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Thank you, RTE

Reviewing the Evidence has come to be one of the most respected crime fiction review sites, covering both US and UK books. And they can be critical. Therefore, I was overjoyed to see this review of Cries and… Continue

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Posted by Sheila Connolly

Okay, here's the much anticipated report from My Trip to Tucson (no, don't go change the cat litter or take a nap–please! I promise I'll be brief). I went, I saw, I conquered. All my flights arrived on time (two were actually early!), and my luggage arrived too. This alone may qualify for some sort of prize. Oh, wait–that was the prize. I'm not complaining. I attribute the smooth return legs to the blessing I received from a chatty…


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Looking Forward, Looking Ahead

As the end of the year approaches, it seems fitting to both look back over avery busy, productive year for Sisters in Crime, and then to look ahead.Here are just a few of the 2007 highlights:

In March, libraries across the nation celebrated the SinC 20th anniversaryby setting up displays highlighting our authors and our organization. SinCsent out almost 2000 packets which included crime scene tape, posters,bumper stickers and more to help organize the displays.

On April…

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Are You Cute as a Bug or Bah, Humbug at Christmas?

This is the time of year when we tend to divide into camps: those who get all soft and gooey about lights, tinsel, and manufactured bows opposite those who grumble about conspicuous consumption and overcrowded malls. I thought it might be fun to let you try your hand at listing the best and worst things about your Christmas experience. You can be serious or funny, specific or general, but I won't publish anyone's name, no matter how many ugly ties that person has bought for you in the…


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Psychopaths and Sociopaths and whatever comes next...

Once upon a time psychologists would diagnose someone as being a psychopath. Something very interesting happened though - the term exploded into the popular media with novelists and moviemakers all using the term as a label for a complete nutcase who's not the sort of person you want to meet when you're in the shower - or when your car has broken down in the middle of nowhere. In fact, not the sort of person you really want to meet anywhere, period. So psychopath dropped out of use in the world… Continue

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The Trouble With CrimeSpace

I have a problem with CrimeSpace. It’s too much fun: offers up too many thought-provoking forums, too many opportunities to connect with people I already know and like or might have a great deal in common with.

Unlike FaceBook, where I check in every day at least once, CrimeSpace demands I be sharp and on my game. It’s not in my nature to just slouch around and hang out: if something interesting is going on, I want to… Continue

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Vote For Me

With Australia's federal election well and truly over, it's a good time to grab your voting hats and leg it on over to the Spinetingler Awards Shortlist.

Why, you say, why, Daniel?

Well, old mate, old chum, old pal, it's because…

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Mystery Lovers Cons 2008

In no certain order :


Left Coast Crime

March 6-9: Denver, CO

Love Is Murder

February 1-3

Bouchercon 2008-Charmed to Death

October 9-12: Baltimore MD

The Edgars …


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Back to the Blog

What are you reading? Writing? LIM is less than two months away!

Yep, it's definitely been a while since I last blogged. My family went to Disney World for a great vacation the week after all those deadlines with the many books, and then various family illnesses and events came up. A colleague did try to add some posts but ran into technical difficulties.

Whenever I have finished a lot of reviewing as I did in November, I go through a phase where I can read whatever I want and…


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Looking for short mysteries

Randy O'Kane posted a looking for 5-minute mysteries ont the Short Mystery Fiction Society forum on yahoo. I have had contact with both Randy and his partner, Tom - who works for an educational publisher. This looks to be an excellent opportunity if you can write very short stories - no more than about 4 or so pages (1500 words is probably too much as far as reading time goes)

Anyway if you are interested - here is the information that was posted and remember even though they…


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Don't forget the mystery

I'm starting over on my W.I.P.

No biggie. I'm only to chapter 6 and the 2 or 3 chapters I'm going to scrap are actually going to get moved to another section of the book. I was busily writing away, happily enjoying my characters and all of a sudden I realized I'd lost track of the mystery.

I mean, gees ... the guy was murdered in chapter 1 and here I am at chapter 6 and I really haven't dealt with the murder at all. I was having way too much fun with a subplot which will prove…


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'Glastonbury' has it's own website

My novel 'Glastonbury' now has it's own dedicated website. I'd love for anyone to visit it at and please feel free to leave a message in the guestbook if you wish. Everyone's welcome, so please come and visit me there.

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Birthday wishes!

*Lifting wineglass in a little toast*

Happy Birthday to Marta Stephens, author of Silenced Cry and Crimespace member. Hope it is a happy one!
Kim Smith

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Defending the Cozy

Congratulations to Clea Simon today on the publication of Cries and Whiskers, her latest Theda Krakow mystery.

Though Simon’s books are well reviewed, highly esteemed and are hardly the talking cat-type mysteries people sometimes roll their eyes at, today in the guest seat on my personal blog, Simon defends the cozy.

“I fully expect Linda’s regular readers to wince and turn away now,” she… Continue

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Giveaway No. 3 - Crouch, Pawel, and Crider

I've been running a small series of contests (first two are over but there'll be a half dozen more) over on my blog. Thought I'd give people a taste of it over here.

Okay, so JD Rhoades won the first batch of books (gotta contact him) and Manuel Ramos won the second batch. This doesn't mean there aren't other batches - I'm cleaning house...literally. These books are not signed, but there are a bunch of them. Today's group…


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The Last Word on Speaking and Listening

I've been blogging on speaking and listening, sharing what I observed over thirty years of teaching communication. It's important for today's author to be a good speaker, because we must present well before agents, editors, and audiences of potential readers. While I would hate to think we compete with each other, we are compared to other writers as we sit on panels, in pitch sessions, and so on. Many times I've bought books based on the impression a speaker made on me at a convention.…


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Advance Review - 'Glastonbury'

Here's the first advance review of my novel 'Glastonbury' due for publication by Rain Books in 2008.



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An Advance Review of 'A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper'

Here's an early review of my novel 'A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper' soon to be released by Double Dragon Publishing.


A Study in Red (The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper.) By Brian L. Porter

1888 and London is…


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The advance copies of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere are being sent out and blurbs have started to come in. This is very exciting.

“McFetridge has a verteran’s way with dialogue and prose, and the pages fly by like greased lightning. You’ll love every word, from the very first windshield splat, all the way to the dynamite end. Who’d have thought there was such a seedy side to Toronto, and McFetridge is the perfect guide. Everyone Knows this is awesome!”—Victor Gischler,…


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I love and all the good people who are interested in THE PROTECTOR. Thank you so much for making this an extra special holiday season for me. You guys rock!

No. 2 in Books > Gay Mystery & Thrillers

No. 9 in Books > Gay Romance

No. 39 in Books > Gay Fiction

Oh, just so you know,…

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