, but I can’t face the shame of actually diving into the disk and counting. Still, it only takes a… Continue

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Rickards vs. Higgins. FIGHT! (x-posted)

Started reading two novels recently. One is The Friends of Eddie Coyle by George V. Higgins. The other is Winter's End by John Rickards. The first book was recommended to me as a crime classic and must-read, but I'm finding it slow going. Confusing. Maybe I'm not concentrating hard enough, but then it's summer break and I don't want to work all that hard. Will I continue? Yes, of course.… Continue

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A sale:

On Friday, I received a notice from the delightful Sandra Ruttan
that she's accepted my short story for "Spinetingler." It should
appear in fall or winter. The story is called "Out Of
Service." Without giving too much away, it's about some kids who
play a practical joke on the wrong people. It turns out badly for
all concerned.

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Okay, I'm blogging!

I'm new to crimespace and one thing I've noticed is that whenever I visit my crimespace page, it tells me "You haven't written your first blog entry!"

It kind of makes me feel like I'm being yelled at, and I get enough of that, well, just about everywhere. So, here I am, writing the blog to end all blog... reminders. Or at least one of them. I wonder what my Crimespace page will get on my case about next…


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Calling all humor writers, publishers, readers, and, um...

Romance writers have theirs, thriller writers have theirs, so do mystery writers and Sci Fi writers .. but not humor writers. That's why no one takes us seriously!

To help the cause, I just set up a humor writers Ning page, called (what else?) ... HA ! Humor Writers. If you're interested in joining yet another writer's social network, bring your Whoopie Cushions and head on over to (don't do the 'www' thing).

I'm the only member so…

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The secret life of shops

Shops are strange places indeed. Lord H came home last night with a pack of kiwi fruit emblazoned with the legend “Wash Before Eating”. Well, I have yet to find anyone who actually eats the skin of a kiwi fruit, but there you go. Lord H thought they’d be better off adding a label saying “Open This End” for the hard of thinking. Could be useful for eggs too.

Waving goodbye to Lord H this morning was something of a shock actually. I’d said goodbye at the front door and then rushed to…


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Interview with Michael Connelly

The latest Monday Interview at my blog, Things I'd Rather Be Doing, is with Michael Connelly. We discuss his new book, the fantastic and brief The Overlook, as well as the trials and tribulations of Det. Harry Bosch. I know I'm one of many, many people to talk with Connelly with this week's release of the new book, but I think there are a couple of new bits of information there for even the most hardcore… Continue

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Ali's Excellent Adventure at Thrillerfest 2006 - Phoenix

As its getting close to Thrillerfest 2007 in NY - details

So I thought I'd paste over the report that I wrote over the fun I had last year.

ITW Co-President Gayle Lynds wrote a nice preface

I took a stack of photos which I have arranged into a slide show to accompany the report :-…


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Word Nerd chats with Kelly Parra

CrimeSpace member Kelly Parra is Word Nerd latest victim, er, interviewee.

To read all about Kelly and her debut novel, "Graffiti Girl," click here.

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Stick-in-the-Mud Durgin

posted by Doranna Durgin

No, seriously. Or old fogey, or behind the times, or something. But when it comes to book trailers--the next cool shiny marketing trick--I'm wholeheartedly unimpressed.

I've always been of the opinion that just because a thing can be done doesn't mean it should be done. Like when the first word processors hit the scene--suddenly we had all these fonts available to us, and we could use as many as we wanted in a single…


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Co-signers make it more fun!

My signing at the Barnes and Noble at Tysons Corner Center turned out to be even more fun than I expected. That's because the writers signing alongside me turned out to be a pair of witty and charming young ladies.

When I arrived I realized that I had met T.J. Perkins at a previous book signing event. Actually, I recognized her impressive Kim and Kelly mystery series about a pair of African American schoolgirls who solve the crimes the grownups can't handle. I believe…

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The Hippest Cat

Nothing to do with crime writing, but definitely a man of mystery: this Saturday, May 26, is the birthday of the hippest cat ever, Miles Dewey Davis, III.

Check out this video of Miles and Coltrane doing So What - I wasn't aware it existed until I started looking for a clip on YouTube.

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Amazon experiment

Victor Gischler has proposed an interesting experiment. He’s asking people who are considering buying Vicki Hendricks’ brilliant, compelling and fiercely erotic noir novel CRUEL POETRY to do so via Amazon on May 25th (and if you’re not considering it yet, start now. You won’t be… Continue

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We all do this, right?

Okay, get this... I was at Of Dark and Stormy Nights writers conference and I went to one of Barb D'Amato's sessions. Just for an exercise, she gave us ten minutes to write a short beginning to a book. I wrote this and

it seems kind of promising:…


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Married Life

My daughter Lela is returning to Indiana with her newly-enlarged family this week. My son, Phillip has spent a lot of time with them while they visited and since he has been dating the same girl for four years, I asked him if he might have learned anything about the marital bliss he's been missing. He told me he did indeed learn something about the state of matrimony from observing his sister and brother-in-law, and expressed it this way. Marriage, he said, is apparently a… Continue

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(Crosspost) So, about this "social networking" thing...

[ I posted this over at Book Place also but thought I'd post it here as well. ]

I came to Book Place by way of Crimespace which was the first "social network" that I decided to join. With Crimespace I saw the point, I'm an editor of an online e-zine of crime fiction. Ditto with Book Place as I'm a hopeless collector of books.

I've spent a lot of time adding new "friends" as the requests come in. I try to check out each member page as I go to get some idea of who…


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Your favorite places on earth--help needed

My blogmates and I at The Lady Killers ( started a list of our favorite places, either because they inspired a good mystery or because they helped us to relax enough to free our brains for future creativity, or just because they were so fabulous!

If anyone would like to share his or her favorite place with me, we'll post them in a special feature we're doing this summer called virtual…


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Writing City and the sins of the Church

Got so involved with The Gifting synopsis & timeline last night that I decided to miss “New Tricks”, though I have videoed it instead for later. This part of the process is taking longer than I thought, probably as it’s a longer novel, I imagine, and I’ve put a lot of different strands in it. The timeline is helping sort out a few oddities too – as I knew it would. I’m keen to finish by the end of this week before Lord H and I go on holiday – being a true OCD (Obsessive…


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