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goals, resolutions and such

In no particular order:

1. finish THE STALKER by March

2. finish Riley’s and Ever’s story by April or earlier

3. write Finn’s and Peyton’s stand-alone novel by the end of the year

4. travel to Chicago to get passport and visit bestest friend in the world

5. travel to Germany to visit family over the summer

6. do silly things once a week (ask kids for help)

7. become a Lambda Literary Awards finalist and travel to NYC to celebrate

8. win a Lambda… Continue

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Best wishes for a wildly successful new year. May it bring you peace, happiness and the fulfillment of dreams.

Viel Glück, Erfolg und alles erdenklich Gute im Neuen Jahr.

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I'll be at the Great Manhattan Mystery Conclave

I just received my program for the 5th annual Great Manhattan Mystery Conclave (Oct 31 – Nov 02, 08) here in Manhattan, KS, and there it was, my name in black and white. How exciting is that? Not only is it my first conference, but it’s my first public appearance, complete with author signing and panel.

If you’re a reader, writer or fan and you live in the area, please feel free to stop by the Holiday Inn at 17th & Anderson Avenue. I’ll be there Friday night and most of the… Continue

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“Why I Write Mysteries” (part 2)

Yesterday I admitted to liking the chase better than the puzzle. Sure thing, ask anyone who knows me. My monkey mind doesn’t have the patience it takes to solve puzzles, play chess or tinker with things. So that’s why I chose suspense over traditional mysteries. But why this genre to begin with?

I like the relative freedom and flexibility of it. Within the very broad constraints that come with the mystery/suspense genre, I can pretty much do whatever I want. I can keep the plot… Continue

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“Why I Write Mysteries” (part 1)

I will attend the 5th annual Great Manhattan Mystery Conclave (Manhattan, KS) at the end of this month. My first conference, yay :-) I was even offered a spot on one of the panels. Then I realized yesterday that a) the end of the month is nearer than I thought and b) I need to prepare. If my information is still correct I’m sharing the panel with a few other writers new to the mystery genre. Subject of our panel: Why I Write Mysteries.

In all truthfulness and for the sake of… Continue

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Misconception of the Day

Some of my students wrote a letter to a school for the deaf today. There was a short discussion about whether or not their teacher would have to translate our letter into sign language so the deaf kids would understand.

I am happy to report that I dispelled that particular myth: Deaf people read plain old regular English. They write plain old regular English. The oral deaf speak regular plain old English [“speak” as in “use their voice or talk”].

There’s another common… Continue

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Updates and upgrades

I’ve updated my website. Whoohoo. Go ahead, have a look.

I’d like to think of myself as savvy when it comes to the Internet, but I have no clue, none whatsoever, when it comes to websites. I’m at the mercy of tech support. I think I did a pretty good job, if I may say so myself. I’m not 100% happy yet, but I can certainly live with the results for now.

I’ve also joined Facebook. I’d love to give you a link, but I haven’t figured that one out yet. Whenever I link, I end up… Continue

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"Death of a Pirate King"

I finished reading Josh Lanyon’s latest Adrien English mystery, Death of a Pirate King, and I LOVED the book (thanks, Ella, for pestering me to make time to read).

I’m a big fan of Adrien. It was good to see his harder side – no pun intended – but I don’t get the fan talk about his fear of commitment. Last I checked “fear of commitment” meant avoidance of long-term relationships. Didn’t Adrien just spent two years with Guy? They clearly had a committed, monogamous relationship. A… Continue

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Ready, set, go

I’m back at work on THE STALKER.

I started last night by reading over the few chapters and scenes I have already. I like what I have—it’s a first draft, of course, so it’s not perfect, but I’m just so very glad that this story is finally coming together for me. I’ve been working on it forever. I worked on it long before I started writing on it. And I gave up writing it twice. Some of you know, because you’ve read both those drafts … :-)

Good things come in threes,… Continue

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Toto, we're in Kansas

We’ve arrived. After weeks of living out of a suitcase and bedding down in five different places, we’re ready to move into our new home next week. I can’t wait. I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I’m sick of eating out. I’m actually craving healthy food and that’s almost disturbing. Also, I gained five pounds (I had an official weigh-in of sorts this week), which really isn’t that bad considering my diet the last few weeks.

Thus far, I like Kansas. Yes, you’ve read that… Continue

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Review and Interview

My very first interview and review. Check it out here.

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THE STALKER 3 (The Dickens Challenge)


Soren Buchanan pulled his Jeep into the first available parking spot nearest the Agat Marina’s clubhouse and dragged a hand through his windblown hair. Saw dust rained down on his lap. He was liberally coated with the stubborn stuff, having spent all morning cutting plywood. His eyes were gritty with it and he needed a shower.

He shouldered the old Jeep’s creaking door open and contemplated not for the first time to just…

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THE STALKER 2B (The Dickens Challenge)


Lourdes frowned. “Is that good or bad? I can’t tell.”

“Bad. At least we know where Buchanan is and what he’s capable of, but I have no idea what ever happened to this guy.” Mason jerked his chin at the mall entrance. A muscle jumped in his jaw. “He ruined my career once. He’s not going to do it twice.”

“Well, then.” Lourdes sighed wearily. “Let’s go back to…

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THE STALKER 2. (The Dickens Challenge)


“My father would turn in his grave.” Benicio Marques, Security Solutions’ general manager, stood under a cluster of palm trees strung with Christmas lights and frowned up at the space above the Tumon Bay Mall’s main entrance. There, wedged between Welcome to Micronesia’s Largest Mall and a row of illuminated wreaths, the red-and-green Pickle Kisser almost managed to blend into the festive color scheme.

“Your father turned in his…

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The Dickens Challenge has begun

I "stole" this post from Tim Hallinan's blog, The Blog Cabin. Tim's the guy in charge :-) If you'd like to participate in this challenge or if you'd like to get some more information first, please visit his blog:…


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THE STALKER 1. (The Dickens Challenge)


Mason Ward’s cell phone buzzed to life on the built-in shelf next to his bed. Instantly awake, Mason grabbed it before it could wake the young man sleeping next to him. “Ward,” he grumbled. He didn’t have to be polite; according to his phone’s display it was 4:30 in the morning.

Silence greeted him.

Mason disconnected and dropped back…


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I love and all the good people who are interested in THE PROTECTOR. Thank you so much for making this an extra special holiday season for me. You guys rock!

No. 2 in Books > Gay Mystery & Thrillers

No. 9 in Books > Gay Romance

No. 39 in Books > Gay Fiction

Oh, just so you know,…

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Pisces 2008

Too funny. I just saw this prediction for 2008:


The position of Rahu planet may result in your undergoing a long and distant journey this year.

Rahu must know that I am moving. Or wait, maybe I'm just going on a vacation? Seeing how I live on an island, any…


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The Dickens Challenge

Timothy Hallinan had a great idea: write a novel by the seat of your pants and post chapters weekly. The Dickens Challenge is just what I needed. Sign me up.

Look for the first chapter of THE STALKER right here on this blog next week. Since I scrapped almost the…


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My book cover is in

I admit it: I was worried. What if I didn’t like my book cover? I was afraid of oversized nipples on pecs the size of watermelons and bulging prison-gym muscles. So when the cover came in, I was nervous. To appreciate my nervousness you need to know that authors don’t have a lot of say where their covers are concerned; that’s not in our realm of responsibility and thus we’re at the mercy of our publishers and cover…


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