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So, You Want to Write Noir...

By Cornelia

Does anyone remember now whether it was Fran Liebowitz or Nora Ephron who wrote the great series of quizzes with titles such as, "So, You Want to Be the Queen of England..."

and "So, You Want to Be the Pope..." (My friends call me: a)Sparky b)Bubba c)Supreme Pontiff)



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Another Book Giveaway

Don't forget to visit my blog for another book giveaway. This one is good for about another five hours... That's 6pm NYC time.

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Short Story available

In order to whet the appetite of my blossoming cadre, I have several short stories coming out, including two using the characters from Avenging Angel. If you want to get to know Shannon and Dwayne a little better, be sure to pick up your copy of THE CHRISTMAS HEIST, available in print today.

You can make your purchase of the issue, or a whole year's worth of issues, at MOB (

I hope you enjoy my…


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Creative Marketing

Since my book releases next month, I've been thinking (a lot) about marketing. It seems to me that we must be just as creative in this phase as we were when plotting the novel, just as bold in approaching various venues as we were when seeking an agent. It's a bit daunting.

Here's what I've learned, or at least what I think I've learned.

No book will fit every venue every time. You have to choose where you'll expend your energies and forget trying to sell to every…


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And Sheep May Safetly Graze

Posted by Lorraine (L.L.) Bartlett

Celticchristmas_2 Back when we were courting (don't you just love that phrase?), my now-husband bought me a Christmas cassette (tells you how long ago THAT was) called Celtic Christmas, harp music by Kim Robertson. I fell in love with one piece called "And Sheep May Safely Graze" by, of all people, Johann Sebastian Bach. (Can you…


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3 R's for Writers

Rest Rejuvenates Writing-

Take the day off and relax!

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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Isn't this a wonderful time of year? Sure, we overdo it -- that's a given. But in the end this is one tradition that we seem to love above all others. What could be better for the soul than the smiles of children and the sounds of merriment and the smells of good food all around?

On behalf of the Carrick family, I'd like to take this moment to wish each and every one of you the most wonderful Holiday ever, whatever tradition you and your…


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Merry Christmas

Posted (or not) by Sheila Connolly

Oh, please. tell me you're not trolling the blogs today. If you are, stop. Go hang out with your family. If you can't stand your family, go bake something with lots of sugar. Send me a sample.

I'll be back next week, but for the moment you're going to have to settle for this:…


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Reading Makes Better Writers

With all the holiday stuff that's going on, I found it difficult to write over the last few days. In the short patches of time that I get, though, I've been catching up on my reading, and I thought I'd reflect today on what reading does for writers.

It creates the possibility of writing. From your first attempts at reading you've been building your writing skills: vocabulary, turn of phrase, style, genre preference, and plot-building. If you don't read, both in your genre and…


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THE STALKER 2. (The Dickens Challenge)


“My father would turn in his grave.” Benicio Marques, Security Solutions’ general manager, stood under a cluster of palm trees strung with Christmas lights and frowned up at the space above the Tumon Bay Mall’s main entrance. There, wedged between Welcome to Micronesia’s Largest Mall and a row of illuminated wreaths, the red-and-green Pickle Kisser almost managed to blend into the festive color scheme.

“Your father turned in his…

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OMG YouTube is DOWN...

The recent world as I know has been shattered, comprimised ... destroyed. YouTube is DOWN. My husband is curled up in the corner imitating the fetal position, mumbling something about Freddie and the Dreamers. I have no idea where he can get his "Freddie" fix now.He has to start breathing again soon.It's not that we don't remember the world before youTube. We're old. My MySpace page looks like crap. But YouTube?Okay. Crisis is over. It's…


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The KINDLE Revolution

The KINDLE Revolution

By Pat Mullan

Kindle: to set alight or start to burn; to arouse or be aroused; to make or become bright - from Old Norse Kynda, influenced by Old Norse Kyndill (Candle).

It’s winter time here in Connemara, time to be indoors with a good book, time to gather around the fire these evenings and watch the flames from the wood kindling ignite the turf and fill our…


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@#*&ing hyperlinks!!!!!!!

Technology will be the death of me yet.

TO ALL MY CRIMEPACE FRIENDS: to whom I recently sent a message about The Hard Bounce (and the hyperlink went screwy)


Thanks for the effort, all.

And have a great holiday.


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Connected Again - Found Her

We are back in touch. The female hunting guide who inspired

Antler Dust years ago still guides in The Flat Tops Wilderness Area on

the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. A woman I met during a

book signing in Glenwood Springs told me how to find her. She had moved

a few towns over but was listed in the phone book. I suppose if I had

hired a detective -- anybody know a good one? -- I could have found her

years ago. But I liked the way this worked out. Anyway, we… Continue

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Deadlines of yesterday and today

My self-designated deadline for finishing the sequel to "Chasin’ the Wind" was mid September. I didn’t meet it. My grandson came in from Germany for two weeks and I got to play tourist in Key West. Two weeks and we didn’t get to see and do everything Key West offers.

My background as a journalist helps with deadlines. Sometimes I had to deal with a two-hour deadline and there weren’t any excuses. I think I recall the editor in Key West at the time, Bernie Hunt, saying…


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New Author Directory On Crimespace

Something I've been wanting to do with Crimespace from the beginning was to make it simple for people to find all the authors on board. Up until now there hasn't been any easy way to do this. So I decided to finally get off my butt (or on it), put my programming hat on and come up with something I hope you'll all like. But it's going to need a little work from members.

If you're a reader, there's nothing for you to do other than click on the Authors tab at the top of the…

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Best of the Season!

Though there’s still a few days left before

the actual holiday, I’m oughta here for the time being. For the next

week, you can find me over at Moments in Crime, the new blog of St. Martin’s Minotaur.

I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing there all by myself for a whole

week, but if you’d like to stop by, please do. I have a feeling I’ll be

glad of the company.

Here’s wishing you and…

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Guardian of Light

Private Investigator Chas Chaskowski is dealt the investigation of a lifetime. Not one that will make him wealthy, but one that will forever change his life. He is hired to locate a Good Samaritan who is going across the United States saving persons from life or death situations. The case is mundane until someone sets out to stop Chas even if it calls for Chas' death. Chas barely escapes with his life, but discovers that the…


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The Christmas Story

posted by Leann Sweeney

This is a short story I wrote a long time ago, but I thought I'd pull it out of the vault for Christmas. I hope it speaks to at least one of you. Happy Holidays everyone.


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