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Word Nerd chats with J.D. Rhoades

CrimeSpace-r J.D. Rhoades chats this week with Word Nerd, on his books, his past jobs and other topics.

Click here to read the interview.

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A Post For Belle

posted by Doranna

Of all my dogs, Belle is the quiet one. Even of my currently competing performance dogs, Belle is the quiet one. While Connery Beagle busily bays at strategic points along our agility courses--everyone knows when the Beagle is running!--Belle runs quietly, often getting the job done before anyone quite notices we've even been at the start line. Connery runs in the middle of the class at the 16" height...short-legged Belle runs at eight and…


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The Picky Reader

I admit it; I've become a picky reader. Becoming more aware of writing as I practice the craft, I am increasingly intolerant of writers who are sloppy and formulaic. In the last two days I've started no less than five books only to drop them in the give-away pile an hour or so later. It's something I never would have done in the past, but I've decided that there's too much good writing out there to waste my time on junk.

I've ranted here before about secondary characters who have no…


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I checked my mail upon my return home and found the video recently added to my page awaiting me. It applies to all of us, But, it applies to life too. Or at least to traveling with dialects. I generally have a good ear for languages, but whilst in the deep south on this particular trip, I found myself proofearing my response to residents, because 1) I don't want to be rude and 2) I don't want to appear stupid. So, I really had a good laugh at this video and hope those of you who watch it do too.

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I can't make this up.

Really, I can't.

The case is The People vs. Dota, 33 F3d 1179. A business president is sweet on his secretary, but she won't return the favor because she has a boyfriend. So the president hires someone to kill the boyfriend. The guy he hires turns around and hires someone else to do the killing for him. That guy hires 2 more people to help him.

They beat the boyfriend with bats and shoot him. The boyfriend survives. When the secretary phones work that that she can't…


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Aug. 22nd and 23rd: I decided to take a two day workshop at the Valley Farm Art Studio in Montfort, WI. (

The class is called Tunnel Vision and it was taught by Michael de Meng, author of SECRETS OF RUSTY THINGS. Michael is an assembly artist and his work is

fantastic. Check him out at Below is what… Continue

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Day 28 of VBT: read chapter 3 of Whale Song by Cheryl Kaye Tardif

For the first time, my publisher has allowed me to give you a sneak peek of chapter 3 of my bestselling novel Whale Song, a novel that author New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice called "a compelling story of love and family and the mysteries of the human heart".

Chapter three

I WHIRLED AROUND and saw a girl about my age treading water near the raft. She had black hair braided into two long plaits and dark eyes that stared at me…


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From the Road...

I was going to repost everything here, but it's easiest just to redirect you ...

Today marks the beginning of Week Two of the POWER PLAY tour. So far, so good. Read all about it at, and come see me if you're going to be anywhere in the area!

Tonight: High Crimes, Boulder, CO

Tomorrow: Harrah's North Kansas City, MO

Saturday: AJC-Decatur Book Festival, GA

Check the Appearances page at… Continue

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Ya Gotta Have a Gimmick

More and more we hear as authors that there has to be a reason for people to notice your work. Good writing? That's nice. Great characters? Sweet. But what's the hook? Why should people pick up your book and not one of the other 89,999 that will be published each year?

It's not fair that books have to be shilled as well as skilled, but who said life was fair? What's an author to do if she refuses to dress up in period costume, follow people around bookstores dinning them…

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Giant Steps- Writer to Author (repost from typepad)

If only someone had told me years ago...

I started out the way most people do, with a keyboard (substitute binder, journal, scrap of paper, you get the picture) and just started typing. I was thirty-something at the time, just plugging in my first computer, and the words came so easily. It was like

a dam had built up over the last three decades and the water came

crashing down through the…


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Eureka Point by Betty Ann Harris

Eureka Point is a spellbinding story of romance, deceipt, crime, suspense, and intrigue. It's available as a downloadable ebook at Go ahead, get swept away...

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Crimespace has made my day

As part of an Advanced Diploma I'm doing in creative writing, I'm writing a new novel (speculative crime). So I hit the net looking for a supportive site where readers and writers of genre fiction could discuss books, writing and influences. What a boon then to find this site!

Thankyou to those who so quickly expressed a wish to be my friends. Apologies if I don't yet know the rules around here, but I'll learn quick (promise) and look forward to meeting more people and swapping some… Continue

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Acting Out

A couple of weeks ago I trooped down to the Project Artaud theater in San Francisco to see a snazzy production of Cornell Woolrich's Angel Face.

What made the experience particularly unique is that this wasn't an adaptation. This was Word for Word, a Bay Area group of actors dedicated to acting out and reading every line of a given work. That means the "he saids, she saids" and every other narrative conveyance.

It sounds odd, and it takes about five to ten… Continue

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Hey, y'all!

I just received word that BAYOU JUSTICE received 4.5 stars from Romantic Times Magazine. Not only that, it's a TOP PICK for October! Here's an exercpt from the review... (you can read the whole review by subscribing-visit for details)

Bayou Justice (4.5), by Robin Caroll, is a solid story that has a powerful emotional edge, as well as compelling secondary characters. The parallel stories of…


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Edinburgh Book Festival Part Deux

I went through to Edinburgh this evening to see Allan Guthrie and Stuart MacBride in an event at the Edinburgh Book Festival - and very good fun it was too. I wish I had taken notes because there were loads of funny lines, but here's flavour of the event.

The moderator, Alan Morrison, was almost not needed because Al and Stuart interacted very well together and asked each other… Continue

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Day 27: author Cheryl Kaye Tardif visits John Kremer's site with an article on book signings

On day 27 of Cheryl Kaye Tardif's 'Touring the World' virtual book tour, she stops off at John Kremer's site. John is a respected book marketing expert and the author of numerous books including 1001 Ways to Market Your Books. At writers' conferences, he often presents on book marketing, publishing, writing, branding, and more. When John asked Cheryl if she could supply an article on marketing tips, she knew she had the perfect article, especially…


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At a crossroads in the middle of the woods -- that's where I am with my novel ... trying to find may way to home base. Don't want to pick the safest route. But don't want to get lost on a run with no patrol or sweep, either…


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A chance to win a copy of SILENCED CRY!

The cover for SILENCED CRY is now featured in BOOK COVER OF THE WEEK. It will be displayed for one week on the home page at A link to my home page is included.

Voting for the Best of AUGUST will run from SEPTEMBER 3-30, so I invite you to please take a moment to visit the site, and vote for the book cover of SILENCED CRY. Voters will be automatically entered for a chance to win a copy of my book. The voting page will be at:…


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Hold on... I need more summer!

Hi everyone,

Just back from a week on Cape Cod and already the weather seems cooler. I'm not ready for this season to be over yet, I have more summer books to read. But as Labor Day nears and I finish up David Fulmer's very enjoyable "Rampart Street" and re-read Colin Cotterill's "Anarchy and Old Dogs" (my review is due soon), I thought I'd re-post two reviews from my main blog, cats & crime & rock & roll.

I'll try to post… Continue

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Saving For The Future

Posted by Sheila Connolly

My across-the-street neighbors are delightful people. They've been married fifty years (we were invited to the big party thrown by their family in honor of the event, even though we had known them only three years). Both retired, they are diligent gardeners, and the missus delights in holding yard sales several times a year. (It is worth noting that mister left the state altogether to avoid this most recent sale–it's the women in the family who do…


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