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Irene Hannon Fatal Judgment

Fatal Judgment is a new series starting for Irene Hannon and it is a winner. I thoroughly enjoyed her Heroes of Quantico series (please feel free to check our archives), and had the release date of this novel in my Google calendar. I have to keep things straight so I do that sort of thing, plan the work, and work the plan as my Dad always said. I am not sure if she was talking about this particular novel, but it applies in almost all circumstances. Feel free to use this to your advantage and…


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W.E.B. Griffin The Outsiders: A Presidential Agent Novel

For those not keeping up with the series or those of you who have possibly lost track for whatever reason, this is number six in the series. Yes, I have read them all and yes, I have also enjoyed them all. Did I enjoy this one as much as the others? No not as much, but I am a fan of the character and W.E.B. Griffin. Here is what Charlie has against him this time:

“Charlie Castillo's secret unit has been disbanded-but that doesn't mean he's out of business. As experience has painfully…


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Stephen Hunter Dead Zero

I love to find new stuff to read and this Bob Lee Swagger novel rocked. This was my first read on a Stephen Hunter novel and I liked everything about it. Today I want to include two things in this post about the novel, the synopsis and also some text from the novel to give you a little flav of Bob Lee if this is the first read for you on this character. Here we go, a little of what is between the covers first:

“Bob Lee Swagger tracks down an AWOL Marine sniper who resurfaces to…


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MIchael Palmer A Heartbeat Away

Confession time: even though I have been following this author on various social media this is the first time I have read one of his novels. I know, groan, what is my issue, I have to claim no excuse. Michael Palmer’s bio is impressive as is his body of work. I will include all that in today’s post so hopefully if you are like me and haven’t had the chance to read one his works, you can shift gears and either get a hold of A Heartbeat Away or one of his other many novels. To…


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Steve Berry The Balkins Escape & my interview with him!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with NYT Bestselling author Steve Berry. He was very engaging, put me at ease immediately, and was very engaging. We covered a variety of subjects, some old, some surprisingly new and he was nice enough to throw a few tidbits to share with everyone. But first I want to get in a few thoughts on his digital short story that sheds some light on his current novel The Emperor’s Tomb , The Balkans…


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New Novel Releases for the Week of Jan.18th,2011


I am finally getting back in the swing of things and getting back to putting this part of the week together. I did enjoy my time off, but it is time to get serious. To touch on a few bases here, we are going to be doing things a bit differently here @ The Scoop. One of the notable things is that when we are fortunate to get an interview with an author, I would appreciate some help with the questions. Why not? You read some of the same novels and books I do; take a shot at asking…


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Robert Crais The Sentry

Am I a sucker for a Joe Pike novel or what? Yes I am and like many of you I marked the release date on my calendar and waited patiently to get my hands on it. I buzzed through it and, well, let me just hold off on my thoughts for a little bit. Let’s get to what is inside the covers first:

“Dru Rayne and her uncle fled to L.A. after Hurricane Katrina; but now, five years later, they face a different danger. When Joe Pike witnesses Dru's uncle beaten by a protection gang, he offers his…


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John Locke Lethal People

What constitutes the elements of a good read for you? Do you need to have a gigantic seven foot, disfigured, complex hero type? Aggressive and violent mob bosses? An ex-wife that totally hates the main character? A quadriplegic midget who wants to dominate the world and has dreadlocks that hang to the ground? A main character that is an assassin for Homeland Security and also does work on the side? Wait, how about a group of trampoline using knife throwing circus midgets? I forgot to mention…


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Lee Goldberg Mr. Monk on the Road

Has anyone caught on to the fact that I am a big LeeGoldberg and Mr. Monk fan? Hopefully you have , but don’t take the comments Imake in this post on Mr. Monk on the Road as those of a homer or stalker. EverythingI am about to write is dead on target. This is probably the best Monk novelthat Lee Goldberg has written by far, plain and simple, flat out awesome! Tothe book flaps:

“Monk's out on the open highway-but crime is a hitchhikerthat won't be…


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Digital short Saturday Wayne C. Rogers The Encounter


I have to admit I really enjoy it when my friends on the differentsocial networks make book recommendations to me. This one, The Encounter byWayne C. Rodgers was definitely an interesting find. The recommendation camefrom a friend on Goodreads and the referral stated, ”This guy can write, checkit out.” I took him at his word, cranked up the Kindle and did just…


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Layton Green The Summoners

I read this on my new Kindle; it is the first full length novel I have read on it. I have posted previously that A.J. Pompano’s digital short story was my first use of the device. Overall, the Kindle is an amazing

device and tool. I love it! Oh, yeah the novel by Layton Green: this was as

much fun and just as amazing as turning the pages with the new machine. I don’t

know which I enjoyed more. The originality of the novel, the narrative, the

setting, the…


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