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A Novel Way to Find Old Friends

When I began writing what eventually became my two volumes of “Tales of Ramasun” I didn’t think of it as being a way to rediscover old friends and find new ones.  You might say that that has been a ‘fringe benefit’ of my writing, but I’d say that it’s the most important benefit, and all the more welcome as it was unexpected.  I recently ‘found’ a good friend and his Thai wife both of whom had been my neighbors in the Village of Non Sung.  We had been in touch for a few years after we came…


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M*A*S*H Moves to Thailand

The time is the 1960s, the war is Vietnam, and the place is a remote US signal intelligence spy base in the  boondocks of Northeastern Thailand, but much of the rest is the same.  A bunch of brainy, irreverent, rambunctious, unmilitary draftees battle by-the-book lifers with results that are by turns humorous and grimly ironic.  The draftees are spooks, not docs, and the mission of the 7th RRFS at Ramasun Station is figuring out just what is going on in Southeast Asia, not…


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Sex, Murder and Golf...an exciting combination

     There's a new detective in town, Zach Roper, and he has a sassy, sexy sidekick called the Thai Princess.  They are both nuts about golf and each others' bodies, but other bodies...dead ones, keep getting in the way.  Zach is a retired police detective so he knows what to do when it comes to murder.  The Thai Princess is a retired LPGA golfer but she's a quick learner when it comes to crime.  "Mixed Foursome: The Zach Roper Mysteries" contains four of their cases and…


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