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Review - Dead Man's Chest, Kerry Greenwood

Book Title:   DEAD MAN'S CHEST

Author:   Kerry Greenwood

Publisher:   Bolinda Audio

Copyright:   2010

ISBN:   9781742674384

Book Synopsis:

Travelling at high speed in her beloved Hispano-Suiza accompanied by her maid and trusted companion Dot, her two adoptive daughters Jane and Ruth and their dog Molly, The Hon Miss Phryne Fisher is off to Queenscliff. She'd promised everyone a nice holiday by the sea with absolutely no murders, but when they arrive at their… Continue

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A Great Site for Mystery Fans

If you love mysteries and like to surf the web, you probably noticed that there are a gajillion web sites

featuring mystery writers, books, movies and more. How can you possibly keep track of them all?


Luckily, you don't have to because the Sisters in Crime have done it for you. Their list of mystery websites

is exhaustive and laid out alphabetically so you can find the author, book or concept you're looking for. So the next time you're on the hunt for a new source of…


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Sound familiar? Dr. Seuss wrote the poem as an inspiration and promise to children.
Writers go to many places, often inside our heads but sometimes to book signings, conferences, libraries and Starbucks. Usually we pay our own…

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Debauched and Defiled

**Don't forget to follow and comment at The Omniscient Third Person before tomorrow morning, July 12, for a chance to win a $25 Amazon card and a signed hardcover copy of Under the Green Hill. Giveaway closes after I've had my coffee.**

Today I present the inaugural edition of Word of the Week. (I welcome suggestions for a more creative –… Continue

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Being family's first real crime novel lover

I guess it all started with the first Alex Kava crime novel. I just fell in love with the female main character. This was back in 2000 I think. Slowly I made my way through all her books. My mom liked her books but still read, most of the time, her trashy love novels, historical ones. Stuff like that.


One day at a shop I found the first Kathy Reichs. Temperance Brennan. One of the most amazing crime novel character ever developed - in my…


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Review - The Pericles Commission, Gary Corby


Author:   Gary Corby

Publisher:   Penguin

Copyright:   2010

ISBN:   978-0-14-320591-3

Book Synopsis:

Athens, 461BC. A dead man falls from the sky, landing at the feet of a surprised Nicolaos.

It doesn't normally rain corpses. This one is the politician Ephialtes, who only days before had turned Athens into a democracy.

The young statesman Pericles commissions Nicolaos to find the assassin. Nico walks the… Continue

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Research--a Kind of Mini-Vacation

Hubby and I traveled to the Mackinac Bridge this weekend. It's something we've seen lots of times before, but I found that as I reached the closing scenes of the second Dead Detective Mystery, I needed to look at the bridge with a new purpose. The book is already past the date that I gave my editor for submission, but I needed to answer some specific questions: can a person get from the water onto the bridge, would the bridge workers be aware of a pedestrian, and could she get up onto the…


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Spell Check

Writers place a great deal of confidence in many research sources but in odd moments I wonder if those references are really perfect. For example, if a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we ever know?

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Is crime fiction set for a rise in sales? Publishers think so, crime authors hope so!

I read an article at the weekend that said "Crime often spikes when the economy splutters, but does demand for crime fiction surge as well? Publishers hope so."  So do crime authors.

The article went on to detail how several publishing houses are launching mystery imprints in hopes of gaining a toehold in the thriving crime-fiction market.

Crime has… Continue

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Author Update

It would be hard to exaggerate how much fun I had at Thrillerfest. I had a chance to chat with just about every author I really admire. I sat on a very successful panel and talked about the future of military thrillers. I was part of a massive book signing. I shot a video promoting my next novel, due out in October. The cocktail party was fun but the awards banquet was even better! It was the ultimate literary party with about 800 of my closest friends. Plus, I may have made a connection that… Continue

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Review: Vincent Zandri's Newest and Best Novel

The fourth book on my Vincent Zandri crime spree is also his newest, "Concrete Pearl." Having read and reviewed the unholy trio that put him on the map (read my reviews of…


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THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS Now #1 on Amazon Bestseller List!!!

Hello, friends:

THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS: The True Story of Serial Killers Gerald and Charlene Gallego, my bestselling true crime book, climbs to #1 on Kindle's Bestsellers on Offenders.

Has also moved up to #4 on Criminology Bestsellers List, #5 in Serial Killer Books, and #23 in overall Nonfiction True Crime Books. …


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New issue of Kings River Life!

New issue of Kings River Life is up and this week we have reviews of several mystery e-books and a chance to win all of them http://kingsriverlife.com/07/09/e-book-summer-mystery-reading/

Also, we have a fun mystery short story by Lou Allin called "Tanks For the Memories"… Continue

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Free Stuff to Shamelessly Lure You In

To celebrate my new blog I'm giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card and a signed copy of Under the…

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Two books, two new reviews

I've been blessed again this week with good, insightful, thoughtful reviews.


Elizabeth White reviewed my short story collection Gone Bad at her Book Review blog. Read it…


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Interview with Mitzi Szereto on Visual Radio with Joe Viglione

Mitzi Szereto chats from South Florida with Boston’s Joe Viglione on Visual Radio in a two-part interview about books, writing, publishing, and her controversial new release Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts.



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Writers tricks of the trade: Using Fate in Fiction

What a powerful tool fate can be for writing fiction, regardless of the genre. Today's Writers Tricks of the Trade:







The book…


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Around the Globe with MARTIN BARTLOFF

Around the Globe with MARTIN BARTLOFF

This week's featured author had no specific destination in mind for our interview, so seeing he was from Germany, I kindly asked him if he'd mind if we visited several places of interest in the old…

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Ereader? Not Me! by Thomas Kaufman

Everywhere I go, I see people reading books on Kindle, on iPads, on Nooks.  And I'm jealous.  I'd like to buy a book reader, but Isaac Asimov won't let me.

Dr Asimov is telling me to forget book readers -- I need to get the most audacious multi-media device in existence. Salivate over this:

"A cassette as ordinarily viewed makes sound and casts light. That is its purpose, of course, but must sound and light intrude on others who are not involved or interested? The…


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Tide of Death and my thriller, In Cold Daylight, now published in China

Tide of Death, the first in the DI Andy Horton series of crime novels set in the Solent area of England, and my thriller, In Cold Daylight, have now been published in China. …


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