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The Rise won First Place

I am excited, deeply humbled and honored that my screenplay THE RISE aka First Blood…

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He didn’t say not to give to Haiti, he said, “We already gave aid to Haiti,” calling it the U.S. Tax. THAT IS discouraging advice. What would we think of anyone that offered that opinion if an earthquake happened in America?

Look Haiti needs your 5 dollar donation. This isn’t about conservative, liberal, straight, gay, male, female, black or white. We are all children of the world, what it is about is saving humanity.

Here’s the math.

I’m not a… Continue

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I ordered the second season of Columbo episodes on DVD. Included was a rundown of the greatest sleuth shows on television. Believe it or not Magnum P.I. was listed numero uno followed by Columbo. Other shows like, Murder She Wrote, The Rockford Files, Remington Steele, and the old Sherlock Holmes episodes starring Basil Rathbone were in the top ten. Who was your favorite and why?

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Domestic Crime - What do you think the court should do in cases like this?

Here's a real event that happened during my tour of duty almost ten years ago. The case is still in litigation so the names were changed to protect the innocent.

Steve and Danielle

Neighbors saw and heard glass being smashed and shattered at the apartment of Danielle, Steve's girlfriend and the mother of Steve's nine month old daughter, Casey. The neighbors telephoned police.

When I arrived I saw the front bay window of the apartment smashed with fragments… Continue

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