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Donald Westlake, Deon Meyer, Margaret Maron and Brian Haig

I just got news about a fun eBook promotion. Looks like The Hook by Donald Westlake, Secret Sanction by Brian Haig, Storm Track by Margaret Maron and Dead Before Dyingby Deon Meyer are all priced as $1.99 eBooks! Just visit your favorite eBook store for details. I know what I'm putting on my iPhone! :)

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"Shades of Grey" September

Yow, it's September! And Shades of Grey, my first Dulcie Schwartz mystery, is making its US debut (in reality) with a (virtual) tour.

Yes, I will be doing some line in-person readings. But this time out, I'm focusing on the online world. That means you can… Continue

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My Multiple Personalities

More and more, I admire authors who have twenty or fifty or more books out, but I do wonder if they forget what they wrote a while ago. I find it difficult to keep up. There's my first book, which many people I meet in a day in my little town have read and comment on. There's the second one, almost to the marketplace, which editors, proofreaders, and pre-readers have read and need to communicate about. There's the just-contracted one, which is in the first stages of editing, so I've just gone… Continue

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Theodicy: (2:18)

Audiobook: In this episode of your tale of blackmail and revenge, Father Stephen Keller tries to help a stranger with his social worker friend, Laurie, and fears he's fallen for a weird trap. Will he take the bait and join Ruthie alone in her hotel room?

Constructive criticism… Continue

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Hard Work?

Saturday I stood for four hours in a bookstore, greeting strangers, shaking hands and signing copies of my novels. It was a successful visit, and a good friend stopped by to break up the monotony. That afternoon will generate some nice royalties in a few months, but much of the time I was staring at the beautiful day outside.

Sunday I lay on the sand until it was too hot, waded into the ocean until it was too cold, then repeated that cycle until it was time to head home. That process… Continue

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It takes a whole village to raise an author

Writers tend to be solitary creatures. After all, no one is going to write our stories for us. So we huddle in the caves of our creativity, emerging for chocolate, coffee and whatever poison that helps us get through the sticky scenes, character revolts and plot puddles. This time spent alone can make us think only of ourselves all the time.

The truth is, we can do more together than we can alone. Writers united can be a powerful force in a world of publishing obstacle and… Continue

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I have a friend who, after two decades of writing several novels, is ready to throw in the towel.

This person has published a non-fiction book in the distant past. You would think she would have some inkling of the changes in the publishing industry since then.

The reason she's failing is that she has bought into the mantra: "I need an agent. I need a major publishing house." Because the blinders are on, she has failed to notice that the publishing world is in the same… Continue

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New source for short fiction

Echelon Press Shorts officially opens on September 1, 2009. So what can readers look forward to?

This month, they have new releases scheduled for the first AND the fifteenth. There is a wonderful list of authors whose stories they are excited about and who they know you will enjoy reading.

There are also authors waiting to meet you! Readers will enjoy new blog posts Monday through Friday by the most current authors. Read about their latest ventures, their characters, and… Continue

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Last Weekend's Fun

The only bad thing about signing books at the Atlantic Book Warehouse in Rehoboth Beach was knowing that the ocean was just down the road. Everyone I spoke to was pleasant since most were on vacation and many from Washington or Northern VA. Manager Suzette kept me supplied with coffee from Starbuck’s next door. And my good pal and fellow crime novelist Terry McAnally came by to chat.

Don’t know Terry? Check out her latest novel, At Knife Point. -

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And Now For Something Completely Different...

Mitzi blogs on Mitzi TV!

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Mature Females, Wise Women, and Little Old Ladies

I'm scheduled to be profiled this week in Sylvia Dickey Smith's column in the EXAMINER. She's invited women of a certain age to comment on how maturity makes them better writers. Of course I jumped in on that one, but I have to admit that simply aging doesn't make anyone better at anything. I know people who, as they age, hang on harder and harder to things that interfere with improvement.

First is youth. The more a person tries to hold onto it, the harder he or she has to work at… Continue

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A busy Autumn ahead

It's official, Autumn is here (according to the Metrological office in Great Britain) and it's shaping up to be a lively time with several book signings and talks lined up, as well as the release of The Suffocating Sea (an Inspector Horton Marine Mystery) in Large Print and news (hopefully) when the NEW Andy Horton crime novel, Blood Upon The Sand, will be published.

September… Continue

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Review - True Crime - Outside the Law 3, Lindy Cameron (ed)


Author: Lindy Cameron (ed)

Publisher: Five Mile Press

Copyright: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-74211-588-7

No of Pages: 295

Book Synopsis:

Good cops, bad cops, killer husbands, homicidal women, thieves, firebugs, art heists and jailbreaks.

In Outside the Law 3 some of our best crime writers take you on a walk down the darkest side of life.

You’ll meet crooks who just can’t help themselves; killers with twisted… Continue

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