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Thriller Writer Jon Land Joins Us at SCENE OF THE CRIME

The Texas You Don’t Know: Jon Land and His Caitlin Strong Series


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Graphic Novel Friday Rick Riordan/Robert Venditti Percy Jackson & The Olympians The Lightning Thief

Long title, I know, sorry. Have you seen the movie? Read the novel series? Read this graphic novel? I have done two out three, the movie and the graphic novel. They are not the same, but the spirit of the character and

some of the circumstances are similar. Here is the inside of the jacket to the

graphic novel to explain a bit better: “The first books in the blockbuster

best-selling series like you have never seen it before. Mythological monsters



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BOILING POINT gets a great Publishers Weekly review!

"Fans of the late Michael Crichton will enjoy Dionne's…


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Help Me!

This may seem a common sense concept, but let me discuss it anyway.

Writers do one important thing–they write. Okay, that's not the concept I'm talking about, but be patient.…


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Graphic Novel Friday The Helm Jim Hardison

I grabbed this graphic novel because of the cover and the catch phrase on the cover that said” What if you had a magical superpower and it hated your guts?” I just had to

read it. The read was fun, funny, unpredictable, and totally a farce. This was

a good time; you should give this graphic novel a try. The whole story revolves

around a loser named Matt Blurdy, an overweight, 30…


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What do David Morrell, Barack Obama, and myself have in common?

We've all had books repped by Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

Today my friend Brad Schoenfeld and I signed up with John Rudolph, a former editor who recently joined D&G, to rep Frame-Up, our crime thriller set in New York City.…

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Gentleman and thug: researching my new historical novel

One of the great pleasures of novel-writing is the research which, for almost every book, ought to bring the writer to investigate different areas of inquiry. To become a swift expert in something others might spend all their lives studying.

That’s why I’ve taken up my sword.

I’m working on a historical novel about the great Italian artist Caravaggio. That has meant learning to paint with oils, which has been even more…

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Meet Me Sunday in MD

My next book signing happens Sunday at the Borders Express in the Mall at Columbia. I have visited this little store before and always had a fun time. The mall itself has changed a lot over the last few months - old stores out and new stores in. Stop by Sunday between 1pm and 5pm and see… Continue

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Joel Rosenberg The Twelfth Imam

This author has over 2 million copies in print and I haven’t read one of them. The novels that I have missed to date are: The Last Jihad, The Last Days, The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll, Epicenter, and Inside the

Revolution. I will back track eventually but for now I had to stay focused on

The Twelfth Imam. The novel has so many plots and sub plots one need’s a score

card; it is all good stuff though.

Here is the synopsis…


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Review - The Burning Wire, Jeffery Deaver


Author: Jeffery Deaver

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-0-340-93729-7

No of Pages: 412

Book Synopsis:

New York is being held to ransom. Manhattan's electricity grid has been the victim of a horrific attack . . . and more are planned.

While the FBI and Homeland Security try to determine who's behind the carnage, Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs race to decode the forensics in order to prevent… Continue

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Novelists Break The Law

Want to kill the action in your crime story? Let the main character announce they’re going to get a search warrant before barging into the killer’s apartment. Audiences hiss and groan. Writers want to slink back into the shadows. They know ‘waiting for paper’ is a real time waster and a fast way to kill your story.…


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Another Cool Review

Cheryl Waggoner was one of the first people to comment on the Kindle version of my first novel, The Troubleshooter. I was naturally happy to hear her response, but it was even more exciting to learn that the first book drove her to download the second, Blood and Bone to read on her new… Continue

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Romantic Wednesday Loves First Bloom Delia Parr

Delia Parr writes historical romance. Her previous novel, Hearts Awakening, was a Romantic Times Top Pick. I am sure that this novel will find its way there also. I am relatively new at reading this type of novel and it was fun; a nice break from the other stuff I usually read.

Let me set this up by starting with the synopsis from the back page: ”Life

changes drastically for Ruth Livingstone the day her father puts a young child in

her arms…


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Review - Through Black Spruce, Joseph Boyden


Author: Joseph Boyden

Publisher: Orion

Copyright: 2009

ISBN: 978-0-297-85291-9

No of Pages: 359

Book Synopsis:

Fifteen years after the death of their patriarch, the Bird Clan finds itself struggling to survive on the hardscrabble reservation it calls home.

On Christmas Day, the youngest of the clan, beautiful Suzanne Bird, leaves by snowmobile with her boyfriend Gus Netmaker, against both families' wishes, hoping… Continue

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Sharing a great review just posted a terrific review of THE PURPLES. The reviewer gave it a really close read and "got" all the narrative and thematic twists I worked so hard to embed smoothly into the flow. The reviewer even gives a shout-out to the book's website. Check out this fun-to-read review:

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What Agents Want

Thomas White – today’s guest blogger on Another Writer’s Life - is veteran theatrical director and producer, he has written several screenplays and gets extra coolness points for having directed the world tour of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Coming Out Of Their Shells." His first novel, "Justice Rules," takes a fresh approach to the crime procedural and was a 2010 finalist in…


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Dennis Lehane Moonlight Mile

The work keeps piling up and I continue to discover authors who are new to me. After reading their novels I itch to read their back catalog and enjoy all that I can with a new found friend. Dennis Lehane has done that

for me with his two excellent characters Patrick and Angie. Just so I am

keeping the facts straight here is a list of his other novels that I was

clueless on except one, Shutter Island: A Drink Before the War, Darkness, Take

My Hand,…


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New Novel Releases for the week of Nov. 2nd

I have never understood why new releases come out on Tuesdays instead of Mondays. My guess is that the publishers are waiting for me to put up my now weekly post for new releases before they put the novels on the

shelves. I have the feeling the list is only going to be getting bigger and the

novel’s authors more famous as we get closer to Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Here is what I winnowed it down to this week:



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First interview for NO CRY FOR HELP

International Thriller Writers hosts the first interview for No Cry For Help - it was quite a journey from my debut to Book 2, but Bantam will release No Cry For Help in the UK on Nov. 11. Full interview is here:

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Blow Forward

The following is an entry from my novel: Blow Forward

Amid stamped his feet to the ground, and tried to think about anything else other than the chill that gnawed at his bones. He chose to forgo making the dawn Salat for fear that kneeling in the parking lot would draw unwanted attention. Instead, he opted to practice the Sunna; exempting him from bodily prayer when traveling far from home. He made it internally…


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