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Do we love the authors or their characters more?

Last week, a lot items including photos, letters and manuscripts once belonging to John Steinbeck went for half what auctioneers thought it would bring.

Surprisingly, bidders ran up the price on a briefcase that once belonged to one of Steinbeck's friends. The final price, $18,000, was twice what auctioneers estimated it would bring.

The friend was the inspiration for several of Steinbeck's characters, one in particular that was well-loved.

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Catching up ...

I'm still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing and completely forgot to update here on CrimeSpace.

Since my last post, I learned ...

A woman can have too much luggage. It was thirteen bags that landed 28-year-old Lisette Lee in jail.

Airline travel can be deadly for pets, especially those short-nosed dog breeds.

Also, a Bengal tiger and two dromedary camels were stolen and then recovered in Canada.

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Sometimes real life is as strange as fiction

Today is the debut of my new blog: Cats, Canines and Crimes.

I am new to blogging so it might take me a couple months to really get the hang of it. My plan is to update my blog once or twice a week with posts related to critters and crimes. Yeah, I know. They don't seem like two go together. But they do, at least they do in my work in progress. My protagonist is a fledgling Internet reporter and an animal shelter volunteer.

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