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Stress and Good Stress

We all whine about stress, and we certainly have enough of it. It contributes to all sorts of health conditions, which is enough to add stress to the stress you already have: What if all this worrying about stress is causing too much stress?

I think we should step back every once in a while and consider that life is all about stress. Primitive humans must have had stress, because they did not know when the next natural disaster would hit or how such things occurred. They must have worried… Continue

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I wrote a column in my local newspaper about a former English teacher who passed away. The article generated emails from other former students with their own stories to share. But one reader, a woman in my graduating class (1969), wrote to tell me that she not only enjoyed the article, but liked my writing enough to buy my mystery novel, FOOLS RUSH IN.

Compliment accepted (as well as the check).

What this reader responded to is something all writers are told to strive for… Continue

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Review - The Old School, P.M. Newton


Author: P.M. Newton

Publisher: Penguin Viking

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-0-670-07451-8

No of Pages: 363

Book Synopsis:

Sydney, 1992. Nhu 'Ned' Kelly is a young detective making her way in what was, until recently, the best police force money could buy. Now ICAC has the infamous Roger Rogerson in the spotlight, and the old ways are out. Ned's sex and background still make her an outsider in the force, but Sydney is changing,… Continue

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Another Cool REview

Cheryl Waggoner saw my discussion of The Troubleshooter on the Kindle Korner Yahoo group and downloaded the book soon after the price dropped to $2.99. Days later when I commented on the increased interest the new price had brought the book, Cheryl added a very flattering comment:…


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What Do You Have For Me Today G-Man?

Hey, me again, how is it going? I think that you may have noticed things are changing here at Gelati’s Scoop. Times are changing with the publishing industry and we are trying to do as much as we can to bring you

varied content, different forms of writing (full length, digital short, graphic

novel), and also authors that are not as well known or have a debut coming in

the near future. Let’s face facts; everybody has to start…


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Review - Bad Intentions, Karin Fossum


Author: Karin Fossum

Publisher: Random House Australia

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-846-55292-2

No of Pages: 184

Book Synopsis:

Early one September three friends spend the weekend at a remote cabin by Dead Water Lake. With only a pale moon to light their way, they row across the water in the middle of the night. But only two of them return, and they make a pact not to call for help until the following… Continue

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Going historical

Writing of the disdain expressed for genre novels by critics, Raymond Chandler said that there were just as many bad “literary novels” of the type favored by critics as there were bad genre stories – except that the bad literary novels didn’t get published. In other words, there’s nothing inherent in so-called genre fiction that makes it lesser than “literary” fiction.

Chandler knew what he was talking about. His great noir novels, such as “The Big Sleep”…

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E-Mail Newsletters Good Way to Connect With Readers

I completed my first e-mail newsletter for my legions of subscribers, all three of them. You can view it free of charge here:

Authors should consider sending an e-mail newsletter. They are an effective way to reach people who want to read you. Sure, Twitter and Facebook offer the same connections. But newsletters are engrossing and offer attractive formatting options.

There are free templates hanging… Continue

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Guest Post Sandra Tooley Transitioning In The World Of Publishing

Back in the late 1980s when I was in writer infancy, I massaged a plot for a mystery novel. I did the submission two-step, sending out query letters and sample chapters only

to discover literary agents weren’t sure what to make of what I was

writing. I combined genres which was a

no-no back then. “Write mystery or

science fiction, but don’t combine the two.”

I had read once to write what you like to read. I liked to read…


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Murder in Quebec--The Novels of Louise Penny on SCENE OF THE CRIME

Quebec Author Louise Penny and Her Chief Inspector Gamache Series


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Interviewing Witnesses: A Key Skill for Your Fictional Sleuths!

As guests at SavvyAuthors today, we've posted a blog for writers about interviewing witnesses. Having interviewed hundreds of witnesses both in our investigations agency, as well as Shaun in his 17 years as a trial attorney, we offer an overview of interview vs interrogation, rules on interviewing, the myth of "off the record," and techniques for interviewing both talkative and reticent witnesses.… Continue

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And Now that the Novel is Written....

Here's what I do when I finish a new novel: I panic. Check out the whole story in the Vincent Zandri Vox!

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Anniversary for a bookstore

On Saturday, Centuries & Sleuths Bookstore in Forest Park, Illinois kicks off a month-long celebration of its 20th anniversary.

Twenty years in the book biz!

What are the numbers? Sixty percent of start-up businesses don’t survive their first year, and 90 percent are gone before the end of their third?

So to make it 20 years, a business has to be really good.

Augie Aleksy has made Centuries & Sleuths vital… Continue

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Guest Post Manoj Rao

Hi! Iʼm Manoj Rao, creator of WMDs the comic, available on the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch& iPad. When I approached Giovanni about reviewing our first two issues, WMDs #1.0 & #1.5, I’d also pitched

the idea of writing a guest blog for him, he graciously agreed and so here I

am. I thought I would use this as an opportunity to share with you, the

journey, perils, pitfalls & rewards of self-publishing in the digital age.…


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