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Amazon set to launch services in India next year

Amazon, for all its shortcomings has been very good to me. This year with Amazon, my novels in both the UK and here in the USA have taken off. It happened in February and March. Especially Into the Basement, it has shot to number 1, in kindle>graphic novels>horror in both countries. We all know someone if not ourselves that own an ebook reader. I use an ipad and access books through the Kindle app and…


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MURDER IN MAUI: A Leila Kahana Mystery Moves to #1 on Kindle Bestseller List


The highly acclaimed medical mystery and police procedural eBook, MURDER IN MAUI: A Leila Kahana Mystery, by noted criminologist and crime writer R. Barri Flowers, has reached #1 in Amazon's Kindle Store for Bestselling Books on Travel in the Pacific. It is also #7 on Amazon's Bestseller Lists…


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THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS: The True Story of Serial Killers Gerald and Charlene Now #1 on Amazon Bestseller List


THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS: The True Story of Serial Killers Gerald and Charlene Gallego, my internationally bestselling true crime book, is #1 on Amazon's Bestseller List on Offenders, #2 in Crime & Criminals, and #3 in Serial Killer Books. …


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Mystery short story, review, interview & giveaway in new KRL issue

New issue of Kings River Life is up and there's a fun mystery short story by Gail Farrelly

And an interview with mystery/noir author Ed Lynskey, a review of his book "Lake Charles" and an ebook giveaway

Happy… Continue

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Jeff Abbott "Adrenaline"

I am always up to reading about the birth of a new character aren’t you? I was captivated by Sam very quickly, his wife not so much. But I digress. The twist and turns in this novel are many, the double crosses and triple crosses are plentiful and the action is just about nonstop. I like the title of the novel; it fits. The ensemble cast was fun for me; their morals and code of ethics were pretty plain, and the good guy, well he just rocks. Jeff Abbott took me on a rollercoaster of a ride…


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"Impeccant" Darren Sant's thoughts on Sam Lang's second installment of The Reprisal series

 Reprisal Volume 2 Impeccant starts on the morning that the town is due to be evacuated. Everyone is in a playful mood ready for a short exciting adventure/vacation. Eddie as a reporter is naturally excited for the coming of the day’s events and eagerly leaves his apartment camera in hand.

This volume starts of playfully with a funny scene in the cafe which has our hero blushing like a beacon. However, as the bad weather draws in the sense of foreboding returns. The carnival…


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Interview with Linwood Barclay

A major coup for interview with international bestseller Linwood Barclay!

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see my crime thriller interviews

Two happenings on one day a review of my space detective in To Rule the Universe at and an interview of my detective from The Tourist at


The first one is worth a look because it is the finest review I have received in 30 years of writing. A visit to either would be nice and a comment…


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"Fear the Night" a guest post by Darren Sant

Fear the Night by Julia Madeleine

A Roman Dalton story from Paul D. Brazill’s Drunk on the Moon Series


In the second instalment of the Drunk on the Moon Series - Fear the Night Roman Dalton travels to L’Isle-Verte near Quebec City in order to help a father find his missing daughter.  Despite his initial reluctance to take on the case Roman finds he is soon swayed when a thick wad of cash is promised. Of course, as is usually the case, nothing is ever quite so simple or…


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Nany Lynn Jarvis- Must Read Mysteries

Just had to say if you get a chance, pull up a chair, pour a cup of tea and dive into Nancy Lynn Jarvis's Cool Cozy Mysteries. They are witty and funny, Jarvis makes great uses her background in real estate and behavioral science. A very recommended read. My fav is Backyard Bones.

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How Much Research is Essential for a Crime Thriller?

I love to conduct research.  This can be a thorn in a writer’s side, but I really enjoy this part of the creative process.  Just think about it… you learn something new every time you research.  You can actually learn a new fact today you didn’t know yesterday. 

It’s quite amazing when you begin to outline the story you want to write, you realize all the little details that you need to…


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Around the Globe with KALI VAN BAALE

This week, I transport Kali Van Baale and myself to a place neither of us has been to - Amsterdam. The day is cool, the bicyclists are out in force, and as I conduct my interview, we're visiting all the museums, including the Van Gogh museum. She mentions he is her favorite artist. Plus, she has a connection to the city as her husband is Dutch.

1. Who is…


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For Fans of Connelly and Sandford

For the longest time Mark Billingham was my little secret. I had discovered a fantastic author from across the pond and delighted in letting my crime/thriller aficionados at the library know…

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Review - The Ghost of Waterloo, Robin Adair


ISBN:   9781921518485

Location:   Sydney

Series:   Nicodemus Dunne

Publisher:   Penguin

Year of Publication:   2011

The young settlement is shaken by a daring bank robbery and a spate of murders.  At the Governor's command, Nicodemus Dunne – a disgraced London thief-taker who is now the Running Patterer, a news-hawker roaming the streets of Sydney – sets out to discover the truth.

The evidence points – amazingly – to none… Continue

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Lower Kindle Prices

The big news is that all of my Hannibal Jones mystery series just dropped to 99 cents on Kindle. My thriller thriller series about a mercenary who teams up with a retired jewel thief (Morgan Stark and Felicity O'Brien) is also selling for 99 cents in anticipation of the third book in the series appearing in October! Grab them while this price lasts.… Continue

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New crime series and thrillers coming to UK TV 2011/2012

Endeavour. Pic: ITV


Fictional series and thrillers are scarce during the holiday silly season. But broadcasters have plenty in production and are hoarding shows for September and on through autumn.


There are some hugely popular shows coming back, and a few intriguing new crime dramas on the way. Here's a rundown from my blog…


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The Arranger: A Futuristic Thriller

What do you do when a minor character is so much fun you can’t let her go? You plot a novel just for her. That story became The Arranger, a futuristic thriller involving two wildly different concepts: a software technician who devolves into a killer and a national endurance competition called the Gauntlet.

This unusual story developed from several ideas that…


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Raised in Hell Julia Madeleine “The Devil’s Music” series

Have you read the synopsis of this series yet? Julia Madeleine has put together a series that is a fun, engaging read and you do not have to be a fan of music to enjoy it. Okay, I love music and that is an added benefit. If I can get her on my blogtalk show, The G-ZONE, sometime soon one of the questions I am going to ask her is:”Did you have more fun doing the research or writing this?” Each installment is going to have a different historical musical figure in it. This is the second work of…


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Wild Bill Available for Kindle August 29

My first e-book, Wild Bill, will be available for Kindle on, Monday, August 28. I’ll spare you all the flackery a corporate minion would inflict upon you about what a glorious work of unsurpassed genius it is and let you make up your own mind, based on the description that will appear in Amazon:

Will Hickox is a decorated FBI veteran with a legendary ability to cultivate informants, much closer to retirement than to the days when he earned the nickname “Wild…


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