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Grouchy Reader Syndrome

Someone else named it, but it so fit me that I had to borrow it.

I've become a grouchy reader. Everything in a book has to work, or I'm angry at the author. Characters have to stay within their character, and there had better be at least one I can admire, maybe even like. I just finished one by an author who is admittedly great with words, but no one in the book was remotely admirable, so why should I care if they get involved in crime?

Plots have to work, and I can see it a mile away… Continue

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Mystery at Comic Con

Lots of crime writing related activities at Wizard World Comic Con in Rosemont, Illinois over the weekend. Was treated royally by Jon Jordan and the folks in the Crime Spree Magazine area. They are always promoting writers and fun, too. I was hoping to see Raymond Benson's smiling face, but unfortunately only got to see his posterior side as he disappeared into the crushing throng. Giving chase was futile, blocked as I was by storm troopers and autograph hounds alike. Back at the booth, it was… Continue

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Author Update

Partially because of the price cut for the Kindle version of my novel, The Troubleshooter, I was in the Indie Spotlight on "Books on the Knob" Friday. This reader-friendly blog features bargain reads, free ebooks and book reviews for the Amazon Kindle, nook, kobo, Sony and other ereaders, along with some games, music, technology and computers tossed in now and then. I am…


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James Patterson Private

Not a fancy title, but sometimes less is more, and in this case I think we get more. I am not going to be giving anyone a news flash that is a regular follower of my rants here @ The Scoop. I like James Patterson’s

work. I read almost all of his work from his graphic novels (see our archives),

young adult (Daniel X), and just about all his regular material. I got excited

when I saw that he had this new series coming out: Private.…


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British author Ann Cleeves takes us on crime a tour of the Shetland Islands at SCENE OF THE CRIME

“Unsettling Undercurrents”: Ann Cleeves and Her Shetland Quartet


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Self-conscious about writing?

Within the past few hours I've talked to two friends who are trying to write and have ideas, but they get blocked by self-consciousness. It's a common problem--and it's a killer for creativity. Don't try to write something that's going to please other people. Try to write something that's only going to please your harshest critic--yourself.…


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Two of us crime writers feature on new book club web site

I was delighted to join fellow crime writer, Peter Lovesey on a new web site created by author Isabel Ashdown, called the Chichester Book Club, which is dedicated to introducing local readers to books and authors in their region.

Chichester is in West Sussex in the south of the UK and features in my thriller In For The Kill. The beautiful…


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Blast From The Past Kinky Friedman Blast From The Past

I think that everyone has a set of novels they like to read on occasion that are just offbeat, a bit of a different flav, something that is going to shake up the usual mix to help keep everything fresh and provide added

perspective. The Mighty Kinkster is just the thing. Kinky Freidman , a former

Jewish Country music star, Texas Monthly columnist, and former candidate for the

governship of the great state of Texas 2006, has…


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Digital Short Saturday Aaron Patterson 19

Today’s triple header of digital shorts has run a gambit of emotions for me, was read in less than 17,000 words, and arrived at a total cost of $1.98. The time invested was minimal, the joy gained much. I like that,

the min for the max, who doesn’t enjoy that type of thing. It was delivered in

seconds to my laptop, I read it in the color, size, and font I wanted, and if I

so chose I could have as easily read it via another form such as my Droid…


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Novels Beyond Good Taste

Does a writer have a responsibility to readers? Novels Beyond Good Taste: Sex, Profanity and Violence--Where do you stand on this issue? Join us on Hook'em and Book'em for a closer look at this issue.

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Ever have the phone ring right when you're in the middle of writing an inspired passage? Me, too. The benefits of caller ID helps decide if you're going to pick up the phone or let it go to voicemail. Telemarketers usually hang up when the voicemail starts up. (I really do not like telemarketing and in spite of registering with the "NationalDoNotCall List", they still call - usually during the dinner and national news hours.)

So yesterday, when in the middle of the current novel… Continue

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New blog post-How I Started A Magazine/chapter online

I finally put up a new blog post on my Mystery Rat's Closet blog-it

tells the story about how I ended up starting my own online magazine

There is also another chapter of my mystery novel DEADLY

DISCRIMINATION, up at said magazine…


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The Wonder of Blogs by Margot Justes


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Digital Short Saturday Vincent Zandri Pathological

I was fortunate enough to find three excellent digital shorts to read and post on this week. Personally I have fallen in love with many things about the ereader platform and what is just being discovered can be

done with it. The place that the digital short has in my week for me is an

important one now. I get the enjoyment of full length novels, the fun and

escapism of the graphic novels and then at any time anywhere I am I can pop up

the digital short…


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Now Available

Being Someone Else, fourth in the Sticks Hetrick mystery series, is now available.

When an out-of-state reporter is found murdered in the restroom of a disreputable bar the tendency to violence spirals in the rural Pennsylvania community of Swatara Creek, and the investigative trail keeps bringing Hetrick and his team back to the family of a wealthy doctor…


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Digital Short Saturday Lee Driver Sara Morningsky

Each week as I hunt for a digital short to present for you, I learn something new about the process that these authors go through to bring their hard work, their soul, and dedication to their craft to you in ways that

are imaginative and for me in many ways amazing. Sara Morningsky is a free

download on Smashwords and available on a few other carriers. You can down load

it from Smashwords to any device that you are able to read a story. My choice

was the…


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signing in Rockford IL

I’ll be at the Rockford, IL, Barnes & Noble on Wednesday, August 25, 4-8 pm, speaking first on a mystery writers’ panel, then signing copies of BLEEDER and introducing VIPER. (Cherryvale Mall, 7200 Harrison)

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Guest on Burried Under Books Blog

Today I am the guest of the wonderful Buried Under Books blog run by
Creatures and Crooks Online Bookstore. There I talk about writing what
you know. Check it out
Lorie Ham

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