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Seven reminders of why I can't quit writing

1. Because I've tried to quit before and I didn't have the guts to not write.

2. Because even though it's painful to write sometimes, it's even more excruciating to not write.

3. Because I can't afford to actually go out and commit those crimes or solve them in the real world. (Ok, strike this one. Sorta. No, leave it in.)

4. Because the voices in my head actually turned into characters in stories. And they will NOT shut up.

5. Because I want to find out for… Continue

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New York

I made my first visit to New York as an author. Mind you, I love the city for its own sake and I loved it again this time (in spite of a sinfully expensive hotel). But the main reason I loved this trip was that I met my agents for the first time in person. It was an incredible visit. I was treated like an important author with a gourmet lunch and limousine ride to Penguin headquarters. It's still all a bit unbelievable.

I have said so before, and many times: I'm incredibly lucky in my…


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Want to save energy this winter? Have you tried Blackle?

This is their bumf:

Blackle was created by Heap Media to remind us all of the need to take…


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While deep in my MANHUNTER – TRUE NORTH deadline … I leave you with another point of view. Thank you to this reader for showing me my MERC chillin’ up north …:)


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Re: that last blog of mine.

Turns out you gotta join up with that Gather website to view my entry. And then the entries that recieve the most votes of ten stars get to move on to the next round. So basically a contest to see who can shill to the most people.



Not for nothing, but judging by some of the other people on that site and some of the other entries, if nobody votes for me, then I'm on the right track. And so far, I couldn't be more…


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Deck the Halls, Hit the Deck, To Heck with it All…

posted by guest blogger, Kate Flora

Long before the turkey goes in the oven or the youngest son gets hauled to the kitchen to make his “signature” cranberry relish, before the squash-haters have finished whining and those who’ve had too much pie are moaning in the corner, our e-mail queues are already bursting with advice about how to simplify the holiday shopping and cooking.

Today, I’m going to be guilty of joining that crowd, but lucky you—this is a blog, so you can…


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How to Make Someone Want to Buy Your Book

Just kidding. I really don't know. Here are some thoughts, though.

First they have to know it exists. Estimates vary, but there are thousands of books released each year. Just having someone hear your title is a plus, so you need to let people know that there is a book. A lot of people.

Second, potential readers have to become intrigued. I've worked on this one, because I tend to be a real self-deprecating sort and, the first time a friend told me he wanted to read my book,…


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Ian Rankin & Shane Maloney in conversation

Yesterday we were lucky enough to spend some time listening to Ian Rankin and Shane Maloney - well chat.

for a short report on what went on - including the best description I've ever heard of what it's like to have your book turned into TV or a movie.

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Just completed the 1st draft of my fourth novel

Five minutes ago I completed the 1st draft of my fourth novel: Cornelius--the Orphan. Since no one is around and everyone I know is at work, I thought I'd tell my Crimespace friends. Now for the fun part: editing and re-editing and....

Added by Douglas Quinn on November 16, 2007 at 5:13am — 3 Comments

Cries & Whiskers Contest

As promised, the prizes this week in the contest on my blog, at, are copies of Clea Simon's Cries and Whiskers. The latest book to feature Theda Krakow has not yet been… Continue

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Fall (Almost) of the House of Smith

posted by Jeanne Munn Bracken

I just spent three weeks pet- and house-sitting for friends named Smith--really!--who went to Hawaii. The pets and I all survived. So did the house, more or less.Hawaii That house had it in for me, though. (Insert evil music here.)

I stocked up on simple food so I would not have to cook. I could (and did) microwave everything. That…


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Head_shot_cover Andrew Webb, featured killer in my book HEAD SHOT has been paroled. Actually, he's been out now for a couple years. He was a model…


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Have You Met Your Protagonist?

Sometimes when a story forms in your head, you jump into writing it before thinking very hard about the characters around whom the story revolves. Plot is a wonderful thing, and certainly we can point to massively successful novels in which we never learn one important thing about the main character. Most of the time, however, readers want a protagonist to be life-like. And if she's going to move on into other novels, she also has to grow in some way.

The best way to get to know your…


Added by Peg Herring on November 15, 2007 at 10:18pm — 1 Comment

Self Intro

Well now for some self emulation my name is Michael Warden. At present I fancy myself as a freelance writer having been writing seriously for the…


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Spotted up North again. Brrr, looks chilly :). Spy the city in the background? Can anyone guess where North of 60 this photo was taken?

I love that my books are finding their way into the frozen north, since MANHUNTER, the book I will turn in at the end of this month, is the…


Added by Loreth Anne White on November 15, 2007 at 3:42pm — 1 Comment

Publication Day

It's one of those things you most look forward to when you're unpublished - your first publication day. In actual fact, the launch of a book is never quite that clear cut - I remember walking into a bookshop two weeks before the launch of my first book and finding half a dozen copies on the shelf. I was so shocked that I asked the staff what they were doing there and they thought I was complaining and offered to remove them!

Then as time goes on and you publish more books, the…


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Life's Brambles

Sara Teasdale's poem, "The Long Hill" has always been one of my favorites. She speaks of how she ended up on the other side of the "hill" before she realized it. The reason she didn't notice is "brambles" that catch on her clothing and cause her to look down rather than ahead.

The brambles have been at me today. A mistake in mailing out promotional material, little things that sidetrack me from my work plan, and that worst of bugaboos, computer problems.

What happened to that…


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All Tied Up

Posted by Doranna Durgin

Once upon a time, I was a pre-teen who spent a lot of time scribbling in a notebook. Notebook Although I started with my own characters and my own book (about a seeing-eye dog), I quickly started writing in what was the very first television universe to fascinate me: Star Trek. (Don't even ask if this was the original series. Yes, thank…


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a big attaboy for the nano'ers out there... you guys rock! a big woot to myself... i just got my schedule from the fabulous BJ Bourg at and for all my fans here is my short story info... The Christmas Heist" -- Winter 2007 (December) "The Mask" -- Spring 2008 (March) "Beach Bummed" -- Summer 2008 (June) "The Good News Is" -- Autumn 2008 (September) I hope you will all visit this great zine and enjoy the work there.

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Look what came in from north of the 60th parallel — a precious button of a reader posing for her mum. With the MERC!

And from Bailey Stewart, one of the most awesome reviews a writer could ever hope for.…


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