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Meet me at a Signing OR a Book Festival

I already told you that today I’m signing books at the Borders in Reagan National Airport from noon to 4:00 pm.

I’ll spend tomorrow at the Baltimore Book Festival in the author’s tent. I’ll be one of the 200+ authors at the Festival, including Bishop T.D. Jakes, Walter Mosley, Michael Ian Black, Mark McEwen, Chef Martin Yan, Omar Tyree, and those lawmaking sisters, Congresswomen Loretta and Linda Sanchez. You’ll want to check out… Continue

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Crime Pays

If you asked Americans about the societal costs of crime, most would immediately think of street crimes like burglary and robbery. The FBI estimates that those two crimes alone cost the country $3.8 billion a year. And while the costs are substantial, they absolutely pale in comparison to the costs inflicted on society due to corporate crimes.

Health Care fraud costs taxpayers $100 billion to $400 billion a year. Auto repair fraud costs $40 billion a year, securities fraud, $15… Continue

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TRIGGER CITY by Sean Chercover

Still feeling the physical and emotional effects of his brush with Chicago's Outfit in last year's BIG CITY, BAD BLOOD, reporter-turned-P.I. Ray Dudgeon reluctantly goes to work for retired Colonel Isaac Richmond. Richmond's estranged daughter Joan had been head of payroll for a midsize-department store chain when she was murdered by her co-worker Steven Zhang, who left a signed confession before killing himself. Though the facts of the case are clear, Col. Richmond wants Dudgeon to fill in the… Continue

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tomorrow's signing for travellers

Tomorrow I have a book signing at the Borders in Reagan National Airport. I’ll greet the travelers from noon to 4:00 pm at the one airport store that people can access without going through security.

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The Whole Blurb Thing

My wildest dream right now is that a famous author, a highly regarded reviewer, and a national newspaper will all call me within the next month and say, "We hear you have a book coming out. Can we please, please, please write a blurb for it?"

Blurbs seem to be an essential these days, but if you don't know anybody with a big name in the industry, it's hard to ask for one. I know lots of writers, but very few who write what I write. So does a historical murder author use an… Continue

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Crime Always Pays

This week on Crime Always Pays: Jude Law set to star in the movie of Ken Bruen’s BLITZ; Paul Johnston and Mark Coggins Q&A’d; THE BIG O hits the North American landmass; free copies of Ken Bruen’s AMERICAN SKIN; Eoin Colfer to pen a new HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY; new books from Kevin… Continue

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Amazon Review Chart

Funny! Do you think it's true?

song chart memes
more music charts

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Writer's Block? You've Got to Be Kidding

Writer's block is not a problem for this girl. I have so many ideas I can't get to them all. They remain in my computer under file names like "Carrie" or "Trauma girl" or even "started novels." Most of them will probably never see an end, simply because of two very large problems: Life and Writing.

First, Life doesn't want you to write. Life wants you to do stuff: dust, visit, pay, go, help, eat, shop, watch, chat, scrub, make, transport, sew, mow, and grow. There's more of course,… Continue

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Correction and Author Update

Yesterday I told you that I’d be on the BlogTalkRadio show Book World News tonight but we’ve had to reschedule my appearance to October 15. And in all the confusion I haven’t told you about all the fun I had last week.

How I wish I had teachers when I was in school like the people I met Friday at Charles Carroll Middle School in New Carrollton, MD. They were so positive and upbeat, I wanted to join in on the school’s 25 book campaign. All of their students will be expected to read at… Continue

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Along for the Ride: Part Two

(Cross posted to Working Stiffs)

Let me begin this second installment by mentioning one of the cool things I learned. The Pittsburgh police vehicles’ unit numbers have meaning. For instance, we were unit 3125. The “3” stand for police. The fire department would have a different number. The “1” was for Zone 1. Oddly, cars with the “2” as the next number indicate a single officer on patrol. Cars with a “1” such as 3111, indicates two… Continue

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Writers who do WAY too much

Everywhere I go, I hear it: Authors are cutting back on book promotion. Read rest of post

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Publicity-Photo shoots and radio shows

I attended the photo shoot for the publicity for the Havant Literary Festival (Hampshire, UK) this morning with fellow authors, Brian Clarke and saga writer, Dee Williams. ( I'm on the right holding a copy of THE SUFFOCATING SEA.) The children are from Warblington Senior School. The photograph was for The News, Portsmouth's daily newspaper. An article is to appear in Wednesday's edition and hopefully on line.

As part of the festival I'm giving a… Continue

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Respecting the reader

I am not a master of mysteries. With each book, I learn more about plotting, characterization, spinning out the strands that will keep readers involved. But I love mysteries, and I am grateful for the interest and support of the readers who have encouraged and maybe even enjoyed my fledgling efforts.

That's why I was so ticked off when I opened Entertainment Weekly and read the following from Dennis Lehane, talking about… Continue

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The Writer's Mind vs the Reader's (R)

I've been reading a book by an author I like a lot, but this one has been a real trial. Too many characters, too much obscure information, and a shift between first and third person that creates the feeling that I'm reading two different books. I'll finish it because she's good and I know it, but it won't go on my list of her best.

At the same time I had the experience of two people reading one of my works with two different results. The first one didn't finish, simply gave up with… Continue

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Listen to Me tomorrow

My full week starts tomorrow night when I get to be the radio star. You already know I host a BlogTalkRadio show called Book Bridge: From Authors to Readers every Monday night. Well Wednesday night at 8:30 Eastern time I’ll be the guest on another show - Book World News. The ironic twist is that I’ll be there to get interviewed about Book Bridge: From Authors to Readers. You are all invited to call in live by dialing 646-200-4071.

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Review: HELL BENT, William G. Tapply

Hell Bent, A Brady Coyne Mystery

by William G. Tapply

St. Martin’s Minotaur

October, 2008


ISBN-13: 978-0-312-35830-3

ISBN-10: 0-312-35830-X

320 pages

Brady Coyne is a Boston attorney, living with a dog named Henry David Thoreau in his Beacon Hill apartment. He is in a transition period – his live-in lover, Evie, has gone to California to attend her dying father, and she shows less and less intent to return as time passes, leaving… Continue

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Do you know your First Amendment rights?

As a journalist/mystery writer, the following quote frightens me and holds various meanings, as it should to anyone that uses the written word to make a living or to blog. So many of our freedoms are in peril these days and way too many of us are willing to give them up for feeling secure when we fly or visit the mall or drive on our roads.

Personally, I think Homeland Security is made up of smoke and mirrors and security at our airports is still being run by the seat-of-its-pants, a… Continue

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Vote for ME!

Hello, Blog readers!

Please excuse the shameless self promotion, but I’m asking all of you to please

take 3 minutes of your time to vote for my podcasts – “Book Bridge: From

Authors to Readers” - in the Podcast Awards.

Just go to this website:

and vote for my show in the Cultural category. You can listen to

archived episodes of “Book Bridge: From Authors to Readers

at this web… Continue

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ON The Air

I'm on the radio twice this week. On 23 September I will be on Angel Radio which is a station dedicated to 'snap, crackle and no pop.' It is run primarily by older people who have created a unique radio service for lovers of vintage music and nostalgia. You can listen to it on the web site or on 101.1FM. The station has listeners from all over the UK and the USA, so I'll get a chance to… Continue

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Countdown to Bouchercon-16 days

Sixteen days until I leave for Baltimore, Maryland and Bouchercon.

Not that I’m counting or anything.

I spent one night away from home this weekend as my friend Lisa Curry and I drove to Rustic (with a capital “R”) Brookville, PA for a Pennwriters Board of Directors Meeting. We make this trip once a year. This will likely be Lisa’s last since she is stepping down from her role as treasurer soon. The motel in Brookville is even more Rustic than the town. But Pennwriters… Continue

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