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Does My Countenance Look Fat in This? (Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts)

How I came to write my scandalous version of the Jane Austen classic!

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Another Great Thriller

the Washington Independent Review of Books featured my review of the new James Bond novel, Carte Blanche. Jeffrey Deaver accepted one of the greatest literary challenges of the new millennium when he agreed to write a new James Bond novel.

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Review - De Luxe, Lenny Bartulin

Book Title:   DE LUXE

Author:   Lenny Bartulin

Publisher:   Scribe

Copyright:   2011

ISBN:   9781921844157

No of Pages:   229

Book Synopsis:

For once, Jack Susko is feeling pretty good: his secondhand bookshop is on the up, and the cops haven’t been around in ages. Even his cat, Lois, is being nice to him.

Then one morning a beautiful woman knocks on Jack’s door and hands him an eviction notice. His former boss, a corrupt property developer, asks… Continue

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Author Solutions Establishes Million-Dollar Film Fund

Author Solutions wants to start making movies. The company, which has over 145,000 self-published titles in its library, has started a film development fund with $1 million of seed money to acquire the film rights to books by its authors.… Continue

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Following the Clues of Forensic Anthropology

One of the more interesting aspects of forensic science, at least for me, is the study of forensic anthropology.  It entails the analysis of human skeletal remains that is within the context of a legal investigation. 

During my academic studies, I took forensic anthropology as one of the requirements for my bachelor’s degree in police forensics.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and it made me view skeletal remains in more of a scientific way.  I was surprised how I…


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BULLET FOR ONE Gets Five Star Review

I thought y'all might like to see the FIVE STAR review that my new ebook Bullet for One received at Amazon over the weekend. Here it is:


Remember the Batman cartoon from the 90s? In that cartoon people carried cell phones and used computers but the cars all had chrome and the thugs wore pinstriped suits. It took place in it's own world which was grounded in several time periods of noir.…


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Great new online bookstore

MONDAY-My on line presence continues to grow. The Krossfyre Bookshop has a couple of very pretty pages dedicated to my novels. I hope you will support them and order your next Hannibal Jones mystery or Stark & O'Brien adventure through that site.

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Footsteps on the Shore, the sixth DI Andy Horton Marine Mystery Crime Novel, to be published in paperback and as an e book

I'm delighted to announce that Footsteps on the Shore, the sixth in the DI Andy Horton series of marine mystery crime novels set on the South Coast of England, is to be published in paperback in August by Severn House Paperbacks and as an e book in…

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Am I The Only…One (A “Bestseller!”)?

Reading is fun. Writing is super-fun. But, even better than writing is being read.

Which leads to the subject of today’s blog (as the wife and I make ready to participate in our first writing conference this week, ThrillerFest, put on by International Thriller Writers every year in New York–of course, the wife never needs an excuse to make at least one pilgrimage a year to (the shops of) New York):

Is it…


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July's Best Reads

I’m having a good time taking the summer off from writing, though I can feel the itch starting to grow behind my right ear. Reading goes on year-round. Here are my favorite reads for July.

Shadow of the Dahlia, Jack Bludis. Bludis is another one of those writers I’ve been aware of for a while. When an interview in Allan Guthrie’s Criminal-E blog activated the Kindle Impulse Purchase section of my brain, I downloaded…


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Author Update

My final book signing for Borders Books was at the store in Fair Oaks Mall. It was so successful, and the store had so many visitors, that it's still incredible to me that the store had to close. As I watch the Borders chain sell off its stock and fixtures I am mourning the loss of a business that supported me as an author, and of good friends who were book lovers as much as book sellers.

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