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This week I read

Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

Die a Little by Megan Abbott

Dirty Blonde by Lisa Scottoline

The Last Kashmiri Rose by Barbara Cleverly

A Welcome Grave by Michael Koryta

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High School Class Reunion

I just returned from my high school reunion. Yes, forty years is a long time, and I'd been feeling old and fat in anticipation. I've gained fifty pounds since my skinny high school years, along with wrinkles and sags. I tried dieting this summer in preparation for the reunion, but lost about nine pounds, total. Oh, well, I wasn't deterred. After all, many I'd be seeing were life-long friends. Surely they wouldn't comment on the deteriorated state of my body,…


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well im stuck my mind has gone compleatly blank i never thought it would be so hard to write a book i mean i have my idea and i have written my 1st couple of pages but now i cant think of anything it is so frustrating.well enough of my whinge on a lighter note im currently reading 'The Naming Of The Dead' by Ian Rankin and it is really good i love the Rebus series and cant wait to read 'Exit music'

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Speed Fiend

Well, for some reason I can't get into blogger to update my Alaska blog, so I thought I would put today's here on Crimespace in the meantime.

The big green blob who looks like Darth Vader really gone to seed is me on my ATV.

When our… Continue

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Snip Snip Snippety Snip

posted by Doranna

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you've been missing out--both as a reader and a writer! Over at my online hang-out (SFF Net, which hosts my newsgroup and a ton of others), writers--both published and unpublished--occasionally post short--really short--excerpts of their work--ie, "snippets." (This in turn has led to the development of snippet hounds, who go sniffing for snippets, and who howl in glee upon finding them, but that's a…


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Getting the Word Out

Today's a library talk day, and that means getting those ducks in a row. Do I have enough cards, books, handouts, and such? How will I look after a long drive on a hot day? And worst of all, will anyone care enough to show up?

First-time authors aren't exactly hot properties, and while libraries are usually willing to let me do my schtick, there's no guarantee patrons will show up to watch. I combat the no-name problem by approaching with a theme rather than just "Come Here and Buy My…


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Maybe A Moose

Talking to the locals you might get the impression that moose are as

thick on the ground in Alaska as rats in Rome.

They aren’t. Not that I can see.

Alaska has lived up to most of the superlatives. But it has been something of a let down in the charismatic mega-fauna sighting


Three eagles, some white dots in the distance that seemed to be dall sheep, a couple of swans, otters – plenty of otters,

both ocean going and river otters (you can tell the… Continue

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Neither Here Noir There

Steve Lewis, the man behind the indispensable Mystery*File, posed a question in the comments of my blog yesterday:

(T)he guys over at (hardboiled/noir mailing list) Rara-Avis are always saying…

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I occassionally blurt out statements without thinking. So I'm compiling a list of my observations, comments and personal sayings along with the meaning (if needed):

1. Roberts Rule #1: How does it affect Jim Roberts? If it doesn't, so what? Meant to defuse discussions about those things which really do nothing more than inflame passions and rile dispute. Frequently used to defuse senseless arguments.

1a. Roberts Rule of Redundancy: When called upon to speak at a public event --…


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The Thorazine Mirrorball

Jimmy Mack is finally playing with some killer musicians.


Jack Maeby’s action-packed crime novel is available at:

Welcome back, Jimmy Mack. You still crazy? His friends and fellow musicians want to know. He’s free, off anti-psychotic meds and back on the scene, playing jazz and R&B in the urban backwater of Albany, New York in 1972. Life seems almost normal until members of the soul music revue he’s working with start… Continue

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Blatant Self Promotion

I promise, I'm not going to flood anyone's lists with this or bring it up too often in conversation. I'm just posting this here and at my home blog ("cats & crime & rock & roll") because, damn it, you write a book alone, you sit around for months wondering about it, and it's just nice to get something like this.

From the Oct. 1 Booklist:

Freelance journalist Theda Krakow is back… Continue

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A Noirish Vigil

I just posted a new short story on my blog, One Man Crime Spree. If you get a chance, check it out and let me know what you think.


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Alaska, here I come

I'm off to Alaska in the morning--heading for Bouchercon and looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones.

The great thing about the mystery world is the friendships I have made. I would not have believed, when I wrote my first mystery 11 years ago that I would have a circle of wonderful friends who are important in my life. Any of you who have not been to a mystery convention, I really recommend trying one--they are all over the place and at various times of year. We…


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What's Next?

Creativity, like love, life, and the circulatory system, is a river. It flows where it likes, sweeping with it everything in its path when it is at its strongest. It never fails that when I have a great idea for a story, I have two, sometimes three, and that can be hard to handle. On which one should I spend the time and energy that it takes to make an idea into a finished project?

I imagine Lewis and Clark, coming to a fork in some river and wondering which one to take. Will it lead…


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Finished Maling

Finished reading Arthur Maling's From Thunder Bay. Check it out if you can and have time. Not a masterpiece and actually it seems like a mainstream novel with a crime in it, but it was still enjoyable. I started Laura Lippman's Charm City after that. Have to start working again and stop reading no-job-related crime.

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In Anchorage

I've arrived early in Anchorage. It's Monday evening and I'm settled into the Hilton. I had a great trip up from Nelson - 10 days on the road. The weather wasn't the greatest and it did break my heart on occasion to know that I was travelling through fantastic scenery with nothing but a lovely view of the clouds. But I'm here now and the skies are clearing outside my hotel window. If any Bouchercon attendees get in early, give me a buzz and perhaps we can have a drink or something!

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New Podcast Is Up - Allan Guthrie

Suspect: Allan Guthrie

Age: Um...what was the question?

Occupation: Writer, editor, lit. agent extraordinaire

Last known location: The corner of Trouble and Pearce, Edinburgh, Scotland

*photo by Mary Reagan, NY Photo

To hear this episode, click on the Crimespace music… Continue

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Death at the Chokegulch Saloon

I’ve been on tour, and today I drove from Tucson to Phoenix, across a hundred-mile stretch of Arizona. I passed a lot of towns I’d never heard of, and it got me thinking: We all know

about the Arizona towns with butch names — Tombstone, Deadwood,

Red Rock, even Yuma. But we don’t hear much about towns with names like

Florence and Queen Creek. With nothing to do except drive, I asked

myself why, and below is the reason I came up…


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The Evolution of Mystery

I'm studying up on the history of mystery, and I've decided I need to go back and read some old stuff. Of course I knew Poe gets credit for the first mystery, "The Murders in the Rue Morgue." But I need to read some of the other early guys like Dickens and Wilkie Collins.

Before the modern mystery began, the Chinese had a version of mystery fiction in which a judge or similar official is followed as he deals with the various crimes he must unravel in order to mete out punishment. It…


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Ammunition by Ken Bruen

Quick Take

A brilliant addition, and maybe completion, to the series.

I think that it’s safe to…


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