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First Big Review of GODCHILD!

The first of what we hope to many reviews of the newly re-released GODCHILD by StoneGate Ink: CMASH LOVES TO READ!




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Vincent Zandri: Sponsored by Budwesier

Lately there's been talk amongst publishers, agents, and authors alike that E-Books might one day be offered to the public for free (ok, I know this is happening now, but I mean ALL E-Books). Instead of the reader paying the author/publisher, sponsors will pay in exchange for product placement inside the text. Since the books are read via electronic reader, readers will be able to link to specific product websites, and even to that author's own books should the opportunity present…


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When the Kindle will be No More!

Last night I watched The Book of Eli on Netflix. It was about a man who must walk across the US in a post apocalyptic period in which a great war has ravaged the world, decimating its populations. What's also apparently happened is that books were burned. Lots of them. Especially Bibles and all manners of scripture no matter their religion, since it was religion that sparked the great final conflict in the first place. Go figure.

There is only one more King James Bible left on the…


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The Kindle and the (Ladies) Book Club!




I was invited to be the guest author at a local ladies book club this past week. I don't mean "ladies" in a demeaning or male chauvinist sort of way. By "ladies" I just mean that no men are invited to this particular book club. And because no men are invited the ladies like to dress up the way they want, drink what they want (and a lot of it!), and chat loudly about whatever they want, whether it…


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Kindles offer Endless Possibilties for Authors/Readers/Publishers

Remember the days when you'd sign a major contract, get a big ass check in the mail, and just spend a year or so partying like a rock star in New York or Los Angeles or Lincoln, Nebraska for that matter? There was nothing else to do because after all, your book probably wouldn't be hitting the shelves until at least a year from contract execution.

I remember my original editor for…


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Hey, I'm the Guest of the Very Young and Very Great Aaron Patterson!!!!


Chck out my personal train wreck of a publishing history! You really won't believe it until you read it!


Go to The Worst Book Ever!!!








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