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What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby?

Okay, so I stole that one from a Christmas song.

Choosing a title is sometimes tough, sometimes easy. Some stories just naturally generate a title and others may not be titled until the last possible moment. Unfortunately it's sometimes much later that you know whether you chose the right name for your story or not. A publisher may sometimes retitle the work, and I've spoken with authors who liked the change and others who didn't. Publishers usually win those arguments.

We… Continue

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'Purple Death' Wins Award

I'm delighted to announce that my forthcoming novel 'Purple Death' has won The Authors Lounge Best Cover Illustration Award for June 2008. I'd like to thank Graeme S Houston for his imaginative and brilliantly conceived design of the cover, and of course, everyone who placed their votes for the cover. I will of course put the award on view as soon as I receive it but in the meantime the results can be seen at http://www.talauthors.com/TAL/BestCoverArt.htm Purple Death will… Continue

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Amazing evening

I know this space is supposed to be for true crime- But I just had to share something that happened to me about an hour ago.

I was sitting at my desk on my back deck and doing research for my book and building my page here when guests arrived.

That in itself is not something out of this world.However, what transpired was over the top.

Let me just digress. A couple of weeks ago a couple came to our house to see who had put up the portico on our front porch. I told them our… Continue

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Author activity update

What a weekend it was for signing books. First I got to spread my novels across the globe from the Borders store in the Baltimore Washington International Airport. I learned there is a second, smaller Borders in that airport, and the manager asked to have some of my books shipped over there so she could sell them.

Saturday I spent a couple of hours in what turns out to be one of the smallest stores in the Books-A-Million chain. The folks at that store in Alexandria, VA told me… Continue

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What comes first plot or character?

It's a question that I often get asked when I give talks and readings and it's a difficult one to answer or at least to explain. The two are so interlinked that it is impossible to say, well for me at least. This week has been a fairly clear week so I thought I'd crack on with the new Inspector Horton novel. The idea for the novel came easily, based on something I'd been told - more than that I can't say otherwise I'll give the game away. Beginning to turn the idea into a workable plot started… Continue

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Weekly Blog - Monday 30th June

Since I last posed my blog, I’ve had a week away on ‘dog hols’ with my wife, Lisa, and our faithful canine companion, Murphy, plus our good friends Andy and Michelle (who also answer to Broadside Bob and Mrs Bip, but we won’t go into that now). The four of us go away for a week once a year in the UK, finding a dog-friendly cottage so that Murphy can come too, which has the added benefit of allowing us to visit parts of our fair and sunny isle that we haven’t been to before. This time, we… Continue

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