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Win a free copy of my mystery/thriller DEAD of KNIGHT!

Win a free copy of my mystery/thriller DEAD of KNIGHT at my Cyber Launch Party!

Comment on the blog post about my book and you could win a signed copy mailed to your door on me!

Today Only!!

October 24th.…


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A talk to the Southern Region of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists

I was made very welcome at the Southern region of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists on 22 October where I gave a talk on how I write, research and market my Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery crime novels and thrillers.

What a lovely group of people and I was delighted to see popular saga author…


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Updates to Miniblogs, Squidoo Lenses, on Crime Fiction and Fiction

I'm way behind and haven't really written anything (non-technical) in a year, but I did make some updates about favorite books on my Squidoo lenses What's a Little Murder Among Friends, crime fiction, and Nearly Nothing but Novels. These are, to some extent, spin-offs from my main fiction blog, also called… Continue

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Digital Short Saturday John McFetridge East Coast

I guess I was in the mood for police dramas this week with the digital shorts. East Coast is 8720 words of police action and family drama. I am going to go right to the

author’s synopsis on this one: ”EAST COAST is THE WIRE in a rural setting as

RCMP Sgt. Jerry Northup works to keep his narcotics squad motivated in the

seemingly unwinnable war on drugs while raising three kids with his wife,

Isobel.” I have not seen the…


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Digital Short Saturday Matt Williams Death's Memory

This has been a power packed week @ The Scoop and the digital shorts once again helped me shift gears a few times. I really enjoy the short little burst of fun and way they change the momentum of the day. I think

you get the fact I like to read; the weight of full length novels gets to be a

pull and drags on occasion. I really enjoy picking through the pile and

choosing a few of these to lighten the mood. I can see how someone can read

these at the bus…


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Halloween/mystery issue & book giveaway!

Today's issue of Kings River Life Magazine is very Halloween & mystery heavy. There is an interview with medieval noir mystery author Jeri Westerson by Marilyn Meredith, along with a review of Jeri's new book "Demon's Parchment" and we are having a drawing to give away a copy of the book!… Continue

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Lynette Eason Don't Look Back

Don’t Look Back is my first read with this author. The novel is the second book of the Women of Justice series. Is it Chick Lit totally? I think not. Here is the synopsis from

the back cover: “Twelve years ago, forensic anthropologist Jamie Cash survived

a brutal kidnapping. After years of therapy, she has made a life for herself-

though one that is haunted by memories of her terrifying past. She finally lets

herself believe that she can…


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Rubicon Ranch is Days Away!! Read It As We Write It.

After months in preparation, Rubicon Ranch, a collaborative novel that will be written online by authors of Second Wind Publishing, is just days away!

Recently widowed writer/photographer Melanie Gray finds the body of an eight-year-old child in the desert. Was it an accident? Or . . .… Continue

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Graphic Novel Friday The Philistine Michael Mongillo

There is so much in here I don’t where to start. I enjoyed the read, it has a simple message and it delivers it in such a tongue in cheek method. Let’s just say it is a bit over the top. Here is the background on Nick

Bottom who is the Philistine: Nick Bottom, scrappy orphan becomes gifted Ivy

Leaguer. Idealistic government agent becomes hard-nosed vigilante. City hero

becomes one of America’s ten most wanted. And who’s there to catch the man who



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Graphic Novel Friday Stephen King's Fall of Gilead

The saga continues and so does my enjoyment of them. The story has serious undertones and overtones, let’s just say for a graphic novel the plotline makes you think a little more than the average good guy /bad guy

thing. Roland, the youngest gunslinger, continues to be tested as he tries to

navigate through Mid-World to reach the fulcrum of existence –The Dark Tower. I

am going to put the rest of the post into the hands of Mr. Ralph Macchio, and

give you…


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God Bless the French.

They have their own problems at the moment, what with riots and debts, but they still want to publish my books. And that's more than I can say for the rest of the world at the moment. Belfond just offered for a mass market version of HELL SCREEN. A nice offer! Mind you, they've also paid some nice royalties recently. I think the point of this is that this particular publisher promoted and marketed my series from the start, something that no other publisher has done. It makes all the difference.

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This year's Shamus Award winning story

If you want to read this year's Shamus award winning story Julius Katz (and also a Derringer and Ellery Queen's Readers Choice winner), you have six ways:

You can download a free PDF from Scribd

Purchase a Kindle download for… Continue

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The Book is Dead! Long live the Book!

I'm sitting in an airport in St. Paul, awaiting a flight that will take me to the Boise Book Expo. Directly ahead of me is a bookstore called "Authors" which I've never heard from. The store sports a classy facade. Mahogany pillars, and all these over-sized, fake ceramic piled on top of one another. I don't get it. Well, ok, I get it, but it's a little much.

Anyway, the shelves are full of books by "Famous Authors."

I've been here for more than an hour, and not a… Continue

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Crime Fiction Readers Secretly Want to Kill Everyone – Including You

At least, I think they do. If released into the wild, crime fiction readers would be the first to put a pitchfork through their neighbor for spite or profit.

Read my interview with Susan Whifield here: http://bit.ly/d8DomD

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Robert Parker Painted Ladies

Many different emotions went through my mind even before I opened this novel up. I have read all of the novels Parker has written, and to be honest I can’t really say which of his characters I enjoy the most. The odds

on favorite for most would be Spenser, but I have to say I enjoy Jesse Stone

and Virgil Cole as well. I guess though, a Spenser novel is fitting for the end

of the run; it is what started it all, the alpha and now the omega.…


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Mystery Author Denise Mina Visits SCENE OF THE CRIME to Talk about Glasgow in Her Fiction

The Crown Princess of Crime: The Works of Denise Mina

They call it Tartan Noir, the Scots form of noir crime writing. And Glasgow crime writer Denise Mina is one of its major…


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Mark Rayner Marvellous Hairy

Check it out, a novel that makes one question many things in our society today and uses the vehicle of comedy and the bizarre to get us there. Laugh while we think, I enjoy that. Yes, it is time to release the monkeys. Marvellous Hairy is a sincere novel

that is totally different than anything I have read in a while. It is a

seriously disjointed narrative wrapped around a wonderful array of colorful

characters that takes the reader on a…


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6 Books Everyone (Including Your English Teacher) Got Wrong

Found this over at Cracked.com. It's interesting to read how many classic books continue to be misinterpreted, such as "Alice in Wonderland" (not a drug trip, it's actually about algebra), "The Jungle" (not about bad meat, it's actually a call for socialism), "Fahrenheit 451" (not about censorship, it's about the threat of TV).

Read it here:… Continue

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Guest Post Bob Hamer

This is no political commentary, just a semi-biased first person account of a case most of the media missed earlier this month…Operation Smoking Dragon. The good guys got it right

and no one seemed to care.

Much of my twenty-six year FBI career was spent in various undercover roles. I often joke I never had a mid-life crisis I just became a different UC persona…contract killer, fence, drug dealer,…


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Keith Richards Life

Richards wrote this along with British author James Fox. I am a huge Rolling Stones fan and didn’t really know what to expect from this novel when I got it. Here are some of the questions I had in my mind before I even

opened it:

What was it really going to cover?

Were there going to be important things in there that the average fan didn’t know?

Was Richards going to reveal the…


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