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Ebook Format Problems = Free Ebook (x2) Replacement!

Hi, everybody. I recently had to re-upload some of my ebooks because of format errors related to the text. Lines were jacked up and out of place, etc. My sincere apologies. If you have purchased one of the books and found that the offensive errors ruined your reading enjoyment, please contact me at briandrake88 at yahoo dot com and I will send you a replacement of the book you bought and a free copy (your choice) of one you haven't bought. All you have to do to prove your purchase is quote the… Continue

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Lee Child and Dennis Lehane – crowd pleasers at Theakston Crime Writing Festival 2011

Lee Child was undoubtedly the star of this weekend's Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival. Not only did he win Crime Novel of the Year for 61 Hours, but half of Yorkshire seemed to be packed into the assembly rooms at the Old Swan Hotel (where Agatha Christie hid out) to hear his Room 101 routine with journalist Christina Patterson.

His… Continue

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Women of Mystery; Ladies Who Critique


Women of Mystery


The list of topics covered by this blog must be seen to be

believed. It covers writing, reading, true-life crime and much

more. A link of particular interest is their list of other writing blogs,

at http://www.womenofmystery.net/2007/07/writers-who-blog.html…


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Mitzi Szereto Interview at Night Owl Reviews

Lots of book, publishing and marketing chat with Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts author Mitzi Szereto.



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The Killability Index

Would you like to know how killable your favorite character is?  I offer a simple test for determining that in my post today at the Criminal Minds blog:  http://7criminalminds.blogspot.com/.

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The Raymond Chandler Trap

We writers get ourselves into all kinds of traps.  Here's one which I think catches all of us sooner or later.  Tell me what you think.  Find it here:


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Review of The Closer & mystery short story in new issue of KRL

In the new issue of Kings River Life we have a recap of the first episode of the new season of The Closer, along with a review of the show http://kingsriverlife.com/07/23/the-closer-tv-review/

We also have a new original mystery short story called "Cafe Society" by Jude McGee… Continue

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Oh, I forgot to share the good news!

I had posted on here about my brother fighting pancreatic cancer. Guess what? He beat it! No kidding. Amazing, I know, but he did. Thought I would share that.

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Arond the Globe with OPHELIA JULIEN

Finally, we get a little rain try to cool off things around here, but I'm off to the land of cheese with this week's featured author. She gives me directions and soon we're basking in chairs a stone's throw away from Green Bay (the water, not the town) sipping cool refreshments.

1. Who is Ophelia Julien and what makes you the most fascinating person in your city?

I'm still trying to figure out who I am myself! At the moment, I'm a writer/student/grandmother raising a… Continue

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Crime Fiction Festivals and Conventions in the UK - Harrogate, Crimefest and CSI Portsmouth

Crime has descended on the otherwise respectable spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire, England. Not a crime wave as in the criminal sense, although that could always happen, but an invasion of crime fiction writers and crime fiction fans. Yes, the Theakstons Old Peculiar Crime Festival , or the Harrogate International Festival as it is now called, has kicked off and runs until 24…


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The Rise won First Place

I am excited, deeply humbled and honored that my screenplay THE RISE aka First Blood…

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Do you feel lucky? -- Crime writer has a blast, uncovers bloodlust

I’ve tried to do everything the characters in my books do. I’ve roamed the alleys of Bethlehem’s refugee camps. I’ve had clandestine meetings with gunrunners in Gaza. I’ve risked diabetes to eat syrupy Palestinian desserts and made them key to the plot of “The Samaritan’s Secret.” I learned piano for “Mozart’s Last Aria.” I picked up oil painting and dueled with a rapier for the forthcoming “Caravaggio’s Madonna.”

The manuscript I’m about to start will include a little gunplay. So it was… Continue

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Kiss! Kiss! Bang! Bang!

For the latest updates about Love is Murder Con #13, (Feb. 3-5, 2012, at the Intercontinental O'Hare Hotel in Chicago) go to our website http://www.loveismurder.net and sign up for our monthly newsletter Kiss! Kiss! Bang! Bang!

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Bookselling Without Borders

As much as independent booksellers may have wished that Borders had gotten swallowed up back in the 1990s when it put so many stores out of business and was well on its way to becoming a 1,249-store behemoth, the response to its impending demise has, for the most part, been measured.…


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Death: Mother of Beauty

I’ve found two more artists who blend art and crime explicitly: Pepón Osorio and Melanie Pullen.While each one takes a radically different approach, they both take that Wallace Stevens line about Death and Beauty one step further. Is it ethical to think of murder…


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current crime fiction read

And speaking of Ernesto Mallo, today I'm planting myself in a patio chair by the pool and starting his Sweet Money, published by one of my favorite indie publishers, Bitter Lemon Press.  I've been looking forward to this one for so long!


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The CWA International Dagger Shortlist and my choice for the winner

It's not like I'm a professional reviewer or anything, just a reader who enjoys good crime fiction, the edgier the better.  But every year I read and post my thoughts about the books that are on the CWA International Dagger shortlist.  This year's books are (linked to my reviews):


  1. The Wings of the Sphinx, by Andrea Camilleri…

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The Chicago Story

I met her in Detroit a long time ago at a party for author Harold Robbins.


Michelle—although she called herself Mickie then—was one of the models hired for the occasion to promote Robbins as the real life incarnation of the irresistible stud he wrote about in his bestselling novels. The deception did not work. Robbins was a blowhard who grabbed his crotch a lot and made lewd comments. The women stampeded away.


Mickie was sleek and doe-eyed, African American,…


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