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New Novel releases for the Week of Nov. 9th

Things are starting to heat up as we get to see some big names getting their novels out there for the coming holiday season. Here they are in no special order:

-Jeff Kinney/Diary of a Wimpy Kid- The Ugly Truth #5

-George W. Bush/ Decision Points

-Judith Durant/Sock Yarn One –Skein Wonders

-David Baldacci/Hells Corner…


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Todd Ritter Death Notice

Right off the bat, this doesn’t read like a freshman effort at all. Death Notice is an excellent novel and I am really looking forward to the follow up, if there is one. Todd Ritter has put together a fun, compelling

read that contains all the right elements to make just about anyone that enjoys

this genre of novel happy. Have I piqued your interest at all? Hopefully. Here

is a look at what to expect once this novel grabs you and pulls your inside:…


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Self-Published Sunday Julie Ann Weinstein Flashes from the Other World

I am going to have to split some hairs on this one. The title Flashes from the Other World is for a grouping of short stories by Julie Ann Weinstein; it is not just one story. The way I have justified using it

today instead of on Digital short Saturday (where it could also fit), is that

if you get the e-version of the book you

can read as just that, a bunch of digital shorts. This is a very eclectic grouping

of stories, but I think that for the…


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Digital short Saturday The Kindly Stop Cafe Mark Maciejewski

We are going with a double shot of fun with two digital short posts today. The first one is The Kindly Stop Café brought to us by Stone House Ink. The other digital short we have is a self-published work by Julie

Ann Weinstein. I need to stay focused here. Mark Maciejewski has put together a

very compact, concise, and moving narrative in The Kindly Stop Café. It really

hits the mark and then some. To be honest with you, I am still thinking about

it. I…


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Graphic Novel Friday Rick Riordan/Robert Venditti Percy Jackson & The Olympians The Lightning Thief

Long title, I know, sorry. Have you seen the movie? Read the novel series? Read this graphic novel? I have done two out three, the movie and the graphic novel. They are not the same, but the spirit of the character and

some of the circumstances are similar. Here is the inside of the jacket to the

graphic novel to explain a bit better: “The first books in the blockbuster

best-selling series like you have never seen it before. Mythological monsters



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Graphic Novel Friday The Helm Jim Hardison

I grabbed this graphic novel because of the cover and the catch phrase on the cover that said” What if you had a magical superpower and it hated your guts?” I just had to

read it. The read was fun, funny, unpredictable, and totally a farce. This was

a good time; you should give this graphic novel a try. The whole story revolves

around a loser named Matt Blurdy, an overweight, 30…


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Joel Rosenberg The Twelfth Imam

This author has over 2 million copies in print and I haven’t read one of them. The novels that I have missed to date are: The Last Jihad, The Last Days, The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll, Epicenter, and Inside the

Revolution. I will back track eventually but for now I had to stay focused on

The Twelfth Imam. The novel has so many plots and sub plots one need’s a score

card; it is all good stuff though.

Here is the synopsis…


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Romantic Wednesday Loves First Bloom Delia Parr

Delia Parr writes historical romance. Her previous novel, Hearts Awakening, was a Romantic Times Top Pick. I am sure that this novel will find its way there also. I am relatively new at reading this type of novel and it was fun; a nice break from the other stuff I usually read.

Let me set this up by starting with the synopsis from the back page: ”Life

changes drastically for Ruth Livingstone the day her father puts a young child in

her arms…


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Dennis Lehane Moonlight Mile

The work keeps piling up and I continue to discover authors who are new to me. After reading their novels I itch to read their back catalog and enjoy all that I can with a new found friend. Dennis Lehane has done that

for me with his two excellent characters Patrick and Angie. Just so I am

keeping the facts straight here is a list of his other novels that I was

clueless on except one, Shutter Island: A Drink Before the War, Darkness, Take

My Hand,…


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New Novel Releases for the week of Nov. 2nd

I have never understood why new releases come out on Tuesdays instead of Mondays. My guess is that the publishers are waiting for me to put up my now weekly post for new releases before they put the novels on the

shelves. I have the feeling the list is only going to be getting bigger and the

novel’s authors more famous as we get closer to Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Here is what I winnowed it down to this week:



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