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GIRDLES and FAT LADIES (updated)

The internal affairs investigator came out to the waiting area and brought

me back to his desk. He was short and heavyset, almost dumpy looking.

He had a gut that was so huge he would have to take someone else's word


it to see if shoes were tied. I guess that was why he wore penny loafers. His plaid jacket was probably in style when he wore it for his

first… Continue

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I sat and thought abou t everything. About me, Michael Abromowicz. The

Polock cop. Probably destined to be a cop having been named after the

Patron Saint of police officers, Michael the Archangel. My mother,

Helena (God rest her soul) wanted to name me after Saint Stanislas, the

famous Jesuit and patron of Poland. But my… Continue

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I sat in the Internal Affairs office with an old metal fan blowing from a

corner of the room. The IA office was in one of the older more run down

buildings that the police department had. I wondered if they did that

on purpose, for effect. No one liked coming here anyway. It was never

for anything good. It was like going to the vice principal's office

when you were a kid. But my… Continue

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I put my raid jacket on. It had POLICE in large letters on the back with police over the right breast and a detectives badge over the left. It

was designed so that we fulfilled the legal requirement of “displaying

the badge of authority” and to make people KNOW we were cops when we

served warrants. Rob and I didn’t need… Continue

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It was a hot and humid summer morning. The kind of morning that made your shirt feel more like contact paper. We had tracked him to a small apartment building in the middle of the city. It was early, the twilight time for gangstas, addicts and killers. Real people were just waking up. But those who lived in the alternate universe, this neighborhood, were just ending their day. You could walk through this area of the city at noon and find almost no one… Continue

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