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A Great Interview

Please check out my latest interview!

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Joe Brennan, author of the soon to released novel "Superdollar", Guest Post

There are very few ordinary people in Northern Ireland. By ordinary I mean, nine to five job, a wife or a husband, two kids, a dog and a mortgage. About three weeks ago my twenty two year old son Mark came into my office in West Belfast and I suggested we go grab some lunch in a cafe a few hundred yards up the road. When we went in, the place was pretty busy; it’s a nice place good food at a good price. We were about to leave as there were no tables when I heard my name being called, Joe! It…


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Interviewing our own Jon Loomis

Had a GREAT interview with Jon Loomis; the author who writes about Detective Frank Coffin.  Come over to my blog and take a peek.  I think you'll find it interesting.

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Mondays Guests on The G-ZONE: a founding member of “The Dark Pages Deadly Dozen” Julia Madeleine and NYT Best-Selling author John Weisman, author of “KBL”

I have two guests today: Julia Madeleine and John Weisman.  John Weisman starts the show off at 4pm EST, with Julia Madeleine joining us a little later into it. Here is a little something on each author:

Julia Madeleine:

Julia Madeleine is a thriller writer and tattoo artist living on the outskirts of Toronto with her husband and teenage daughter. For a year she lived in the country on a 30-acre wooded property which became the inspiration for her second…


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The new DI Andy Horton Crime Novel by Pauline Rowson, A Killing Coast, to be Published in January 2012

The seventh in the DI Horton series of Marine Mystery crime novels set in the Solent area on the South Coast of England, A Killing Coast by Pauline Rowson is to be published in hardcover by…

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My report on the 2011 Crimebake conference is over at Elaine Ash's blog:

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Another Busy Week on The G-ZONE

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we have another incredible week on The G-ZONE: #1 Best-Selling authors, a Christian/Inspirational panel, one of the “Dark Pages Deadly Dozen”, and a noted horror author. Here is the line-up:

Monday-November 21, 4pm EST- John Weisman and Julia Madeleine

Tuesday- November 22- no show, I am peeling 20lbs. of potatoes for Thanksgiving. I am one of the steady QB’s for the Family football game, I need my throwing arm well rested, that and I…


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Author Interviews

Readers and Authors

Author Interviews

I've been working really hard to give…


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Crime Fiction Thriller Just Released! DARK MIND

The next installment in the Award Winning Emily Stone Series.  It's a stand alone novel, even thought it's part of a series.  Special pricing through the holidays.


A Serial Killer Plagues an Island Paradise

Vigilante detective Emily Stone continues her covert pursuits to find serial…


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"Dawn, stay away, I'm no good for you." song lyrics

The story opens as a man comes downstaris and gets his morning paper. He's shocked at the headline stating that he and his wife are dead.


After attending a social event the prior night, the man, District Attorney, Jack Keeler and his wife, FBI agent, Mia, are heading home when they're stopped on a bridge. They are ordered from their car and when Jack resists,…


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Thanksgiving, coffee & chocolate mystery fun & giveaways in new KRL issue

New issue of Kings River Life is chocked full of mystery fun & giveaways!

This week we focus on chocolate & coffee with a review of Cleo Coyle's latest coffeehouse mystery "Murder By Mocha"

& of JoAnna Carl's latest chocoholic mystery "The Chocolate Castle Clue"…


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CONCRETE PEARL, my new thriller series starring the beautiful but brassy Spike Harrison is now on sale at $.99 for the Holidays and prior to its re-release by Thomas & Mercer...Please take advantage …

CONCRETE PEARL, my new thriller series starring the beautiful but brassy Spike Harrison is now on sale at $.99 for the Holidays and prior to its re-release by Thomas & Mercer...Please take advantage of this limited time offer!!!



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A Visit to the Vatican by Margot Justes

I booked a tour to the Vatican, for my next visit I will buy

tickets ahead of time and go on my own. Spend time at my leisure and not worry about


We had 10 minutes in the Sistine Chapel, that was just about

enough time to walk across the rectangular Chapel, try not to bump anyone in

the process and barely see the ceiling, much less the walls.

That being said, the Chapel is stunning. As I looked up at

the magnificent ceiling I wondered how Michelangelo…


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Interview with Steven Torres- Author

Steven Torres was born and raised in New York City,
but did spend a year and a half of his youth in Puerto Rico. The author of

six traditionally published novels including PRECINCT PUERTO RICO and THE

CONCRETE MAZE, Steven has recently ventured into ebooks with LUCY CRUZ AND THE


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Around the Globe with ANGELA ROE

Oh my goodness, where do I start with my introduction of this week's featured author? I met Angi back in the first critique group I joined eleven, twelve years ago. For a few years, I lost track of her as, well, you know, stuff happens. Then, in January I'm preparig for the release of my first book, Night Shadows (available at fine Internet book stores near you) when…


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Contest Everybody! Lisa Taylor,author of the Shana Black series askes: "Do You Have What it Takes?"

Then we're gonna have ourselves a CONTEST!

The competition begins on Monday, November 21 and ends on Monday December 12th.

Don't wait til Nov 21, ENTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!



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Coming Soon, "Maynard Soloman Proves Santa Claus is Real"

Want to get in on this world-changing crime humor short story? I'll randomly choose one person who "likes" Maynard Soloman's facebook page and write that person as a character. Just "like" this page by the end of today:



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An Idea Bludgeoned, Knifed, and Executed by Trestle Press’ “Dark Pages Deadly Dozen”

Ladies and gentleman, and I use that term loosely as I know many of you, a new anthology is about to hit the world smack in the face, “Dark Pages-Volume 1” !

The idea for this came from the brilliant and fertile minds of two people, on opposite sides of the world: Paul D. Brazill in Poland and B.R. Stateham in the U.S.A.

The idea and the challenge: to find the finest Noir/Hard-Boiled authors the world has to offer and find out what it means in different parts of the world. To…


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MASS MURDER IN THE SKY, My New True Crime Short


MASS MURDER IN THE SKY: The Bombing of Flight 629 is a 7,063 word historical true crime piece from bestselling author R. Barri Flowers, about mass killer, Jack Gilbert Graham. It tells the shocking story of hatred, revenge, mass murder, terrorism, and a bizarre dynamite bomb Christmas gift that brought a plane down in the Colorado sky more…


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Graham Smith "11 The Hard Way"

I have never looked at the number 11 in this manner, the hard way. But once you get into it, you will see that the title is apt. Eleven stories that have edge, moxie, and a bit of punch in the face reality that will satisfy any reader looking for a single yet multifaceted read. Basically Graham Smith delivers the goods not just once, twice or even three times, but one less than a dozen. This is the unbaker’s dozen of  hard-boiled/noir that works as intended; it is dark, has plenty of meat…


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